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   Chapter 119 Bad Guys And Freaks

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Terry seemed to have realized that Cindy was so strange at the moment. He scratched his head with uneasiness and said, "No. I think you... You are very simple. " For some reason, Terry suddenly said that.

Cindy smiled gently, which was not as gentle as usual. "Isn't that what you mean I am stupid?"

"Terry, in fact, I do have an intellectual problem. You are right. If you give me a tacit problem, I may not be able to write it. You know what? From childhood to adulthood, except for math, my subjects are basically zero. " It was conceivable what zero score meant.

But math, could people with mental disorder be good at it?

"I've been sensitive to numbers since I was a child, and then space drawings. My father was about to give up on me, but unexpectedly found that I still have this talent, so I grew up freely. It seems that only when I design a house can I look like a normal person."

Looking at Cindy's serious eyes, Terry said, "You look normal now, at least much better than usual." He said.

"Ha ha..." Cindy looked at his watch in a strange way and said, "There are always some strange people and bad people in the world."

"I'm a bad guy." Terry raised his eyebrows and said first.

"I'm a freak." Cindy said calmly, "I'm an idiot who can't even remember how to write my name. Do you believe me, Terry?"

There was a kind of disease in medicine called amnesia. Unfortunately, she was.

She knew how to read, but she couldn't write it down.

"Cindy..." Terry didn't know why Cindy behaved weirdly today, but he couldn't tell.

"Terry, my mother passed away." Cindy suddenly squatted down and cried.

No wonder he felt suffocated. Squatting beside Cindy, he asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I can't get in when you are in the army."

"So you came to me during our field training?" Terry suddenly felt a little distressed. Every time they went to the place they chose for the field training, they would have to climb mountains and get tired. As for Cindy, after all, she was a girl. Every time she came to him, she would bring a large bag of food.

Cindy choked with sobs, "Terry, I really miss you. In fact, after the eighth time, I remembered that I couldn't come to you, but the ninth time I sent you the medicine because I heard that you were sick and worried about you. This

r. Bob's house later."

There was a muffled sound coming from the bathroom. Terence rubbed his eyebrows helplessly. In the past six months, the performance of Vanes was increasing. Some people in the head office also said that Ms. Vanessa was a typical workaholic. They even said that Terence was hen pecked at home!

But now it seemed that he really had no strength to refute.

"Hello..." Terry patted the back of the woman in his arms. His left shoulder was burning!

"Hmm..." Cindy still bit his flesh and didn't say anything. Her posture lasted for ten minutes!

"Alas." Terence sighed helplessly. Two people happened to come over from the opposite. When they passed by, they looked at them strangely. Terry protected Cindy well, fearing that she would be seen by the Xu family.

This was what Terence and Vanessa saw when they stood behind them. They hadn't seen each other for half a year, and Terry had shaved a clean crew cut hair. His red hair was also nowhere to be seen, but his eyes and brows were still charming. Few women with delicate features could compare with him.

Terry was still wearing casual clothes, but the wild and unruly feeling he gave before was less severe. Vanessa saw it and felt somewhat gratified and moved. Her heart was indeed filled with complex feelings, which could not be described.

Terry was holding a girl in his arms. They couldn't see the girl's face clearly in the dim light, but when Terence and Vanessa saw the scene, they could not help but sigh. "It seems that Terry has really grown up."

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