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   Chapter 11 The Engagement Is Broken Up (Part Two)

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Although Kate was angry, she didn't hate Zoe. So she didn't say anything.

"Zoe lost her mother when she was a child. Kate, I need you to take care of her." Said Paul.

"Dad, you're welcome." As for Paul, Kate respected him. Although Zack had mentioned something about Paul, Kate didn't think this man would do such a thing.

Paul smiled.

"Won't you go there tonight? Mac will also be worried." Said Zack.

"Okay." But he took a look at the direction of Zoe's room and said, "I've called him. He'll be fine."

Zack didn't say anything more.

When the morning sun shone into the room again, the corners of Zoe's eyes lit up again. Yesterday's sadness was hidden in her heart again, and today she had to face everything. There might be still some sound of engagement today, but Zoe knew that in this side, Randal would not make her embarrassed, and he would find a suitable reason to make everyone convinced. Thinking of Daisy, Zoe's heart still ached, but a proud woman like Daisy would not take the initiative to get close to her again.

Larry offered her three days as the time limit, although Zoe didn't know what his purpose was, she wouldn't always be in a passive position. Looking at the stone shaped jade pendant in her hand, Zoe put it away again. What is done cannot be undone. What Zoe could do was to try her best to accept it and change the future. Unfortunately, the road Zoe was going to take later had been arranged by Larry step by step. Zoe could only step on those footprints and couldn't break free.

Looking at the figure of Paul on the table, Zoe was stunned. It was just a mockery. It was rare that her father still cared about her.

Looking at Kate who was helping with the food arrangement, Zoe said, "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday."

"Zack said you would have your reason, and I didn't say anything more. But since you cancelled the marriage, you might miss a man who can be trusted for the rest of your life." Kate said earnestly.

"I know." It seemed that they had known that she wouldn't get engaged again. Perhaps Randal was right as sister-in-law said, but Zoe had no choice now.

"It's up to you." Said Paul.

"If it's up to me, you shouldn't have appeared at this table." Zoe didn't show any respect for Paul, especially when Zack wasn't around. Kate had no way to adjust their relationship. After all, what Paul had done and what Zoe had experienced were facts. Even Zack couldn't dissolve the hatred of ten years, how could Kate change it?

"Zoe, I know you hate me, but I want to have a talk with you. Many things are not like what you think." In front of Zoe, Paul's tone was rare weak. It pierced through Zoe's eardrum, which made Zoe's heart tremble. She suddenly clenched her hands and said, "It's not like what I think. Then what's the truth? I only saw my mother lying in the blood. I only saw how proud of you with your lover. What else do you think we have to talk about?" Zoe ignored Paul's calling and left immediately.

Paul sat at the table helplessly.

"Dad, Zoe is still young." That was all Kate could say. It was not a comfort. With a bitter smile, Paul said, "I'm fine. I'm going to the company."

When Zoe arrived at the school, her news had already caused a sensation in the school. Zoe had always been the center of the topic, and she had already been used to ignoring others' gaze. Except for Bella in front of her, Bella must have been worried about Zoe the whole night since she knew nothing had happened yesterday.

"Did your disappearance have anything to do with Daisy?" This was exactly what Bella came up with, which made Zoe nervous. "Why do you ask that?"

"The heroine of the new play invested by the Mo Group has been announced. It's Daisy."

Zoe breathed a sigh of relief, "Really! Then we should congratulate her for getting what she wants. " There was a vacant look on Zoe's face, which hurt Bella. Bella was not a fool. She knew that something must have happened between Zoe and Daisy. She wanted to ask her what had happened, but Zoe didn't want to tell her. How much pain did Zoe suffer to have such a look? What did Daisy do to hurt Zoe so much?

Reaching out her hand, Bella hugged Zoe into her arms, "Don't worry. You can lean on my shoulder at any time."

Zoe's eyes recovered some glow, and then she pushed Bella away. "I'm afraid that your shoulder can't bear my weight." Bella smiled, but felt that something had changed in a place they couldn't control.

