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   Chapter 6 The Coming Crisis (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7286

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When Zoe came back home, Zack was reading the documents in his hands. Zack looked up at Zoe and said, "I heard from Randal that you agreed to get engaged."

"Yes." Zoe nodded. Looking at the worried look on Zack's face, she knew that the crisis of the Mu Group wasn't easy to solve, but Zoe also knew that she couldn't help much.

"Where is he?" Asked Zoe.

Of course, Zack knew who Zoe was talking about. Paul, their father. But Zoe hadn't called him father since she was ten years old.

"It seems that Mac has caught a cold." Zack said indifferently.

Zoe sneered, "Then why did he have to go back to this house if he still want to stay there? Without him, we can live as good as each other."

"I've never expected you to let it go for so many years, Zoe, but you've not only hurt him, but also yourself these years." Zack said helplessly.

"Brother, can you let it go?" Taking a look at Zack, Zack didn't say anything, so Zoe continued, "I also want to let it go these years, but when I dream at midnight, I can clearly see the bloody scene in front of me. Brother, what do you think I can do?" Zoe's strong appearance was destroyed at this moment, leaving only endless scars.

"Zoe..." Holding Zoe tightly, Zack apologized, "I'm sorry." This was probably the only thing Zack could say now. He knew that it was hard to erase the image that deeply rooted in Zoe's mind.

"Brother, I'm fine." Zoe had already been used to such pain. Even if it was tearing her heart apart, she had learned to face it calmly, because even if she cried, she would not get any result and nothing could be solved. Someone had told her when she was ten years old.

Zack let go of Zoe. He knew his sister was strong, but sometimes it worried him.

"Brother, go ahead with your work." Noticing that Zack didn't ask her what had happened three years ago, Zoe knew from Larry's eyes that it was not that simple. Zoe was afraid to touch it. She smiled bitterly. It turned out that she was timid in some ways.

On the second day, the news of the marriage between the Shen Group and the Mu Group spread throughout the city.

"What happened yesterday?" Bella asked quickly when she saw Zoe.

"Nothing," said Zoe, shaking her head. She looked at the side of Bella and asked, "Where is Daisy?"

Bella didn't answer. Looking at her expression, Zoe knew what had happened. She hugged Bella from behind and put all her weight on Bella. "Thank you!"

As Bella had expected, Zoe knew what was on Daisy's mind. "You're too heavy. Come down."

Zoe let go of Bella, saying, "Hey, Bella, if you are in danger one day in the future, just leave me alone. Don't be silly to stay with me." Looking at the sky in the distance, the blue sky darkened in Zoe's eyes. Zoe had a feeling that something was going to happen, which she couldn't get rid of after meeting Larry.

Looking at Zoe, Bella knew that Zoe was serious this time. "What are you talking about, Zoe? I won't leave you alone even if one day comes." Bella promised firmly. But at that time, Bella didn't expect that the world would give them too little time to keep their promise.

Zoe just smiled. She knew what Bella meant, but that was why she was afraid. She was afraid that she would be hurt, so she didn't care about what Daisy would do to her. As long as he could help Daisy, she would be fine. But she didn't expect that Daisy wanted too much and Zoe couldn't afford it.

"Forget it. I heard that you are going to be engaged to Randal. I want to be your bridesmaid." Bella quickly changed the topic.

"Isn't the bridesmaid only available at the wedding? It's too early now." Z

oe looked at Bella helpless, she didn't think she would fall in love with any man since she was ten. In Zoe's eyes, the one who would get hurt in the end was the one handed her true heart. For Randal, it was hard to tell whether Zoe loved him or not. But in Zoe's eyes, he was just a suitable choice.

Looking at the man smiling so gently on the newspaper, Daisy listened to the voices around her.

"They really match."

"Is the Mu Group and the Shen Group? They are a good match."

"But I heard that the Mu Group is in a crisis recently, isn't it?"

"Even if there is a crisis, their background is still strong. But I really don't like the way Zoe behaves. I'm afraid she is more complacent now."

"I heard that the actress selected by the Mo Group is also Zoe, right?"

"She doesn't learn acting."

"Nowadays, if you were rich and powerful, there is nothing you can't learn."

They were discussing as passing by Daisy, and the newspapers in Daisy's hands were crumpled into a ball. 'Zoe, Zoe. Why does everyone want Zoe? So is Randal, and so is Larry. Is Zoe so good?' Daisy's mind was burnt by jealousy. She must stand out. No matter what method she used, she had made up her mind to call the number on the business card.

"Mister, it's your call." Hank handed it to Larry.

Larry took the phone.

"I agree with your request, but I want the main character of this selection." Daisy said calmly.

"Miss Daisy, I don't remember to give you the right to bargain, but this time I agree." Said Larry.

After hanging up the phone, Daisy let out a long sigh of relief. Even though there was a long line between them, the aura of Larry was still daunting.

"The news of the marriage between the Shen Family and the Mu Group has been spread. It seems that they don't intend to fold their hands obediently." Said Nathan.

"That's more interesting!" Excitement could be seen in Larry's gloomy eyes.

"It seems that you have already left the next step."

Larry didn't say anything. He wanted to see how the engagement would be held. He wanted to see the expression on Zoe's face after she knew everything. It should be very interesting.

It was until noon that Zoe still didn't see Daisy. She was worried because she knew Daisy well.

"You are going to get engaged the day after tomorrow. Why are you in such a hurry?" Asked Bella.

"I have to get engaged sooner or later. What's the difference between earlier and later?" Zoe didn't tell Bella the reason. She could bear it by herself. There was no need to make Bella worry.

"Daisy." As soon as Bella finished her words, Zoe turned to look out of the window. Seeing Zoe's gaze, Daisy walked towards her.

"Where have you been?" What Zoe asked was just a normal question, but there were too many emotions in it.

"I went to practice for a while this morning." Daisy answered fluently and didn't look at Zoe and Bella.

"Daisy, I have something to tell you."

Raising her eyes to look at Zoe, Daisy said, "Go ahead."

"Daisy, give up this competition. There will be a lot of competitions in the future. Besides, the Mo Group couldn't dominate the entertainment circle." Zoe didn't want Daisy to get in touch with Larry. That man was so horrible that Zoe had no idea what he was thinking about, but unfortunately, Zoe's protection for Daisy was insignificant in Daisy's heart.

When Daisy heard what Zoe said, she gritted her teeth and lowered her head. Her fingers had been pinched purple. Giving up was an easy word for Zoe, but it was so heartbreaking for Daisy. After hearing what Zoe said, Daisy raised her head and smiled slowly. "Okay."

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