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   Chapter 29 Perverts Are Inherited (Part Two)

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"It's such a simple thing. I'll just look at it once. You're stupid enough." Terence snorted and took out his eyebrow pencil to start the last work.

In ancient times, there was a saying that a husband would draw an eyebrow for his wife. It was said that a couple loved each other so much. When Vanessa had read a time travel novel, she had also imagined if her future lover would also be like this for her. Looking at Terence's serious eyes, Vanessa admitted that she was really moved at the moment. There must be no woman who didn't fall in love with such an excellent man.

When Vanessa was in a daze, her face suddenly appeared in the mirror. Terence put the mirror in front of her and said, "I know I'm more beautiful than you, but with my makeup technique, you can temporarily appreciate your own face."

Vanessa couldn't refute, because in the mirror, she was indeed very beautiful. With light make-up, the corners of her eyebrows were outlined.

"Don't say you are not satisfied." Terence said aggressively and walked towards his desk with eye shadow box in his hand.

Howard, Terence's golden driver, was pushing the door open with Jeremiah. After taking a look at Vanessa, Jeremiah walked towards Terence and said respectfully, "Mr. Terence, everything is ready."

Terence nodded, "You go with her this afternoon and teach her some rules. Don't embarrass me." Terence's words of concern turned into mockery. Terence looked at Vanessa and said towards Jeremiah. Terence knew that their relationship was unusual, but only Jeremiah could take good care of Vanessa. Terence believed that.

Jeremiah took a look at Vanessa, who was lowering her head and secretly cursing Tere

at Vanessa was thinking and said to Howard, "You can drive now. Let's go." Jeremiah looking out of the window, Vanessa had already got on a taxi. In fact, Jeremiah was still worried. Vanessa was always a rash girl. She didn't know how to take care of herself and was easily injured. Jeremiah didn't know when she would grow up.

However, in Jeremiah's heart, he just hoped that Vanessa would be happy. He liked to see Vanessa smile like a child.

Vanessa only felt that there must be something that Terence couldn't let her know, or he wouldn't have left her. Terence could find anyone more suitable than Vanessa to attend this kind of banquet, and Terence ask Jeremiah to take Vanessa to the party, who was a completely unnecessary person... There's only one reason-----Get rid of her!

Because Vanessa also knew that she was just like a piece of gum sticking to Terence. How could he do anything if he didn't send her away?

That was the problem. Why couldn't she know? Or, he couldn't let others know?

"Master, follow them closely. Don't lose them." Vanessa looked at the car in front of her and said anxiously.

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