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   Chapter 9 Betrayal of Friends (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9358

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"You feel disdainful, right? But this is who I am." Daisy said in a low voice.

"Miss Daisy, it's time for you to go back." Hank's voice was as cold as that of Larry. Looking at the direction in which the car left, Daisy bit the corner of her mouth and there was blood.

In a high-end room of the hotel, Zoe was lying on the soft bed unconsciously. Looking at the enlarged face in front of him, Larry found that there was no doubt that this face was exquisite and beautiful. The sleeping Zoe was less a sense of domineering than she was awake, and her seemingly peaceful and gentle face was a little sad and sentimental because of the slightly furrowed eyebrows at the corners of her eyes. Larry really wanted to see what kind of expression would be in Zoe's eyes at the last moment. Larry gently smoothed Zoe's eyebrows. 'I told you to run as fast as you could, but unfortunately, you ran too slowly, so you can't blame me for what I did.' A cruel smile bloomed in the night.

When all of Zoe's clothes were taken off and the camera in Larry's hand was fixed on several pictures, Zoe didn't know it at all. Looking at the pictures in his hand, Larry wondered how the Mu Family and the Shen Family would react when they saw these pictures. He was really looking forward to it. Looking at the woman lying on the bed, Larry frowned and pulled the quilt to cover Zoe. Larry felt a strange heat in his body, so he turned around and walked to the bathroom.

After washing up, Larry stood in front of the French window and looked down at the lights of thousands of families below. The lights was so warm, but why didn't any light shine into Larry's eyes? A cigarette was slowly lit up, and it could vaguely see Larry's face in the smoke that looked so sad after all the evil aura had faded away. It was like the place in the dark night where the light couldn't be reached. If it weren't for what had happened three years ago and if it weren't for the Mu Family, would there be a light to warm his heart? Thinking of this, the hatred spread over Larry's face, and the cigarette in his hand was suddenly cut off.

Larry walked to the bedside and looked at Zoe. He asked the Mu Family for Zoe just to torture her. He disdained to touch anyone who came from the Mu Family, but if it could make Zoe and the Mu Family suffer, he was willing to do so. 'Zoe, don't blame me, but blame yourself for being a member of the Mu family.' Besides, Larry really wanted to see how this woman would feel when she couldn't get engaged to the person she liked, and Larry also liked to see the Mu Family live such a miserable life. The quilt covering Zoe's body was pulled down by Larry fiercely. The night was burning with hatred. All the passion turned into a sharp blade of hatred, piercing through not only Zoe, but the future that awaited for them.

When the morning sun opened a new day, Zoe tightly pulled the brocade quilt on her body. Her exposed skin felt unusually cold. Zoe could only tightly wrap her body in the quilt, but it was also cold. The pain on her body had already told her what had happened last night. Zoe was not a person who didn't know much about the world. The strength on her hand was enough to tear the quilt into pieces.

Sitting on the sofa opposite to her, it was none other than Larry. There was a hint of somethign else in his calm eyes. Holding back the bitterness in her heart, Zoe didn't say anything. The silence spread in the bright morning. It was not until the phone rang urgently that Zoe remembered what day it was today. Zoe didn't answer it. The phone rang in the quiet room for a long time and finally stopped. Zoe kept silent on the bed.

"For the role?" For a long time, only these three words came out of Zoe's mouth. It was more like a sneer than a question.

Larry fixed eyes on her, "It seems that Miss Mu knows everything," said Larry, narrowing his eyes.

Zoe sneered. No one knew Daisy better than Zoe did, and that was why Zoe couldn't let it go. However, she didn't expect such a result. "Since Mr. Mo has promised, it must be a good role." It was so good that it could send Zoe to the bed of Larry.

"You want to know?"

"No need!" What could she do even if she knew what had happened? This was the choice made by Daisy for her. It would only make her feel more sad if she knew about it. But now, Zoe didn't want to touch the wound in her heart that had just been torn up by Daisy. "Mr. Mo, just follow your promise."

"Oh, Miss Mu, you are so generous. You can tolerate it to such an extent, or in fact, you are willing to be sent to any man's bed!" Larry was eager to tear apart this calm face and see what kind of ex

pression was hidden underneath it.

