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   Chapter 4 The First Confrontation

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Looking at the two people in front of her, one was gaunt and the other had red and swollen eyes, Bella was stunned and she asked, "What did you two do yesterday?"

Zoe and Daisy looked at each other and kept silent, which made Bella a little anxious.

At this time, a group of people walked in front of them. "Have you heard that the Mo Group is going to select actors here? Anyone been chosen will surely be famous."

"Which Mo Group is it?"

"How many Mo Group in this city?" One of them said.

They talked about passing by Zoe and others while walking. Hearing that, Daisy's body trembled all of a sudden, and Zoe captured her emotion very well.

"Did you sign up?" Zoe asked Daisy. Daisy was a student in the department of performance and the only one who got a full scholarship in her first year of study. Zoe believed that Daisy wouldn't miss such an opportunity.

Daisy clenched her fingers obviously, "That's not a competition that a person like me can participate in."

"Daisy..." Bella stared at Daisy in disbelief. She didn't believe that Daisy would said that.

Zoe glared at Daisy and was obviously dissatisfied with her words. "People like you? What kind of person do you think you are? You have time to belittle yourself here, then don't you come to registered?" As Zoe spoke, she took Daisy's hand and walked towards the headmaster's office.

Daisy wanted to break away from Zoe. But Zoe didn't let go of her.

"I'm not allowed to participate in the competition." Daisy shouted out unwillingly. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

Hearing that, Zoe was stunned and let go of Daisy. "Give me a reason."

Bella was also surprised at what Daisy said. They never doubted Daisy's strength, but Daisy was forbidden to participate in the competition. There must be someone who put obstacles in their way.

Obviously, Zoe knew that! It definitely had something with the family background! Clenching her fists, Zoe said, "I'm going to talk to the principal."

"Don't," said Daisy, holding Zoe's hand tightly

"Let go of me, or you won't let go of it!"

"I'm not reconciled, but what can I do!" Daisy shouted crazily, "I don't have the same family background as yours. I don't have the same protection as you have. What can I do? I have to continue to live."

"Do you know who it is?" Daisy couldn't escape from Zoe's gaze.

"So what?" Recalling the scene when she went to the headmaster's office today, the headmaster looked at Daisy meaningfully, saying that she was supposed to be the most possible candidate, but she was forbidden to participate in the competition by Mr. Mo, asking if she had offended him. Daisy had no choice but to grit her teeth. How could she offend Mr. Mo? She had never seen this man except that night.

"Tell me!" This was always how Zoe was. She wouldn't flinch on anything.

"Larry Mo, the CEO of the Mo Group, the man you poured wine on that night." As Daisy spoke, she had mixed feelings.

Larry Mo? Zoe recalled the man at that night. She didn't pay much attention to him, so she didn't remember him clearly.

"Zoe, Larry Mo is not a simple person. Besides... It's better to tell Zack. " Bella had heard of Larry Mo before, and it seemed that he didn't get along well with the Mu Group. She was afraid that Zoe would suffer losses.

"I want to see him. Let's see what he can do to me." Bella couldn't stop Zoe because she was always fearless.

Watching the receding figure of Zoe, Bella asked, "Daisy, are you so upset?"

The sudden words made Daisy in a daze for a moment, and only a bitter smile remained on her face for a moment. "You will never understand. We are all human beings, I can only bear these in the face of these, but you have a chance to resist. This is an irreparable difference between us."

"That's why you told Zoe? You knew she would go there regardless of anything."

"Bella, I have no choice. I need this opportunity." Looking into the distance, Daisy said, "It won't matter because of Zoe's identity." Even if she caused troubles, there were so many people around her who she could rely on, but Daisy had nothing, she could only desperately seize all the opportunities.

"Daisy, you haven't seen through Zoe for so many years." Bella didn't say anything more, because she had nothing to say. Perhaps Zoe also knew this in her heart, but she was still so desperate. Friendship was more precious than anything else to Zoe, but Daisy didn't see this in her eyes.

"I'm looking for Larry Mo." Zoe went straight to the front desk of the Mu Group.

The receptionist took a look at Zoe. There were many women who came to see their CEO, and they had already been used to it. However, it was rare to see a woman who called their CEO's name directly and domineeringly, not to mention that the woman in front of her was not special in dressing, but just a little beautiful.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?" The receptionist was cold and indifferent.

"Tell Larry Mo that Zoe Mu has something to talk to him."

Mu! The receptionist's eyes changed quickly. There was only the Mu Group in the city whose last name was Mu. She quickly answered the phone in the CEO's office.

From the way Nathan looked at Larry, it seemed that the prey he was waiting for had arrived.

When Zoe came in, she saw that Larry Mo was sitting on the CEO's chair and playing

with the pen. It was the first time that Zoe had seen Larry clearly. He did have a good appearance, but his eyes were too cold.

