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   Chapter 28 Perverts Are Inherited (Part One)

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When Vanessa was about to ask how she felt when she heard this, Vanessa suddenly thought of Terry. Vanessa used to think that Terry was a pervert, but she didn't expect that Terence was an immanent man. He was no worse than Terry when he burst out! How could a girl take off her clothes in broad daylight?

"Disobedient?" Noticing Vanessa's stare, Terence raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

A scholar could be killed but not humiliated. Vanessa's universe had exploded today, completely treating him as Terry. "Terence, don't go too far!" Vanessa roared, but only herself knew how regretful she was. Vanessa was about to be Terence's woman, so it made sense to take off clothes in front of him.

Terence's eyes were fixed on the documents in his hands all the time, and the pen was still moving in his hand. It seemed that he didn't hear Vanessa's protest and continued to do his own thing. Vanessa stood there in embarrassment. Looking at Terence who was working hard with his lips pursed, Vanessa couldn't help but feel a little anthomaniac.

Ten minutes later, Terence put a pile of documents together and looked up at her. "Put these documents on the shelf." Terence seemed a little tired and began to rub his temples.

Vanessa didn't dare to delay for a moment. She obediently took the document away from his side, but Vanessa was shouting in her heart, 'I'm sorry!' 'Please let me take off my clothes again!' Vanessa wouldn't refuse. Anyway, she was so shameless that she would have nothing to do after the baby was born!

But Terence didn't take any further action until the documents were put away. Vanessa was sitting on her desk and waiting for Terence to fall asleep. When Vanessa looked up again, she found that Terence had already bent over the table before her.

Vanessa walked in quietly. Terence didn't sleep well. He frowned and pursed his lips. He looked uneasy. Vanessa thought that Terence must be very tired since he was so young to run such a big company. When Vanessa was about to turn around, she saw a box on the table. Driven by curiosity, Vanessa slowly opened it.

"I just want to have a look. I don't mean anything else!" Vanessa said to the God silently in her heart! Vanessa knew it was impolite to look at other people's things.

Vanessa opened it and found it was a dress. Was it for her?

"Have a look." Terence was always a light sleeper, so he was easily awakened. Noticing Vanessa's action, Terence leaned against the back of the chair and looked at her.

"What's this?" Vanessa couldn't figure out whether Terence bought her clothes again? It is said that only women liked to buy clothes! Vanessa asked with uncertainty.

Terence replied indifferently, "The driver will pick you up this afternoon. Please attend a business party for me."

It was a banquet again. Vanessa really couldn't figure out whether these CEOs were usually free? So they held b banquet every day.

What Vanessa didn't know was that the banquet was like a press conference, which was basically issu

ed by the executive directors of each company. They took the opportunity to release their own products at the banquet. In order to attract more media attention, they would invite many business tycoons.

But why didn't Terence go? Vanessa thought of this and asked, "Are you busy in the company this afternoon?"

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask." Terence's face darkened and said coldly.

Terence was so cocky! Vanessa despised Terence in her heart. Vanessa pouted and held the box in her arms. Vanessa thought that Terence might want Vanessa to try on this dress just now! Just said it directly. Terence said something that would make Vanessa angry and think too much. He was asking for trouble!

Seeing Vanessa leaving with the clothes in her arms, Terence suddenly stopped her. "Check if you like it or not. If you don't like it, I'll ask someone to send some more here."

Vanessa' was shocked. She even wondered if Terence had opened a company that specialized in the wholesale and production of evening dresses. It was known that these clothes were really luxury, and there were still some other ones?

"How many do you have?" Vanessa couldn't help but ask in confusion.

"I bought it when I was on a business trip." [季天佑] said indifferently. In fact, when Terence was on a business trip, he always thought of this stupid woman. He even wondered what she was eating and whether she liked the food he was eating.

But Terence wouldn't let this woman know. This feeling was familiar to him, which made him a little flustered.

Vanessa nodded and took the clothes back as if they were very cheap. Vanessa didn't think Terence was that kind.

Vanessa changed her clothes silently under the gaze of Terence. When Vanessa thought it was fine, she saw Terence walking towards her. 'Is he going to have sex with me today?'

It turned out that Vanessa was wrong again. Terence was holding a makeup box. What did he want to do?! Vanessa couldn't believe what would happen next.

Almost skillfully, Terence opened the eye shadow box. He gently pinched Vanessa's chin with one hand and said, "Don't move." Terence's slender hand began to work on Vanessa's face.

Their breaths were very close. Vanessa couldn't help but look at Terence's face. She found that this man's skin made women jealous. Did he usually use a lot of skin care products? And his eyelashes. Vanessa wondered if he was so abnormal that he had put on mascara! Is he still a man?

"Why don't you make up your own?" Terence snorted as he stroked her face.

Vanessa really wanted to say that although her nature level was not as good as his, she was also very good, but she said, "I don't know how to put on makeup."

"You are just a fool." Terence said sarcastically.

"Why could you make-up? I don't have so much time like you to learn. " Vanessa rolled her eyes at Terence. Vanessa was not a lady from a rich family. Besides studying, she also had a lot of part-time jobs waiting for her every day. She had to support herself, not her skin.

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