The fierce gaze of Zoe pierced through the eyes of Larry, and the burning hatred in her eyes made Larry clearly understand that it was not that the woman in front of him did not hate, but that she was unable to vent her hatred. She could not do this to Daisy, let alone to him, because she knew clearly what Larry wanted. If she was angry, she would lose. Larry was so interested in Zoe that he wanted to destroy everything she had.

The phone rang again, and the anxious voice rang in Zoe's heart. No one knew better than Zoe what happened. Today was the day of her engagement with Randal, and she should have appeared at the engagement party, but now she was here.

"Do you want me to answer it for you?" When Larry was about to take the phone, it was snatched away by Zoe. "Do you think Randal would care?" Zoe's fingers were still tightened, and even if she was like this, her eyes were still unruly.

"Oh, really? I didn't expect that Mr. Shen could tolerate such thing. But what would he react if he saw this!" Larry threw all the photos to Zoe.

Looking at the photos one by one, Zoe's eyes were frozen. "You are shameless, Larry!" Zoe violently dropped the photo on Larry's face, and the photos just like a sharp knife cut shallow wounds on his good-looking face.

Larry touched the cut on his face, "I should have said before that it would cost a lot to hurt me. What should I do now! The media should like these photos very much. It seems that I can sell them for a favor! " At the same time, Larry began to make a phone call.

"No!" Zoe quickly grabbed Larry's cell phone, her skirt slipped by half because of suddenly got up, revealing half of her white shoulder, "What do you want me to do?" she asked. Said Zoe in a low voice. Losing her virginity would hurt Zoe herself, but if those photos had been reported by the media, then it would not only ruin Zoe, but also the Mu Group, the Gu Group and even Randal would be got involved. Zoe couldn't bear the consequences, and her palm had been pinched numbly.

"I should have told you that I want Miss Mu." When Larry's hand touched Zoe's bare skin, a chill came over her.

"What do you mean by 'want', Larry? Do you want a wife or just a bed partner?"

"Funny, wife? You don't deserve to be my wife." The disgust in Larry's eyes was obvious. "But I'm willing to use marriage as a cage to bind you. I want to see you struggle, endure torture and die slowly in it. I wonder what a scene it will be."

The smile on the corner of Larry's mouth made Zoe feel piercing cold. She was afraid of this man again. "Why?"

"Because your family owes me. The Mu Family has to pay me back one by one, and you are just the first one." The frivolity of Larry lifting her hair made Zoe sick.

The phone rang again. Looking at the caller ID, Larry was amused. Zoe knew that she couldn't avoid it. She picked up the phone and heard the voice of Randal from the other side. "Where are you, Zoe?"

Hearing this anxious voice, the bitterness in Zoe's heart was about to burst out, but she could only try her best to hold back and say calmly, "I'm outside, Randal." After a long pause, Zoe said, "I can't go back in time. Cancel the engagement." Then she hung up the phone and turned it off.

"I said the Shen Family couldn't protect you." Larry's hand touched Zoe's cheek.

"Don't touch me." Zoe shook off Larry's hand.

The subtle mood swing of Zoe made Larry feel interesting, and the usual calmness irritated him, which was exactly what he wanted. Zoe's jaw was raised by Larry, and their eyes met. "You don't like me to touch you, right? Unfortunately, your dislike is my greatest leisure, and you have to endure much more in the future."

"Three days." Larry let go of Zoe. "Do as I told you obediently, or your photos will spread all over the city. I think Miss Mu will make a wise choice."

The moment Larry closed the door, a pillow fell on the door. All the calmness and toughness of Zoe in front of Larry disappeared. Her sitting body had collapsed. She slowly walked to the bathroom and turned the water to the maximum. The sound of the water covered everything, and also covered the heart wrenching crying sound of Zoe. When she opened her palm, her palm had been deeply sunk by her nails. She curled up and slowly moved to the corner of the wall. The warm water was surging on her body, but she felt so cold. Zoe rubbed her skin hard, knowing that there was something that couldn't be washed away.

When Larry left, he heard the sound of water flowing. His eyes were full of mockery and ridicule, mixed with too much meaning which soon disappeared.

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