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   Chapter 7 The Coming Crisis (Part Two)

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Zoe and Bella were shocked. Looking at the smile on Daisy's face, Zoe frowned, but she didn't say anything in the end.

"Zoe and Randal are going to get engaged. Congratulations!" There was still a faint smile on Daisy's face, but her heart had been entangled.

The familiar face in front of Zoe made her feel very strange. Zoe's heart sank. 'Are you not reconciled like this, Daisy?' she thought.

"Zoe, it's my treat to celebrate your engagement with Randal." Said Daisy.

There was also some doubt in the corner of Bella's eyes. "Daisy..." Before Bella could finish her words, her arm was grabbed by Zoe. "Okay."

"Well, I'll go to practice first. See you tomorrow." After saying that, Daisy left, leaving Zoe and Bella alone.

"Zoe, do you feel that something is wrong with Daisy?"

"She is a very strong woman, but she gave up because of the power of Larry, which is enough to blow her self-esteem. Let her vent her anger." Said Zoe.

"It's not your fault."

"Forget it. She can think whatever she likes. It's not a big deal if she wants to invite us." However, Zoe didn't tell Bella that she suddenly saw the cold eyes of Daisy just now. Zoe smiled bitterly. Did Daisy wanted to participate in this competition so badly? It seemed that this dinner was not that simple, but Zoe would still go. Because she believed in Daisy, she didn't expect that Daisy would destroy this trust completely, let alone destroy Zoe completely. The one who pushed Zoe into the abyss was the friend that she wanted to protect in her heart.

After class, Zoe didn't go home. Sitting in a taxi, she looked through the window at the student's back from school. Then she saw a fair young man with a pale face. He was in his second year of high school, but his body was so thin in the eyes of Zoe. The boy seemed to feel something and looked at where Zoe was. Zoe quickly lowered her head and raised it a moment later. At this time, several young men had surrounded the way back home of the fair skinned young man. Looking from the direction of Zoe, she could saw that they kicked the fair skinned young man a few times. The anger on Zoe's face was obvious, and even the taxi driver was stunned. It was not until the fair skinned young man left that Zoe got off the car. The force of the knock on the door made the driver doubt that the door was about to fall.

Zoe stopped those young men, "Hey, how did your parents teach you?"

The boys were stunned at first, but when they saw only one Zoe herself, most of their fear had disappeared. "It's none of your business how our parents taught us."

"Your parents didn't teach you well, so I'm here to teach you a lesson." Those who knew Zoe well knew that she wasn't joking. Even if she was facing a high school student, Zoe wouldn't show mercy when it was time to teach them a lesson.

After a short while, several students begged Zoe for mercy, "Sister, please let us go. We didn't mean to do that."

"Apologize to the guy you bullied tomorrow and return the money to him. If I see you do such a thing again, I will bully you every time I see you."

They left quickly. After getting back into the car, Zoe laughed at herself for meddling in this matter.

When Zoe went back home, she didn't see anyone. When she went upstairs, she heard the voice of Kate and her brother.

"Father said that the Gu Group couldn't help the Mu Group either in this time. It seems that Larry has expected this and controlled the Gu Group. They doesn't dare to move now."

"What on earth does Larry want to do? What has the Mu Group done to offend him?" Zack looked a little embarrassed.

Hearing Zack's words, the thing that Larry said was like a string of silk threads tightly intertwined with Zoe's heart. What had happened three years ago? If that thing was the reason why Larry had attacked the Mu Family, then Zoe should know it no matter it would be unbearable or not. Not to mention that there was nothing that Zoe couldn't bear. As a matter of fact, when Zoe was ten years old, she had already accepted that kind of bloody scene.

"Brother..." Zoe knocked on the door.

"When did you come back, Zoe?" Zack put the documents in a secret place while Kate just glanced at Zoe indifferently.

"Brother, come out. I have something to tell you." Said Zoe.