She noticed that Nathan was sitting beside Larry, and she stared at Nathan without saying anything. The meaning of her eyes was obvious.

Nathan stood up and said, "It seems that Miss Mu has something to tell you, Larry. I'd better leave now."

"It's you who did that thing to Daisy," Zoe had always been straightforward.

"Yes." Said Larry bluntly.

"Is it because of what happened that night?" Said Spencer sarcastically

"I've told you that the price of pouring wine on me is very high." Larry said casually.

"It really surprises me. Mr. Mo is so mean that he can only bully the weak. Shame on him."

Zoe's voice was so clear. Larry straighten his back and the tip of his pen fell on the table. Without the slightest fear, Zoe stared straight at Larry.

"Miss Mu, you have a good eyesight." And it made people had the urge to ruin it. What a pity, Larry came close to Zoe.

"Let Daisy participate in the competition. I'm the one who poured wine on you that night. If you want to take avenge, just come at me." Said Zoe, looking into Larry's eyes.

"You are free and easy, but have you forgotten that this is the Mo Group. Who gives you the right to act presumptuously here?" Larry's cold eyes were fixed on Zoe, which made Zoe unable to move for a moment. But then she laughed and said, "I've seen the colder eyes than yours, Larry. Don't think that you can frighten me in this way. I'm not scared."

"It's so interesting!" The fearless attitude of Zoe made Larry's impulse to destroy even stronger. "If you want your friend to participate in the competition, how about you trade yourself for it?"

"What do you mean?" asked Zoe, frowning.

Larry got close to Zoe, "Miss Mu, don't you understand what I mean?"

The danger in his eyes made Zoe fear, "Don't overestimate yourself, Larry. I don't need to look for you. I have my own way. The whole entertainment circle is not under your control."

Larry got closer to Zoe, saying, "Really? Miss Mu, do you want to rely on the Mu Family? Didn't Zack tell you?"

Hearing this, Zoe was stunned. "What?"

Larry forced Zoe back to the corner, "Your brother and father really love you. They didn't even tell you that the Mu Group's funds couldn't run well. They really protected you well."

Hearing what Larry said, Zoe suddenly understood something. "It's you?" Being approached by him, Zoe couldn't help but step back. When she found there was no way back, she could only glare at Larry again.

Larry's hand reached to Zoe's face, "Miss Mu, you are much smarter than I thought."

"Clap!" Larry's hand was pushed away by Zoe. "Don't touch me with your dirty hand."

"Dirty!" When Larry heard the word, he suddenly changed his face. Larry looked like a crazy beast. His thumb and index finger tightly pinched Zoe's chin. "What qualifications do you have to say dirty? Only the Mu Family is the real dirty."

Zoe wanted to break free from Larry, but the strength gap between the two was too wide. "What are you talking about?" she struggled to free herself from his grip.

"Go back and ask your good brother what happened three years ago. I believe he will never forget it." The hatred of destroying everything in Larry's eyes entered the eyes of Zoe, and then he shook off Zoe fiercely. "Tell Paul and Zack, don't even think that the Shen Family can protect you. They'd better sacrifice you obediently."

Stunned, Zoe was thrown aside. "What?" She didn't think that Larry would like her, but why did he make such a request?

"Because I want the most precious things of Paul and Zack to be destroyed bit by bit, so that they can witness what the future of the Mu Family's daughter will have in the distance. Isn't that interesting?" Staring at Zoe, Larry smiled like a bloodthirsty beast.

The smile made the muscles in Zoe's hands tighten. Larry's words hit Zoe's heart. She bit her lips and said, "You have underestimated me, Larry. I'm not a puppet at the mercy of others. You won't destroy me. Only I can decide my own future." That stubborn smile reflected in Larry's eyes, burning his desire to conquer this woman.

"Miss Mu, it's great that you can say that. It will be boring if you obediently enter the cage I set up. Just run as fast as you can, Zoe, as long as you can get out of my control. " Her stretched hand was touched by the sunshine, but why did it so cold and frozen? Even Zoe didn't want to stay in this place anymore. She just ran out. The moment the elevator door closed, she lost all the support and slowly squatted down. Larry was too terrible. Zoe had been holding on to it. What kind of hatred does Mu Family have with Larry that made him has such cold eyes. But no matter what, the only thing Zoe was sure about was that no matter what kind of method she used, she couldn't get into the cage made up by Larry, even if it was destroyed. She didn't expect that the man didn't even give her a chance to choose to be destroyed.

Looking at the figure walking further and further, Larry thought, 'Zoe, I will ask the Mu Family to send you here obediently and let them feel the helplessness that they can't protect people they love. I will let Zack and Paul witness everything carefully and pay for what they have done.'

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