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   Chapter 42 Know The Truth

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 10254

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Terence shook his head, "What can I do?" Then he forced a smile, which was very dazzling to Vanessa.

"I'm sorry, Terry told me that day. I will be careful in the future..." Vanessa's last sentence was stuck in her throat, and Terence suddenly interrupted her...

"There is no need to apologize. I said I had let it go." Terence looked over Vanessa's head at the oil painting above her and said, "Maybe I'm destined to lose her since I adapted to the Ji family."

Vanessa hurriedly comforted, "If the old don't go and the new don't come, you will definitely find a better and more suitable one for you. There are still many girls in the world."

Terence looked back at Vanessa's resolute face and muttered, "Yes, there is someone better." Suddenly, his thin lips curved slightly and he looked at Vanessa with a faint smile.

Vanessa awkwardly moved her face away. When she was about to change the topic, Terence spoke out what she had always wanted to know.

"Don't you want to know what happened between me and her?" Terence suddenly stood up and walked towards the oil painting. He stared at it for a while and then took it off. His eyes were still affectionate, and there was a light that Vanessa couldn't understand.

"She was admitted to the art school in the same year. She loves painting very much. Her dream is to be a painter." Terence touched the painting gently and said, "But she came to this country with me and gave up a good chance to be guided by her master there alone."

"I think you should be more curious about why we broke up and why she was sent to prison, right?" Terence suddenly looked up at Vanessa and said.

Vanessa also stood up and shook her head. "I'm not curious. It's just a pity that I think you..."

"It's not a pity. I believe in fate. It can make two people together go far, and it can also make irrelevant people bind for a lifetime." Terence suddenly burst into laughter, "Right?" He looked at Vanessa and asked.

Vanessa nodded. She believed it.

Seeing Vanessa's nod, Terence seemed to be a little happy. There was also some light in his eyes, but when he looked at the painting, he was still gentle. He said, "So I can understand why Wendy has changed her mind. At that time, I went out early and came back late, and often quarreled with her. In fact, she is also a very strong woman. She began to learn to suspect that if I have changed my heart and even don't love her. "

"But at that time, I was bound too tightly by the Ji family. I was in a bad mood, so I didn't want to talk to her anymore until... She is pregnant. " Terence smiled bitterly. Vanessa looked at Terence in disbelief, but what Terence said next overturned her imagination.

"The baby was not mine. I knew, and she knew too. It was the first time I slapped her, but I regretted it. I begged her to have an abortion. I was willing to choose to know nothing, but she shook her head. " Terence paused for a while, and the lavender on the oil painting was still blooming. "She said she was tired, and I was afraid. At that moment, I really

rdly and pretended to be calm. "I've told you a long time ago. I want to give you a baby."

However, Terence suddenly stepped forward, opened his arms and gently held Vanessa's eyes. He rested his chin on her shoulder and said softly, "Thank you."

He clearly felt the tremor on Vanessa's body when she heard the words. He continued, "Let's go to see Kelly together when we have time, okay?"

As soon as Vanessa heard these the name, she only felt a surge of bitterness in the bottom of her heart. The name hurt her thoroughly every time she heard it. Maybe it was because Kelly's heart was in her chest at the moment, mixed with her own blood, flowing to her whole body. And the man who was holding her at the moment was the one the heart owner loved deeply. Perhaps he was telepathized, or perhaps Kelly was holding him at the moment.

"Are you crying?" Terence let go of Vanessa, only to find that Vanessa's eyes were filled with tears. He wiped her tears with pity. He knew that there was a Kelly's part of her body.

Kelly had always been his beloved sister.

"Terence, do you know that Kelly..." Vanessa suddenly stopped. She wondered whether Terence should know about this.

"What's wrong?" Terence wiped the tears from Vanessa's eyes and asked.

"She likes you very much." Vanessa suddenly burst into laughter, just like how Kelly had smiled at her before.

The last memory Kelly gave her before she died was just like the warm smile that unfolded outside the window, but it made her cry with pain.

"I know." Terence tried to stop Vanessa from crying. He couldn't tell whether he was giving Vanessa a chance to fulfill her wish or he just wanted this woman. Maybe both.

But he didn't know when Kelly had such a feeling for him.

"Let's go." Vanessa said, biting her lips and wiping her tears. She was wondering why Terence suddenly changed his mind. It turned out that he had known the truth.

It was good for her because she felt uncomfortable to hide it from him. But somehow, she felt a slight sense of loss.

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