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   Chapter 31 Also Affection

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 11339

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Vanessa lowered her eyes and chose not to think about the shoes. She said with a bitter face, "Okay, I feel very happy now!" Vanessa said against her will.

Terence didn't say anything and walked towards the car step by step with Vanessa in his arms. When they were seated, Vanessa found that Terence had been pursing his lips without saying a word. Was he in a bad mood?

"Mr. Terence, are you unhappy?" Vanessa asked nervously.

"What?" Terence didn't seem to hear what Vanessa was talking about and looked at her doubtfully.

This also reminded Vanessa that it was time for her to shut up. She immediately changed her tone and said, "Shoes." Vanessa admitted that she couldn't forget the "crystal shoes". She was not Cinderella, and no prince would buy her another pair.

Terence was speechless. He ignored her words and got on the car on the other side. Along the way, the two of them were silent. When they arrived at the company, Vanessa found that she didn't have shoes. How could she walk back? There were some old shoes Vanessa had changed in the company. But it was too far.

"Won't you come down?" Terence didn't seem to find anything wrong. He asked Vanessa as soon as he saw her sitting in the car like a Buddha.

"Mr. Terence, do you always want me to walk in barefoot?" Vanessa was very aggrieved. She had told him earlier that she would go to pick up shoes.

Terence took a deep breath, as if he was thinking whether her words were reasonable or not. After thinking for a while, he finally opened the door of the passenger seat.

An ominous premonition began to envelop Vanessa's heart. Terence looked down at Vanessa. She looked up at him and asked weakly, "What do you want to do?"

"Cut the crap." Terence said three words coldly and picked her up.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Vanessa was stunned. She didn't expect that Terence would take her back to the company in broad daylight. How could she see others in the future!

Terence ignored Vanessa and walked on his own. As soon as Terence got out of the car, a colleague looked at him curiously and found that it was Terence. The colleague was immediately frightened and dared not look at him. They must be wondering which girl who had sex with Terence again!

Vanessa thought pitifully. Her face and reputation would be thrown away together. Vanessa covered her face in a hurry. No matter what, her face must be saved!

Terence carried Vanessa all the way into the company. No one could do such a "immoral" thing in the company. When everyone was curious, they found that the protagonist was their boss, and they all chose to ignore it.

"What did you see?" He asked a staff.

"Nothing!" Another employee answered, looking at the sky.

"Mr. Terence." A damn voice suddenly came over Vanessa's head. She felt that Terence's body trembled as well. This voice sounded a little familiar. Wasn't it the female secretary's voice?

That woman, last time Vanessa heard her gossiping with a group of people in the bathroom. She was a typical gossip. She would definitely take the opportunity to see who it was. Terence, you have screwed me up this time! Vanessa thought to herself. She was afraid that she would have a hard time in the future. Many women in this company dreamed of being the wife of the Ji Family one day. Terence's action was pushing Vanessa to the edge of the storm!

"Cut the crap."

ttom line and no one else could touch it.

Vanessa pretended to be crying and said, "I'm in your brother's company."

"Wait for me!" After saying that, Terry hung up the phone and rushed to the company.

Vanessa was about to look at Terence complacently, only to find that Terence was unbuttoning his shirt as he walked towards her. When Terence walked to her side, three buttons had been unbuttoned, and her delicate collarbone was exposed. Vanessa couldn't help but swallow and stammered, "What are you doing?"

Leaning against the table, Terence looked down at her and said, "I can't let my brother come here for nothing. Didn't you ask him to save you? I can't let him down, can I?"

Vanessa was so frightened that she immediately hugged herself and shouted, "Don't mess around!"

Raising his eyebrows, Terence looked at her innocently and asked, "What do you mean by messing around?" Then Terence kissed Vanessa's left face and blew on it. Terence asked naughtily, "Is this called messing around?"

The pain in her foot was still faintly felt, and Vanessa's face was extremely red. Damn Terence! Vanessa had torn Terence up in her heart.

"Are you shy?" Terence raised Vanessa's chin again and enjoyed her expression. "You can't be so shy. I like spicy food in bed." Terence said ambiguously.

Vanessa gritted her teeth, thinking that she couldn't be laughed at by him anymore. She had to take control of everything in her hand. It seemed that Vanessa had found the courage to meet him for the first time. Vanessa summoned up her courage and smiled, saying, "As long as you can make me pregnant, I will be as hot as you want."

"I will think about it, but don't let me down." With an enchanting smile, Terence caressed Vanessa's waist with the other hand and swam back and forth. Terence was not skilled at flirting with girls, but he could handle a new graduate student easily.

Vanessa gritted her teeth and endured the pain. She didn't dare to resist at all. However, the limp and numb feeling spread from her waist to her whole body, and the sense of shame that Terence was about to swallow her constantly attacked her, making her feel breathless.

"What about the spicy food? Do you only give me face? " Terence frowned and asked.

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