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   Chapter 27 Almost Crazy

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 10612

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Terence kept attacking Vanessa for joking...

Suddenly, Vanessa held Terence's hand around her waist and took a deep breath. "Can you give me some time to prepare?" Vanessa was willing to do that, but she just needed time.

Looking at Vanessa's delicate side face, Terence kissed her subconsciously. This time, he didn't make things difficult for her and gently replied, "Okay." Terence was willing to give her time. From the initial attempt to flirt with her, now he really looked forward to getting her, to get the greatest pleasure. Terence hadn't had this feeling for a long time, and he wanted to figure out why he had this feeling in front of Vanessa. He hadn't had this feeling for a long time.

"How long do you need?" Terence asked eagerly, as if he couldn't wait any longer.

Vanessa knew what kind of person Terence was, but she still wanted to have a try. For the first time, she replied weakly, "Can you give me a month?"

Terence's cold voice immediately fell, "What do you think?"

Vanessa knew that this was hopeless, so she said, "A week is enough!"

The man behind Vanessa still didn't say a word. Vanessa lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Three days."

"It's a deal." Terence said.

Vanessa knew that she couldn't escape.

"Get me a cup of coffee."

"Yes, Mr. Terence."

"My collar is crooked. Help me fix it."


"I lost my pen. Help me pick it up."


"Any problem?"


Vanessa spent the whole morning in Terence's bewitching voice. When Vanessa arrived home, she was almost exhausted.

"You should exercise more often. You have only worked for a morning and you are so tired. What should you do in the future?" Jeremiah said helplessly as he gave Vanessa a massage. He had never been able to do anything to Vanessa. Jeremiah had no way to obey, or to take care of her. Jeremiah had no ability to restrain himself, and all his words and deeds had only gathered into three words... No way out!

Vanessa could hardly open her eyes. She closed her eyes and said, "You don't know how abnormal Terence is. He seems to be deliberately targeting me. He even wants me to pick up a pen!" Vanessa was so angry that she couldn't help cursing.

Jeremiah looked at Vanessa with some sympathy. Although he knew that it was useless to persuade Vanessa, Jeremiah could not help saying, "Vanessa, why don't you leave him?"

Before Jeremiah could finish his words, Vanessa shook her head hard and said, "It's almost successful. Terence gave me three days. Jeremiah, we're going to win!"

The dawn was already in front of them. Wouldn't it be stupid to give up now?

Jeremiah's hand froze and he asked subconsciously, "What three days?" A bad feeling suddenly swept over.

"He gave me three days to accept him... And had sex with him... Yesterday... I'm useless. I ran away from here! " Vanessa said in a low voice. It was hard for Jeremiah to tell whether Vanessa was happy or sad. Just like Jeremiah didn't know whether he was sad or happy at the moment.

"Vanessa, why did he suddenly accept you?" Jeremiah had been working for Terence for a long time. Jeremiah knew what kind of person Terence was, bu

ied. If Vanessa was really... Terry didn't want to think too much.

Since it was a banquet held in the business world, as the ten CEOs of the top ten enterprises in Y City, of course Terence would go to the party. Marcia nodded and said, "of course he will go." Noticing that Terry was lost in thought, Marcia said shyly, "Terry, will you go with me? I'll give you the invitation if you go. "

Terry changed his attitude, smiled awkwardly and said, "Thank you! I would come!"

Of course, Marcia wasn't stupid. She had guessed that maybe Terry just wanted an invitation, so Marcia lowered her head and said. "Then I'll wait for you in the Imperial City. This party is on the top floor. My father has booked the whole building. You must come!" After saying that, Marcia trotted away before Terry came to his senses. Marcia was afraid that she couldn't run away if she was a little late.

"Hello!" Terry shouted at Marcia. Seeing that Marcia pretended not hear him, Terry couldn't help but touch his forehead. This woman was not that stupid. Looking at the figure with his eyebrows raised, Terry couldn't help but feel funny.

When Vanessa arrived at the company, Terence had already been sitting at his desk to deal with business. As the saying went, men who were serious were the most handsome, especially those who were very handsome. Even Vanessa, who always cursed Terence in her heart, was stunned.

Terence had already noticed that Vanessa had been looking at him. He silently enjoyed Vanessa's gaze as he completed his work. Terence suddenly found that it was quite efficient.

Vanessa's sharp eyes noticed the smile on Terence's lips. Vanessa was still wondering how he could smile while reading the documents. Did the company make a huge profit this month?

So Vanessa tiptoed to Terence, thinking that no one could hear her light steps.

"Do you still want to touch me after you have seen so long time?" Terence's low and deep voice suddenly came, frightening Vanessa to stand there awkwardly.

"Come here and take off your clothes." An irresistible order came out of Terence's mouth again.

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