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   Chapter 10 The Engagement Is Broken Up (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7429

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When Larry came out, he was greeted by a question from Daisy, "Where is Zoe? What did you do to her?"

Taking a disdainful glance at the anxious figure, Larry glared at Hank who was standing next to him. It was obvious that Larry was in a very bad mood, so Hank quickly went up and pulled Daisy aside. "I'm sorry, Mr. Larry." Hank apologized quickly. Although Larry pulled a long face, he didn't say anything.

"Miss Daisy, it's just a deal between us. Don't forget that it was you who gave Miss Mu to me. What is done can't be undone, what's the point to ask me now?"

With a sudden shudder, Daisy stood there in a daze without any response, Without taking a look at Daisy, Larry left quickly. He thought of the woman who was so calm in front of him this morning. She was so different from the woman in front of him now, that's why she was completely hurt.

Hank drove quickly. He glanced at the wound on Larry's face by chance, but he didn't ask anything.

When Zoe tidied up everything and came out, she saw Daisy was still waiting for her. Looking at Daisy, Zoe thought of the first time she saw Daisy running with her. The smile on their faces was so true at that time, but she didn't expect that one day their relationship would end up like this.

Seeing that Zoe came out, Daisy stood up quickly and said, "Zoe..." Her voice was as weak as a mosquito.

"You have got what you want. I should be of no use to you. But have you ever regretted doing that, Daisy? " After saying that, Zoe turned and left and never looked back.

Looking at the receding figure, Daisy was full of sadness. For a long time, this had always been the way of Zoe acted. Zoe had always been in a high position, but Daisy could only bend down, lower her position and her head. There was nothing else she had. With a smile, Daisy thought how silly she was. Would she regret? She had no time to regret! Knowing that they couldn't be friends again, Daisy tried her best to move on.

The news that Zoe didn't attend the engagement ceremony quickly spread throughout the city, and all kinds of rumors came. Zoe ignored it. In a cemetery in the suburb, Zoe stood quietly in front of it. The woman with a gentle smile on the photo would always freeze at that moment. Zoe gently touched the photo with her finger and said, "If you were here, you would give me a warm hug, right? To make me feel at ease and give me a place to cry, but unfortunately, I don't even have the strength to cry. "

"Sure enough, she is here." Said Zack, putting down the flowers in his hand.

"Brother..." shouted Zoe, "I'm sorry."

"Silly girl, it's okay. You must have a reason. But Randal has been waiting for you." Zack patted on Zoe's head. Undoubtedly, Zack appreciated Randal. When Randal heard that Zoe had cancelled the engagement, he sent the reporters and people who had come to the engagement ceremony away in an orderly way. When everyone told him that they wanted to find Zoe, Randal just said that he would wait there. He believed that Zoe would explain everything to him.

Zoe raised her head to look at the sky. Since when the sky above her had become so gray? Although Zoe had a thousand complaints in her heart, what she could do was to raise her head to face everything. However, Zoe didn't know that it was just the beginning of a disaster for the Mu Family.

"Let's go." Holding Zack's hand, Zoe nodded. She knew she had to give an explanation to everyone and to Randal. But what should she say? What Zoe had now was only bitterness. Zack held Zoe's hand tighter. The warmth from his hand was the only thing Zoe could rely on now, and also the thing she tried her best to protect.

When Zoe arrived, everyone in the

room stood up. It was obvious that Randal's parents didn't give Zoe a good look. Although they didn't object to the marriage, they still had a lot of opinions now. After all, the Shen Family was also a powerful family in this city, but now they lost such a big face.

As usual, Randal looked at Zoe and smiled warmly, "You're back." There were only three words, with no blame, no query. For the first time, such a calm tone made Zoe don't know how to face it. She just nodded and said, "Yes."

Bella stepped ahead, "What happened? You made us worried." Zoe shook her head and said nothing.

"Let's go out first and let Zoe have a good talk with Randal." Said Zack. Although Bella had a lot of questions to ask, she stopped when she noticed the atmosphere at that time. She patted on the shoulder of Zoe while Zoe smiled bitterly.

Only Zoe and Randal remained silent.

"Why don't you ask me where I was?" Said Zoe.

"Will you tell me?"

Zoe smiled. As expected, Randal knew her very well, but Zoe couldn't afford it now. "I have nothing to say. I apologize for what happened today."

"It's just an engagement party. We can hold it again if you want." Noticing the obvious coldness in Zoe's eyes, Randal said, "But I'm afraid you won't want to hold it again. There was a hint of sadness in his tone that was unnoticeable by Zoe.

Zoe didn't say anything, but sometimes no answer it was the best answer.

"Sure enough, I thought you would give me an explanation, but in the end, it's my extravagant hope. You still can't love me." After saying that, Randal left.

Don't she love him? Zoe asked herself, but what she got was only bitterness in her eyes. She couldn't fall in love with anyone. Maybe Randal didn't care about her losing her virginity. Even if those photos were spread out, her brother could ignore them, and the Gu Group could ignore them. But Zoe couldn't ignore them. She couldn't let them get into trouble for the people who cared about her behind her. In this respect, she was still a little worried. That's why she lost to Larry.

With the excuse of tiredness, Zoe went upstairs alone. She couldn't tell everything. She couldn't tell what had happened when she was questioned by Bella, let alone tell her that Daisy had sent her onto a man's bed. It was really ironic. Zoe opened the drawer and picked up the brocade box. Inside the box was a black, smooth jade like a stone. The thick black jade looked bright, not like a woman's jade, but like a man's unique color.

Zoe tightly stuck it to her chest, "You had told me don't cry in front of others, and even if I cried, it wouldn't give me any comfort. You told me to be strong, no one want to see my cowardice. But now I want to cry. I'm really tired." The betrayal of her friend and the bruises on her body made Zoe curl up in the quilt. Holding the jade pendant tightly, she said, "So, let me be coward again." Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Looking at the figure curling up on the bed through the door, Zack slowly closed the door.

Seeing that Zack went downstairs, Paul asked, "How's Zoe?"

"She's fine. She's asleep."

"This time, Zoe has gone too far. You need to discipline her. All the people came here today are famous and influential. How could she make such a joke?" Kate was a little annoyed.

Zack didn't say anything about Kate's anger. After all, the Gu Group and the Mu Group had been connected to a certain extent. Besides, it was indeed wrong for Zoe to disappear for no reason. But why did she do that? Zack had seen Zoe grow up and thought it was not that simple. Although Zoe was stubborn, she wouldn't be so wayward about this matter. Suddenly, Zack thought of something, "Okay."

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