Hearing that, Kate nodded and said to Zack, "Go to the study."

Study! It s

eemed that the man hadn't come back yet. Now Zoe had no time to care about those things.

Zoe closed the door and looked at Zack. Being stared at by Zoe, Zack was a little scared. "What's wrong, Zoe?" Zack knew that Zoe had something to tell him.

"Brother, I want to ask you something. Please tell me the truth."

"Have I hid anything from you?" Zack said frankly.

Taking a deep breath, Zoe asked, "Brother, did anything happen to you three years ago?"

Hearing this, Zack seemed to have completely changed into another person. He stood up in an instant, the muscles on his hands tightened, and his face was gloomy that Zoe had never seen before. Zoe didn't even dare to touch the coldness in his eyes. "Where did you hear that?"

Looking at Zack's expression, Zoe knew that something must have happened three years ago. "Brother, you said you would tell me the truth."

"Zoe, nothing happened three years ago. I don't know where you heard it. Don't mention it in front of your family." Zack didn't say anything more and walked out of the study. Zack's reaction made Zoe sure that things were not that simple. Zoe sat down slowly and didn't know what was going on. The only thing she knew was that Larry must know the inside story of it, but Zoe didn't want to see that person.

After walking out of the study, Zack stood blankly on the balcony. Zack, who had never smoked before, slowly lit up his cigarette. His blurred face looked so sad, and the gloom on his face mixed with regret and sin could not be erased. What happened three years ago might be the sin he would bear in his life.

"What's wrong? You never smoke." Looking at the familiar face had the unprecedented sadness, Kate suddenly realized something. She gently held Zack from behind and said, "No matter how powerful Larry is, the foundation of the Mu Group won't fall so easily."

Hearing that, Zack turned around and grabbed Kate's hand. "Will you forgive me if I do something wrong to you one day?"

Hearing that, Kate was shocked, "Do something wrong to me? What did you do?"

With a soothing smile, Zack shook his head and said, "It's just an assumption."

Kate held Zack's hand tightly and said, "I don't know how I would react at that time, and I don't know what I would do or if I would forgive you or not. I can only say that I have never regretted marrying you." Kate thought that Zack was upset because of the Mu Group, but it didn't seem to be the case now. Kate didn't dare to think about the reason and didn't want to ask. But Kate had a feeling that their life would not be peaceful from here on.

In the morning, when Zoe was about to go out, she was stopped by Kate. "Zoe, last night..." Kate wanted to ask Zoe something, but she hesitated and said, "Nothing. Come back early. You have to get engaged tomorrow."

Kate's low voice made Zoe understand what she wanted to ask. Thinking of what Zack had said last night, Zoe could only keep silent.

The heavy atmosphere depressed Zoe. When she received the phone call from Randal, she was not in the mood to say anything to him. She just said a few words indifferently and listened to him. Randal remained silent for a while before he said okay and hung up the phone. Zoe was not sensitive about the engagement. From the beginning to now, the only thing Zoe could do was to appear at the engagement ceremony tomorrow. She felt a little bitter. Was it good for her to be in such a state of mind?

As soon as Zoe walked out of the door, she saw Paul who had just got out of the car. Looking at Zoe's pale face, Paul asked, "Didn't you sleep well last night?"

"Will you still care about whether I sleep well or not? I have lived without your care in the past few years, haven't I?" Paul's heart ached when he heard the sarcastic tone of Zoe.

"Sweetheart..." Paul wanted to touch Zoe's hair but was dodged by her.

"Don't call me like that. You don't deserve to call me like that since I was ten years old." After saying that, Zoe ran away.

With his fingers stopped in midair and a beautiful brocade box in the other hand, Paul put down his hand powerlessly. Zoe probably would never forgive him, would she? Looking at the sky, Paul thought of that arrogant woman's face. 'You did it, you really made Zoe hate me all her life.' Paul clenched his fingers as if he was going to crush the woman's face in his memory.

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