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   Chapter 46 The Last Meet

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 9312

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"Pig... There are two holes in your nose... "

As soon as Vanessa woke up, she saw that Terry was staring at her like an idiot, and his two fingers were bent into chicken claws and extended in front of her.

Vanessa pushed away Terry's hand and said with a smile, "If I take a photo of your expression, no girl will like you."

Terry sneered, "I can still conquer the masses of the people with my characteristic even without my handsome face."

Vanessa shook her head helplessly. Only then did she realize that she was lying on the bed. What was going on? Wasn't she in the car?

"What time is it now?" The room was covered by thick curtains, and only a wall lamp was lit there. Vanessa asked.

Terry looked at his watch and said, "It's eight o'clock."

Vanessa was frightened to sit up all of a sudden. She asked in disbelief, "Eight o'clock in the evening?"

Terry raised his eyebrows and looked at her, "Or what? Flying boar! "

"Where is your brother?" Vanessa felt as if she was in a dream, or was she sleepwalking? Why did she get on the bed from the car and wake up at eight o'clock?

"My brother... He went to the hospital. " Terry said after thinking for a while. In fact, he had just come back from the hospital.

"How is Miss Wendy?" Vanessa thought that Terence must have gone to the hospital to see Wendy, so she asked.

Terry didn't answer, and his eyes were even evasive.

Fortunately, Vanessa didn't notice the abnormality of Terry. She asked, "Why am I here? He should have called me when he went to the hospital." Vanessa complained.

Terry quickly changed the topic and said, "Don't blame my brother. He carried you into the room and said you should have a rest."

Vanessa subconsciously bit her lips. After thinking for a while, she hurriedly got out of bed to look for shoes.

"What are you doing?" Terry asked.

"I'm going to the hospital." Vanessa felt a little uneasy, but she didn't know why. She thought it would be better for her to company Terence than he went to the hospital alone.

"Vanessa." Terry suddenly called out.


"I just came back from the hospital." Terry lowered his head and then looked up at Vanessa.

Vanessa put on her shoes and asked, "How is Miss Wendy? How is she? "

"Congenital heart disease." Terry tried his best to keep his tone calm. Vanessa's mind went blank when she heard this, and the shoe in her hand fell to the ground all of a sudden.

Congenital heart disease, the disease that tortured her for more than 20 years. Of course she knew what it felt like, but Wendy didn't look like her. This kind of disease was usually found very early.

"How is that possible? !" Vanessa looked at Terry in disbelief. He must be kidding.

Terence licked his lips, with a touch of pain in hi


Terry hurried to grab an apple, sat on the chair with his legs crossed and took a big bite. He said, "Good!"

Vanessa shook her head helplessly and sat down too. He asked, "How long are you going to stay here shamelessly, Terry?"

Terry looked at Vanessa with dissatisfaction. "Miss, please watch your words, okay? What do you mean by 'shamelessly'? Please explain! "

Then he rolled his eyes and said, "Vanessa, I'm your guardian angel. If my brother dares to bully you, come to me at any time!"

Vanessa pretended not to hear what he said and bit the apple. Suddenly, Terry leaned close to Vanessa and whispered in her ear, "If he's not good at it, you can tell me and I'll teach him!"

"Go to hell!" Vanessa was ashamed into anger and pushed Terry away.

Terence happened to come out of the kitchen. Looking at the two quarreling people, he said helplessly, "How old are you? My house is used to being quiet. I'm worried about raising ghosts. If you are here, even if there are ghosts, you can scare them away."

However, Terry suddenly moved close to Terence, glanced at Vanessa, and then smiled, "We are discussing about the issue of the flower guardian. Brother, you can't bully flying pig!" It might be a joke, but Terry said it seriously. Terence knew him well.

"You have said that several times." Terence took out a tissue and wiped his hands.

"What do you want to eat today?" Vanessa hurriedly changed the topic. She was worried that if the topic didn't change to another one, Terry would probably be able to say anything.

"I'm making soup and two home cooked dishes. I like them." Terence sat down and rubbed between his eyebrows.

"Are you tired?" Vanessa asked.

Terence didn't reply. Vanessa walked behind Terence, put her hand on his temple and smiled, "Let me give you a massage as a reward for your dinner!"

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