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   Chapter 117 Atonement

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 9956

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"Linda? Linda?" Vanessa shouted as she leafed through the documents in her hand. There was a document that needed her to take over and integrate, but she found that no one responded after calling for a long time.

"Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Linda was called away by Mr. Ji as soon as she came here today. Before she left, she asked me to take over her work. What can I do for you?"

Vanessa frowned and was suddenly shocked. She gently waved her hand to let the person in front of her retreat.

In the CEO Office of Ji group.

Linda stood beside indifferently. Terence was sitting on the chair with his back to her. The back of the chair covered his whole figure. Linda could only see that his hand on the armrest of the chair was knocking, occasionally making a knock, which shocked her.

On the desk, there was the familiar medicine bottle.

She deserved it. Linda was not nervous at all. Instead, she was very calm, but felt guilty.

She felt guilty to Mr. Allen and the whole Ji group.

"I know you won't tell me who is behind you." Terence's emotionless voice came through coldly. He knew what kind of person Linda was, and that was why he didn't want to have too much unnecessary entanglement on this matter.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Terence. I feel guilty to your father and the Ji group. You can punish me as you like." Linda closed her eyes gently, but there was no way to redeem it, wasn't there?

"You have a husband who loves you. You have a son who just went to college. You gave birth to a daughter during last year's maternity leave, right?" Terence seemed to be talking about his daily life.

Linda's eyes couldn't help turning red. She finally couldn't hold on any longer and squatted down, covering her head. "I'm obsessed with ghosts. I deserve to die!"

"But I know there is no regret medicine in the world. Mr. Terence, I just hope that you can personally say thank you to Ms. Vanessa for me." She had never had the heart to hurt her equally lovely child.

Terence then turned his chair around and stared at the poor middle-aged woman who was squatting on the ground and crying. "If I can give you regret medicine, do you want it?"

Linda looked up at Terence and opened her mouth in disbelief, "Mr. Terence..." She couldn't believe that if she made such a mistake, would Terence give her a chance to repent?

"Now you have two choices." Terence's eyes softened. "The first one is that the court will deliver a leaflet to your home in the name of intentional injury. The second one is that from now on, you will not only be Vanessa's assistant, but also a full-time housekeeper until Vanessa gives birth to a child safely." Terence knew Linda too well, and the person who could harm Vanessa through Linda must be not an ordinary person. Before he had any evidence to arrest the person behind the scene, he had only one way, which was to let Linda, who knew the person best, protect Vanessa.

"The second path is the medicine of regret. The key is whet

enly saw him buy this, and immediately felt that the cashier looked at her with an ambiguous expression.

"What?" Unexpectedly, Terence took it for granted. He looked at Vanessa in confusion and asked, "What's wrong?"

Vanessa picked up the bag and couldn't wait to drag Terence out. Terence was almost dragged out of the mall by Vanessa.

As soon as Terence came out, his tall body covered her. He whispered in Vanessa's fiery ear, "Are you shy?"

The red face showed exactly the shy expression that Vanessa had always had.

"Why did you suddenly buy that?" Vanessa asked, clenching her fists.

But she didn't expect that Terence would bite her shamelessly. He asked deliberately, "What is that? I didn't buy anything. "

"You are so annoying!" Vanessa pretended to push Terence.

Terence stopped. He was worried that Vanessa might get angry with him after joking too much. He knew that Vanessa was shy. She still remembered that there was once a time when she could not stand his joke, and she actually made him abstinent for a week in the name of a business trip!

It was like a year's suffering, which meant that she had been abstinent for seven years. Well, that was exactly the feeling.

"The doctor said that we should take good care of us before you fully recovers. Otherwise, the baby might be unhealthy if it is really born. So we have to use condoms during this period." After saying that, Terence kissed the tip of her ear and sighed, "You are a shy temptress. Do you know how much I want you every time you blush?" Terence's honeyed words were uttered on the street in broad daylight, which made Vanessa's face even redder.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore!" Vanessa pushed Terence away angrily. She actually stopped a taxi and left alone.

Terence yelled in his heart. 'This is not good.' He is just telling the truth. How could he tell the truth in the future?

But in his heart, he was praying that Vanessa would not be impulsive this time!

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