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   Chapter 5 The Temptation of Fame and Fortune

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6775

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Daisy didn't see Zoe until school was over. She didn't know what was going on. Daisy had mixed feelings and it hadn't stopped yet. After parting with Bella, Daisy didn't see Bella again. Bella had always been protecting Zoe. From the very beginning, Daisy knew that she could only walk towards the dormitory alone building with a bitter smile.

As soon as Daisy walked out of the campus, she was surrounded by several hooligans. Daisy shrank back and asked, "Who are you?"

"Are you Daisy?"

The obscene look in his eyes disgusted Daisy very much. "Who are you?"

"Is Darren your father?"

Hearing this name, Daisy quickly became vigilant. "What do you want?"

"What do we think? Your father dares to run away in debt, you can pay the money for him." A man said.

"How much?" Daisy had had enough of her so-called father.

"Fifty thousand dollars!"

"So much money?" Daisy asked in disbelief, and then she said coldly, "Go to find the one who borrowed your money. From now on, I have nothing to do with him." As soon as Daisy finished her words, she wanted to leave, but a man grabbed her tightly.

"I didn't expect his daughter to be so pretty. She should be able to sell at a good price."

"Let go of me!" Daisy threw her hand at the man who caught her.

The man was slapped by Daisy and immediately got angry. "Clap!" A crisp slap on Daisy's face made her delicate face red and swollen quickly.

"Bitch, how dare you hit me?" The crisp slap fell again.

With her hand covering her red and swollen cheek, Daisy stared fiercely at those people, as if she was going to tear them up. Several men dragged Daisy, but Daisy had no strength to fight back, and was caught by them in this way. Daisy's heart was full of sadness. Was this her result? She didn't accept it, she didn't accept it.

At this time, a black car stopped in front of these people. The man's cold aura made the surrounding hooligans stunned.

"Let her go." The man said.

Seeing the car, Daisy seemed to see hope and struggled again.

The hooligans were still holding onto Daisy tightly. "Who are you? How dare you discipline me?"

The man's sharp eyes approached them again, which scared the hooligans, because it was not an ordinary gaze, but a murderous gaze.

"Hank." A colder voice came from the car. Even if Daisy had only heard it once, she could know who it was.

The man called Hank stopped when he heard the voice of Larry. He picked up the paper box next to him, opened it and threw it directly to the hooligans. "This is one hundred thousand dollars. Take the money and get out of here."

The money scattered all over the sky entered the eyes of Daisy, and those people let go of her, because they knew that the man in front of them was definitely not bluffing. They came here just for money, and there was no need to lose their lives.

"You are lucky this time." Saying coldly to Daisy, they picked up the money quickly and left.

Tears welled up in Daisy's eyes as she tried hard to hold back her tears. Her delicate appearance was pitiful, but when Daisy was facing Larry and the others, they didn't have the slightest feeling. "Miss Daisy, our young master wants to see you."

Looking at the charming face of Larry in the glass window, Daisy was a little worried, but she still got on the car.

"Thank you, Mr. Mo." Tears were still hanging in the corner

of Daisy's eyes.

"It seems that Miss Daisy knows me," said Larry with a cold smile on his face. Larry's smile was playful. He didn't remember he had introduced himself to Daisy.

With her body tightened, Daisy clearly sensed the hostility in Larry's tone. Indeed, that night, Because of Larry's identity, Daisy begged her sister to take her here when she heard they talked about Mr. Mo. But now, Daisy didn't dare to say anything more.

"Miss Daisy, you are a smart woman. I won't beat around the bush. Do you want to get the role?"

"Yes, I do," Daisy incredible looked at Larry and answered without hesitation, with hope in her eyes

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Larry said, "Then let's see if Miss Daisy can seize the opportunity!"

When Daisy heard what Larry said, she had mixed feelings... Daisy was a little happy for her guess, but she ignored the disgust in Larry's eyes.

"What opportunity?" Daisy asked anxiously.

When Larry approached Daisy's ear, Daisy could feel his breath and was very excited. Looking at her face, Larry's eyes were full of ridicule. "Miss Daisy, I want..." ...

After Larry finished his words, the excitement in Daisy's eyes suddenly turned deathly pale. Her hands, which had been clenched tightly because of excitement, drooped feebly, like a lifeless puppet. "Why?" Daisy asked. Her voice was so low that almost couldn't be heard.

"You have no right to know the answer." The previous coldness returned to Larry's face.

With a bitter smile, Daisy lowered her eyes, "Let me think about it."

"Miss Daisy, you should know that I don't have so much time to wait."

Daisy didn't say anything.

"Tomorrow, I believe that a smart person like Miss Daisy won't give up this opportunity."

Watching the car driving away, Daisy wondered why everyone always saw the same person in their eyes. Was she so obscene? Why all the things belonged to that person? She was not reconciled, not reconciled, but what could she do? Should she agree? Daisy was struggling.

On the way to the school, Randal found Zoe. The absent-minded look in Zoe's eyes worried Randal, so he drove her directly to this place.

"What are you going to say?" Although Randal was two years older than Zoe, Zoe had never called him brother. Randal never cared about it.

"What do you think of your dad and Zack's suggestion?"

Sitting there, Zoe looked straight at Randal. If it was in the past, Randal would never ask her about it if she had the reaction as yesterday. After all, it was Zoe's attitude at that time. But Zoe also knew that the man in front of her was not as gentle as he looked. Zoe knew from the time when she agreed to date with Randal, it was just that she was more sure that the coldness in his heart wouldn't show to her. No matter how stubborn Zoe was, she still needed someone to rely on. "Do you know something?" Zoe asked Randal.

Randal nodded without hesitation. Thinking of what Larry had said, Zoe didn't believe that everything would be under Larry's control. "Okay, let's get engaged."

Randal smiled. He knew a little about Zoe. On the surface, she was like a hedgehog full of spines, and people who got close to her will be cut black and blue all over if they are not careful, but in fact, Zoe was more afraid of being harm than anyone else. It was this kind of Zoe that Randal wanted to cherish.

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