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   Chapter 8 Betrayal of Friends (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7102

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"Miss Daisy, Mr. Larry asked me to give it to you. Mr. Larry said you knew what to do." Hank looked at Daisy with disdain. It was rare for Daisy to ignore the sight of Hank. All her eyes were focused on her hand and held it tightly. What she grasped was not only her future, but also her choice of friendship. The blue veins on her hands were clearly visible.

On the way to the restaurant mentioned by Daisy, Bella called Zoe. Bella said she had something to deal with and couldn't go there. Zoe told her not to worry about it, but there was a hint of sadness in Bella's worried tone on the phone. Zoe thought it was because Bella cared too much about it, so she just said that nothing would happen to Bella with a smile on her face. After hanging up the phone, Zoe looked at the giant advertise billboard which had Randal's gentle face and her enlarged photo on it. Would nothing happen? Zoe sneered. Most of the time, the way Daisy looked at people couldn't deceive everyone. It was just that Zoe chose to ignore it most of the time, and this time she wouldn't let it go so easily.

When Zoe arrived at the restaurant, she didn't say a word. Zoe glanced at the delicately decorated restaurant and Daisy who was sitting here, and then she said, "There's no need to choose here." Zoe knew the price here.

With a cold expression in Daisy's eyes, she said, "Only this time." Was Zoe afraid that she couldn't afford it? She would really consider for Daisy, but it was her casual words that made Daisy disgusted.

Zoe didn't say anything. She knew how sensitive Daisy was, but most of the time, Daisy's sensitivity made Zoe angry.

"You haven't given up yet!" Zoe said it indifferently, she had known Daisy for years.

Daisy didn't denied, "I was caught by several hooligans the day before yesterday."

"What's going on?" asked Zoe, frowning.

Daisy's fingertip holding the cup was a little pale. "My father owed them money. They ran away and came to me."

Looking at Daisy's sad eyes, Zoe asked, "How much?"

"How much? Do you want to pay it back for me again? Do you know that I've had enough of your attitude these years, Zoe? Yes, you're a rich lady. You don't care about money. You can help me get rid of them, but have you ever thought about my feelings? In the past few years, I appreciate your help, but every time you handed me the money, I felt like I was a beggar. Every time I took the money from you, I hated myself, I hated my family background and my hands, which made me sick. " Daisy said excitedly.

"So that's what you think." Said Zoe bitterly.

"Yes, that's exactly what I think. I don't like you and Bella, you don't have to worry about money since you were a child. Even if something happens, you got someone supported you. But I have nothing. I can only rely on my own efforts to own what I want. I have to protect my own life. I've been fed up with that kind of life since I was a child. You and Bella can't imagine that kind of life. I've decided to be outstanding since I was a child and don't live such a life in the future. I have to stand up and don't be looked down upon..." Daisy said madly.

"So..." Said Zoe, knowing Daisy had something else to say.

"So, please leave me alone from now on. I toast for you and brother Randal have a happy engagement." Daisy raised the wine glass in front of her.

At this moment, how much Zoe wanted to laugh. She wanted to grab the corner of Daisy's clothes hard and question her. How much does she know about Zoe? How dare Daisy said such ridiculous wor

ds to Zoe? But now, looking at Daisy's eyes, Zoe felt that there was no need for her to say anything. Everything would only make Zoe feel more ridiculous. Zoe always knew that Daisy hated her more than her like to Zoe. However, everything was meaningless now. The hard shell made by Zoe since she was ten years old didn't allow her to explain too much. She slowly raised the wine glass in her hand, mixed with her recent thoughts and the choice of Daisy. No matter how sad she was, she would swallow it all.

Seeing that Zoe drank the wine, Daisy's face tightened. She wanted to stretch out her hand, but her hand was so heavy. The wine was just drunk by Zoe. Daisy clenched her fists. This was her only choice. She had no other way out. She had to do this, and even Larry wouldn't do anything to her. Moreover, Randal could help Zoe, so Daisy comforted herself in this way, but she couldn't help shivering.

When Zoe felt something was wrong, it was too late. The last moment she closed her eyes, she saw the slightly shaking eyes of Daisy. Did Daisy regret at the last moment? Zoe felt that there was moist liquid rolling in her eyes.

When Larry arrived, he found that Zoe had already fallen on the table unconsciously. With a satisfied smile, Larry picked up the hair scattered around Zoe's ear and said, "Miss Daisy, you did a good job."

It was not difficult to tell from his tone that he was not praising Daisy. Daisy's body was even colder. At this time, Zoe had been picked up by Larry.

"What are you doing?" Daisy couldn't help but step forward to stop him.

Larry's eyes fixed on the place where Daisy touched Zoe's arm. "Miss Daisy, you are so smart. Don't you know what I'm going to do? Or do you regret it?"

Standing there in a daze, Daisy neither spoke nor released her hand.

"Miss Daisy, which one will you choose between the role and Zoe?" Larry's starry eyes seemed to have seen through everything.

Role! Hearing this, Daisy widened her eyes. She tried her best to take back her hands that were grabbing Zoe. "What do you want, Zoe? Or ruin tomorrow's engagement? Or..." Daisy really didn't know what Larry wanted at this moment.

"Miss Daisy, it's just a deal between you and me. You don't have the right to interfere in my business. Even if I really want to do something to her, so what? Miss Daisy, you should thank me. If I ruin tomorrow's wedding, you will have a chance to get Randal, won't you? "

Daisy's body, which had been frozen for a long time, suddenly trembled. Why did this man know that Daisy liked Randal from the first time she saw him? Unfortunately, Randal only saw Zoe and he only showed his gentle smile when he saw Zoe. Daisy was crazy jealous of Zoe. She was jealous that Zoe could get such a man. But at the same time, Daisy also knew that Randal wouldn't like her because of her identity. She suppressed her love in the bottom of her heart, but why did Larry know it? Daisy seemed to have thought of something, and a huge panic enveloped her. Perhaps from the beginning, they had entered a carefully prepared trap, and they were all clowns who tried hard to escape from the trap, but in the end, they only could gave up. Daisy had no choice but to move forward, not allowing herself to retreat.

A charming smile bloomed on Larry's face. "Send Miss Daisy back, Hank" he said.

Hank nodded and said, "This way, Miss Daisy."

With a bitter smile, Daisy thought, 'Surveillance? What else can I do now?'

Hank didn't have a good feeling for the expression on Daisy's face.

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