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   Chapter 30 Terence's Secret

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 10681

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On the other side, Jeremiah and others had arrived at the Imperial City Hotel. They went upstairs according to the address given by Terence.

"Terry, drink this. It's my favorite. It should be good." Marcia's tender voice had been like a sharp knife scratching Terry's ear. He took it over perfunctorily and drank it. However, when Terry saw Jeremiah come in, his eyes lit up immediately. Terry put down the glass and ran towards Jeremiah.

"Hey, where is Vanessa?" Terry forgot Jeremiah's name, but he remembered his face. Wasn't he the guy who came out of Vanessa's house at night! If it weren't for the sake of Vanessa, Terry would have punched Jeremiah. How could he be so easy-going?

Jeremiah was shocked by Terry's sudden appearance. When Jeremiah saw clearly that it was Terry, Jeremiah slightly bowed his body as regards. Then Jeremiah said, "Mr. Ji and Vanessa haven't come yet. They asked me to take their place."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Terry was about to leave, but was stopped by Marcia. He turned around and saw Marcia's pitiful eyes.

"Terry, you haven't eaten anything yet. Are you leaving?" Marcia said in an aggrieved voice.

However, Terry didn't show any mercy to Marcia at all. "Come on. You have fed me a kilo of wine. It's too much for me. I'm leaving now!" Then Terry threw away Marcia and ran out of the room.

"Hey!" Looking at Terry's back, Marcia snorted and left. Was it Vanessa? Suddenly, Marcia thought of something and her eyes became fierce. Marcia admitted that she had done something wrong to Vanessa, but if she dared to steal her man, she would pay a painful price.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah also turned around to take a look at Terry who was running out of the room, but Jeremiah's heart was slowly filled with bitterness. Vanessa should be very happy in the future, at least these two men would be more successful than him now. They all had a good family background and good appearance. Jeremiah just hoped that the person who married Vanessa in the future would be good to Vanessa all the time.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

"Hello?" Vanessa looked at the caller ID and wondered why Terry called her.

"Vanessa, where are you?" Terry asked worried.

Vanessa didn't think it was a good idea to tell Terry. In case he thought too much, Vanessa said, "I'm working with Mr. Terence outside."

Terry said mercilessly, "Who are you lying to? How could he take you there?" Terry was talking on the phone. Terry must be stupid. He should have known what day it was today.

Vanessa was confused, but she was still embarrassed when Terry exposed her.

"Say something. Vanessa, where are you?" Terry asked again.

"All right, all right. To tell you the truth, I'm following Terence." Vanessa was a little embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, Terry said in a disappointed tone, "Come back quickly. It will be troublesome if he finds out! I have something to tell you. "

"Okay, I know. When I go back that you can talk about it!" Vanessa thought that Terry would say something insignificant as before, so she hung up the phone perfunctorily.

"Flying Pig, how dare you hang up my phone!" Terry shouted at the phone, wishing to smash his phone. See

ng glance at Vanessa and said, "If I couldn't even find such a blatant trace, I would have died many times."

Vanessa curled her lips, but what Terence said was right. There must be many enemies who were envious of the top business geniuses and talents in the industry like them. Vanessa admitted that she had no experience in following people!

"Then how do you know it's me?" Vanessa asked, unwilling to give up. Did Terence have a thousand mile vision? Vanessa couldn't see Terence turning around all the time. She didn't expect that he not only found out that he was stalked, but also found her!

Terence didn't seem to want to answer this idiot's question, so he turned around and left.

In fact, Terence didn't see it, but his intuition told him. After all, Vanessa was such a stupid person and no one was more suitable except for 'Flying Pig'.

Vanessa forgot that she was wearing high heels. She wanted to catch up with Terence, but she sprained her ankle heavily.

"Ah..." Vanessa cried out in pain and her body left the ground the next second. When she came to her senses, she was already held up by Terence.

"Stupid." Terence said coldly.

Vanessa struggled and her shoes fell. She didn't expect that Terence would walk forward as if he hadn't seen them.

Vanessa reminded him, "My shoes fell."

"I'll buy it again." Terence replied, and then looked at Vanessa with disgust. "You are very noisy."

Vanessa felt very aggrieved. The logo of the shoes was a famous brand! There was only one pair of each style produced by the local famous designer studio in Y City! It was not a pair of multi colored shoes, but a real unique one. Only one color was needed, and the other color was another pair of shoes, and this was also the key to the price. Vanessa had seen from the counter that the price was her part-time salary of two years. But now, she threw it away?

"Let me pick it up, okay?" Vanessa begged with a crying face. Her heart ached to death.

"Woman, shouldn't you be happiness when you in my arms now?" Terence frowned and looked at Vanessa, seeming not satisfied with her wandering mind.

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