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   Chapter 116 Let Me Breathe

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"Vanessa, try this. I just learned how to cook." At the table, Terence was busy picking up food for Vanessa.

Vanessa had no appetite at all, but she still put it into her mouth and said with a smile, "It's delicious. You're so busy every day. How can you have time to learn to cook?"

Terence smiled and said, "I can read the menu during my break. It won't take me much time."

Vanessa chuckled and lowered her head to continue eating the food in her bowl.

"Vanessa, do you have something to tell me?" Terence suddenly asked.

Vanessa swallowed the food in her mouth and said, "Terence, I want you to transfer Linda back to her original position."

Terence was shocked, "What's wrong with her?" He had thought about it for a long time.

"No, No." Vanessa looked into Terence's eyes and continued, "Linda is not bad. On the contrary, I don't think she should be here because she is too good."

Terence felt relieved, "Vanessa, don't worry. Linda volunteered to do this. She doesn't feel wronged."

"Terence, you misunderstood me." Vanessa sighed with disappointment. "Before I took office, I was afraid and worried that I might not be able to manage the company well. But after I took office, I found that there was no such problem at all. Do you know why?"

Terence looked at Vanessa without saying anything, waiting for her to continue.

"The company's development is very stable now, and there is no problem I thought. But I understand that it's not because I'm a good president, but because you have been helping me arrange an impeccable assistant for me and secretly arrange cooperation in your name. In fact, I didn't do anything at all." Vanessa calmly said these things that she had always known but chose to be silent. "Terence, what I want is to manage a company independently. I know you are worried about me for my good, but what you do will also make me feel that I am useless and you don't trust me. Maybe I can't be a good president at all, right?"

Terence clenched Vanessa's hand and said, "Vanessa, don't think so. I thought it would make you feel better. After all... I don't want to see you get sick again. "

Vanessa pursed her lips and remained silent. Terence said, "I understand what you mean. I will tell Linda that she will only do her job in the future. I won't take the initiative to arrange all the work of Vanes, and only follow the general branch company management mode. How about this? "

Vanessa just wanted a chance to breathe freely and develop, so she was satisfied with Ter


"I can't figure it out... Why did someone do this to me? I don't believe Linda would do that." Vanessa finally couldn't hold on any longer. She covered her face and cried.

"Linda has been in the Ji Group for such a long time, and my father has helped her a lot. I don't think it's that simple."

Vanessa raised her head with her eyes red. "Do you mean that someone will really harm me?"

She couldn't believe that someone would hate her so much. The doctor said that she was drugged with a chronic pill, not poison, but a new type of egg killing pill developed abroad, which was usually prepared for women who were afraid of pain and didn't want to tie up and give birth to children. After taking a certain course of treatment, they would completely lose the ability to conceive.

"Vanessa, the doctor said that you should be in a good mood and use medicine on time to recover. Don't worry about this during this period. Trust me, I will help you solve it." A hint of sternness flashed through Terence's eyes. He had thought that it didn't matter even if there was something wrong with Vanessa, and he had made up his mind not to have a baby. But the result of the examination made his heart sink.

He still remembered the lesson that Vanessa almost died half a year ago, and all the words that Terry said when grabbing his collar were still engraved in his mind. He didn't expect that Vanessa would be almost... Lost the right to be a mother.

At this moment, he began to doubt whether he had the ability to protect Vanessa.

Vanessa was still trembling with fear. "I've never harmed anyone."

"I know." Terence held Vanessa in his arms and said, "You are the best."

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