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   Chapter 118 People Who Traveled Outside

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 9688

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In a remote wild forest, a group of hungry young men with wolf like heat blood were looking for something to fill their stomach in the wind and rain.

"Sir, there is a mouse here!"

Someone shouted, but there were a lot of people with dirty faces gathering around. The poor mouse was scared to death.

However, there was only one of them left.

After drinking the last mouthful of water, Terry took a few steps forward with difficulty. His face looked as spotless as before in this environment. There was no other reason, but that he was a neat freak!

"Damn it! What the hell is this?" Terry was just about to lean against a tree to have a rest, when he saw a skewer of kebabs suddenly appear in front of him. Following the lines on the kebabs, he looked up and saw a girl with bright eyes and bright teeth.

In the military camp, he had stayed with a group of men for a long time, so he would feel she was beautiful when he met a girl.

After calming hi

the world had turned upside down.

He didn't know since when he realized that the world never belonged to him, and Vanessa was not his. The world was so big that it was not easy to find a home. What he feared most was... Travel outside.

"Terry, do you mean that if Vanessa give birth to a child?" Cindy came closer and asked.

Terry smiled with relief. "Cindy is also much smarter." It seemed that the training in the past six months was effective.

"Let me tell you. Vanessa is not pregnant yet."

Terry pinched Cindy's shoulder and asked, "How did you know?"

"My cousin told me."

"Who is your cousin?" Terry looked at her and wondered who would care about Vanessa so much. Cindy had been following him for the past six months. Didn't he doubt her origin at all?

"Terry, do you also think I'm stupid?" Cindy didn't answer his question, but suddenly turned around and calmly threw this question to him, as if asking whether he had eaten or not.

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