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   Chapter 12 The Trap (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6893

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"Miss Mu, don't you think it's too impolite to leave without greeting? After all, we have such a relationship. " Larry had already moved forward.

When Zoe heard this, the blue veins on her hands tightened. "Don't push your luck, Larry."

"Miss Mu, what can you do even if I push my luck?" Larry's enchanting face brushed against Zoe's ear, and his frivolous behavior was quite ambiguous in the eyes of others.

"Shameless." Zoe's hand, which had not yet been thrown off, was pinched tightly in the air by Larry. "No matter how shameless I was, I'm better than the Mu Family. Don't be so aggressive, Miss Mu. Otherwise, how can you be the Mrs. Mo?" The tone of Larry's voice was cold, and there was a little strength in his hand. Although feeling the pain, Zoe didn't show any fear. "Don't be too self-righteous, Larry. I disdain this title."

"I'm afraid that one day, Zoe, you will beg for it. If only you still have the momentum." The evil and attractive words of Larry made Zoe's heart sank.

"What the hell do you want to do?" Zoe struggled for a while, but it was a pity that Larry didn't want to let her go. Anyone who was a little far away from Zoe and Larry would feel that they were intimate, but only Bella and Nathan who were close to them could feel the tense situation and the cold atmosphere. Everything that Larry said surprised Bella. Bella immediately understood something. "Mr. Mo, this is not the right way to treat a woman." Said Bella.

Hearing that, Larry raised his eyebrows. Bella was shocked by the coldness in his eyes, and then Larry smiled faintly. Larry looked at Nathan next to him and asked, "How's the play going?"

"Great!" Nathan walked up and stood in front of Bella. He bowed like a gentleman and said, "Miss Xia, I'm sorry for breaking my promise the night before yesterday."

"You're welcome, Mr. Han." Bella didn't want to talk about it in front of Zoe, nor did she want to mention it in front of her. She just wanted to leave here with Zoe right away.

"Is Miss Xia not satisfied with this marriage?" It seemed that Nathan mentioned it inadvertently, but the struggle in Bella's eyes disappeared at once. She didn't want to make Zoe worry too much, but now it seemed that it was exposed, and there was no need ask whether the man in front of her had done it deliberate or not.

"Marriage!" Zoe was stunned that she even forgot to get rid of Larry's hand, "What's going on, Bella?"

"They are really on your side. Didn't Miss Xia, who is regarded as your best friend, tell you what happened? Didn't she tell you the marriage between the Han Group and the Xia Family? " Said Larry.

"A marriage! Is that true, Bella? " Zoe couldn't believe that Bella would hide such a big thing from her.

With a long sigh, Bella smiled at Zoe, but her smile was uglier than crying in her eyes. "It's true. It was decided by my parents. Before the marriage decision, I haven't met Mr. Han officially, right? It was the first time the day before yesterday. Doesn't it matter to Mr. Han?" Asked Bella. She didn't want to say it in front of Zoe, but it was unnecessary to hide it now.

"Miss Xia, what do you want me to answer?" Nathan was still calm.

"I heard that it was Mr. Han who suggested the marriage. The Xia Family is much less powerful than the Han Group. I think Mr. Han wouldn't want to have anything with the Xia Family, and Bella doesn't think there is anything worthy of Mr. Han's

love. Then why?" Bella's question was like a knife stabbing into Zoe's heart, making her unable to move.

"What do you think, Miss Xia?" Nathan didn't answer.

"I didn't know at that time, but now I understand a little." Bella saw that Larry was looking at Zoe, while Nathan and Larry were brothers who had played together since childhood. The friendship between them was obvious to all. Bella was curious and didn't understand at the beginning. But from what Larry had said to Zoe just now, she finally understood that her marriage was just a way to force Zoe. But Bella didn't expect that one day she would stand in the position of forcing Zoe.

Zoe didn't even have the strength to struggle or smile. She didn't expect that one day her friend would face such a predicament because of her. "Is that your idea?" Zoe had no strength to ask again.

"The Han Group wants to purchase some companies, but it happened that there is something wrong with the Xia Family's companies. That's it." Said Larry indifferently.

How could it be so coincident? There were so many companies in A city. why did they only take a look at the Xia Family? Why did it happen when there was something wrong with the Mu Group and they couldn't provide any help? With A bitter smile on her face, Zoe asked, "What's the reason for asking Bella's parents to agree?"

"The Han Group gives up the acquisition and provides financial support." Said Larry.

"What if Bella refuses the marriage?"

"What do you think?" Said Larry. Zoe turned to look at Nathan.

"The Xia Family is no longer exist in A city." Nathan said in a relaxed tone, and Bella's body was obviously trembling.

"You are so cruel, Larry." "What do you want me to do?" asked Zoe.

"What should you do? With the Xia Group and the photos in my hands, you should know what to do is the best result, right?" Larry laughed hysterically.

Bella stepped ahead and shook off Larry's hand. "Mr. Mm, I'm not the kind of person who would betrays my friends. Mr. Han, the Xia Family is not that weak. If you surrender to someone you hate because of me, Zoe, I'll feel guilty for the rest of my life. Besides, we still have a way out. Not all the people in A city are under their control. Even if I marry Mr. Han in order to protect the Xia Family in the end, I will defeat the Han Family as long as Mr. Han is not afraid what I would do. " Although Bella sounded optimistic, it only made Zoe's heart ache.

After Zoe left, Nathan couldn't help laughing. "Defeat the Han Family! Larry, if the Han Family is defeated, remember to give me a hand. I'm doing this to help you. "

"It seems that you have got a good girl." Larry also smiled and hoped that they could say something like that in the future.

"Did you go to see Nathan that day? I'm sorry." It occurred to Zoe that when Daisy asked her to have dinner that day, Bella had said that she had something to deal with. It must be arranged by Larry that night. It was really a clever arrangement to let Zoe face Daisy alone. What would happen in the future? Zoe was a little scared.

"It's none of your business. It's my parents' fault. If there is something wrong with our family and company, they only want to find a shortcut. Marriage can solve it for a while, but it can't solve it for a lifetime." Bella looked up at the sky and said. She felt that the light above their heads had disappeared, and now there was only a dark mass.

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