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   Chapter 49 A Handsome Thief

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 10384

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At half past five in the morning, a figure sneaked around at the door of Terence's room. The cleaning lady who came to clean the villa thought that she had been robbed and shouted, "Mr. Terence, wake up!" The sound was deafening. Even though the room was soundproof, Terence was awakened.

"Shit! Have you ever seen such a handsome thief?" The figure suddenly stood up. Only then did the cleaning lady see a young man in his early twenties standing there. He was indeed more handsome than the son of the village head!

"What's the matter?" Terence yawned and put on a coat. When he opened the door, he saw Terry and the cleaner standing there. He glanced at them in confusion and asked, "What are you doing?"

It was not until then that the cleaner realized that Terry was not a thief. She hurriedly answered, "I thought someone was thief when I saw him sneaking at your door just now, so I called you out. I'm really sorry to disturb you!" The cleaner said honestly.

Hearing her words, Terry got angry. What did she mean by saying him sneaking around? He was aboveboard! It was already dawn outside!

Terence glanced at Terry and smiled at the cleaning lady. "He is my brother. He will stay here for a period of time. Please clean the guest room carefully these days."

The cleaner nodded and said, "Sir, don't worry. I'll go to work now."

Terence nodded. After the cleaner left, he turned to Terry and asked, "What are you doing at my door?"

Terry had been paying attention to Terence's messy clothes. When Terry saw that Terence was tying up his clothes as soon as he came out, Terry had a bad feeling. Hearing Terence's question, Terry smiled awkwardly and said, "No, I'm out to see if there's anything to eat. You can cook!"

Raising his eyebrows, Terence looked at Terry up and down for a while. When Terry felt uncomfortable, he looked away and said, "It's still early. I'm going to bed. The cleaner will cook breakfast for us. Don't disturb me anymore!"

Terry nodded obediently, but made a face secretly when Terence turned around. He was so childish.

Vanessa were originally in deep sleep. She subconsciously touched the edge of the bed. Doraemon used to sleep there, but it was taken away and washed. It was so empty that she felt very uncomfortable. She searched for something for a long time, but she didn't find anything. She could not help but frown when she was half-asleep and half-awake.

Terence raised his eyebrows and looked at Vanessa, who was also waving her teeth and claws in her sleep. Then he took off his clothes and lay beside her again. This time, it was not that he wanted to tease Vanessa, but that he had always been used to sleeping naked.

Vanessa fumbled through the quilt and found something naked. She was still wondering why her Doraemon had lost its hair. (Someone was wondering if Doraemon had fur? )

As soon as Terence was about to fall asleep, he felt as if God's palm had touched his body. Not to mention that, it was still rubbing his body up and down. What a torture!

"Hello." Terence tried to wake up Vanessa, but it didn't seem to

ause he really had a lot of things to ask her.

"Brother, are you all going to the company today?" Terry asked.

Terence took a sip of porridge and nodded. He didn't have time to answer him. Vanessa, on the other hand, was eating alone. She didn't know what Terry was going to do. After all, she worked for Terence!

She had a wish in her life, which were a stupid and rich boss and a job with much money and vocation, but it seemed that she had followed Terence. The money might be a lot, but she could choose to completely forget and give up everything else.

"Well, can you give Vanessa a day off? I have something to talk to her today... " Terry gritted his teeth and decided to discuss with Terence. He was really upset now. How did it feel to be bitten by thousands of ants? But now he felt that he was in a mess and couldn't do anything well.

Hearing this, Vanessa almost spat out the food in her mouth. She looked at Terry in disbelief, not knowing what he wanted to do.

"Brother..." Terry blinked and said to Terence in the same tone as yesterday.

Without looking at him, Terence finished the last mouthful of porridge and said, "Ask her. If she is willing to ask for leave, just let her come to me with the reason."

After getting the permit token, Terry looked at Vanessa and asked innocently, "Vanessa, what do you think?" She had thought that Vanessa wouldn't refuse to throw away such a hard job at all, but he didn't expect that Vanessa would really answer. "I think it's better to go to work. Mr. Terence has given me salary, and I can't sit on empty pay. I used to despise that kind of person, but now I still won't be such a person."

"So what?" Terry had always been weak in his heart. He was afraid of being rejected. His usual arrogance and domineering were more or less his cover, just to hide his deepest desire and fear in his heart.

"So I won't ask for leave." Vanessa chuckled. Then she seemed to think of something and asked, "Do you have anything to tell me?"

Terry shook his head with a bitter smile and said nothing.

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