"What about you and Randal?" Bella wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"Bella, you know me. He is a good man, but unfortunately I don't deserve him." If it weren't for that night, Zoe could still rely on Randal. Even if she really didn't love him, it was a pity that Larry had torn the relationship between Randal and Zoe apart. She decided to hold the engagement for escaping from Larry. Since she h

ad been seized by Larry, what was the point of maintaining the relationship? It was Zoe who should have done it long ago. However, she was too greedy. Randal deserved better people to cherish.

Bella only sighed a few times, but didn't admonish Zoe. She knew that Zoe didn't loved Randal, and Randal knew it, too. But neither of them wanted to make it too clear. After all, Randal loved Zoe, and it was difficult for Zoe to trust other men because of what happened in that year. It was a good choice for Zoe to be with Randal. Besides, time could dilute everything. Perhaps falling in love with each other was also a good choice. After all, in their circle of life, many marriages were not established because of love. Even so, they still wanted to struggle with all their might. However, Zoe didn't like being bound by this circle. She was tough and had this capital. As for Bella, what should she do? Sometimes, Bella couldn't figure it out.

After reading the newspaper in his hand, Nathan threw it to the man beside him and said, "No matter what happens in the Mu Group, it's always so earth shaking. I wonder when the next marriage will be held!" Nathan said deliberately.

"It won't happen again." An arrogant smile appeared on the corner of Larry's mouth.

Nathan had already understood. It seemed that everything was going on according to Larry's arrangement. The biggest misfortune in the life of the Mu Group was to be targeted by Larry, and the biggest misfortune of Zoe was being the daughter of the Mu Family.

The headmaster of A University didn't expect that Larry would come here. After all, he was just shooting makeup photos of the new play in the campus. The headmaster couldn't figure out what kind of person Larry was. Originally, he didn't allow Daisy to act in the play, and in the end, the main character of the play was Daisy. Although it was supposed to be like this, the headmaster was still a little afraid of this person, not only because of the status of Larry, but also because of his cold eyes. Even so, as the principal, he could only greet Larry, "Mr. Mo, what bring you here?"

"I want to introduce Mr. Han to the actors." Larry said casually. Nathan glanced at him with disdain. It would be better if it was that simple. But now that he was here, he had to greet the headmaster. Although the Han Group was not as powerful as the Mo Group, it still occupied a part of the city. Moreover, Nathan was working in the Mo Group now. The president of the University naturally didn't want to offend him and greeted him respectfully.

"We just want to have a look. You can leave and do your own work." Nathan said, noticing the sweat on the principal's forehead. With a smile, Nathan said, "Behave yourself. Look, you scared the principal."

"It has nothing to do with me!" No one could do anything that Larry didn't want to talk to. Nathan shook his head helplessly. Looking at Daisy who was taking photos there, Nathan still had some impression of her appearance. "It's really rare. You would use this woman." Although Larry didn't mind making others popular, he hated those who took the initiative to approach him and who relied on his identity to climb up. The initiative was always in Larry's hands, and this time it seemed not to be the case.

"She is useful to me." No one dared to bargain with Larry since three years ago. The price to bargain with him was not that simple, not to mention that she was still a useful chess piece and had not become a scrap.

Nathan looked at the meaningful eyes of Larry. He elegantly smiled. Probably the woman who showed a smile in front of the camera didn't know that it was not her lucky to hook up with Larry, but the biggest nightmare in her life. All of a sudden, he saw the people opposite him. He talked to Larry, "Your prey is coming."

When Bella heard that Daisy was taking makeup photos here, she wanted to persuade Zoe to take a detour. Although Bella didn't know what had happened between Zoe and Daisy, she knew that the pain in Zoe's eyes was caused by Daisy. With a faint smile, Zoe didn't have to make a detour. The woman who was standing there laughing happily was the one Zoe had cared about. However, it never occurred to Zoe that she would meet Larry here. When their eyes met, the burning anger in Zoe's eyes frightened Bella.

"Zoe." Bella tugged at the corner of Zoe's clothes while Zoe didn't make any response. "Zoe." Bella shook Zoe hard. It was not until then that Zoe came to her senses, but the flames in her eyes were still burning.

"Let's go." Then Bella turned around and left with Zoe. She knew who the two men were, and one of them was familiar to her, but she didn't expect to meet them in such a situation. Originally, Bella had something to say, but it was not the right time to say it, because the aura around Zoe was strange to Bella. She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

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