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   Chapter 24 Something Is Wrong

Sweet Baby Sent From Heaven By Mo Xiaoxiao Characters: 10960

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Hearing this, Terry touched his chin and glanced at the room just now. "If my brother wants to catch up with you, you won't be able to run out. Don't worry."

Vanessa also looked back at the room. The door was closed, which made her feel flustered. But Terry was right. If Terence wanted to catch up with Vanessa, she wouldn't be able to run here at all. She would have been taken back to have sex with him. How could she "act recklessly" with Terry here?

With a smile, Terry touched Vanessa's head and comforted her, "Well, I'll take you to a big meal to calm down."

Vanessa took a look at the clothes on her body and shook her head with a bitter face. "Forget it. Can you drive me home? It's not convenient to wear this clothes."

Only then did Terry notice that Vanessa was wearing a dress. Terry's eyes lit up and he said subconsciously, "You look so beautiful in this dress. This dress is good. Did you buy it yourself?"

Vanessa touched her head with embarrassment and said, "Of course not. Your brother bought it. He go on a business trip before."

Terry's eyes narrowed with inexplicable emotions. He smiled faintly, took Vanessa's hand and walked out. He seemed to mutter casually, "He never buys clothes for women."

Vanessa's heart sank as she asked, "What?"

Terry smiled with relief, "Nothing. I mean, flying pig, you should wear more dresses in normal times, and girls should look like girls. Be careful that Terence sees you as his brother."

Vanessa rolled her eyes and said, "Don't call me flying piggy anymore." Vanessa's hand was subconsciously pulled back from Terry's hand. Noticing Vanessa's small action, Terry's eyes darkened.

At the same time, Terence stood outside the French window of the hotel, looking at the heavy traffic outside. Terence's hair had already dried, and his bare and lean chest and the face made countless women were amazing. Standing there was simply a picture.

Thinking of Vanessa's receding figure and the sudden disappearance of his hand, Terence was actually a little disappointed. Terence had thought that Vanessa wouldn't refuse and would be happy. After all, hadn't she always wanted to climb onto Terence's bed to give birth to a baby for him? However, it turned out that Vanessa was not willing to do so. When the time really came, she did run away.

It turned out that Vanessa was still unwilling to sleep with Terence and do the most intimate thing in the world. At first, Terence just wanted to make fun of Vanessa, but later Terence couldn't help but fall in love with her. Terence did wanted to have sex when he fell in love with her, and he even thought that it was okay to let this woman give birth to a child for him. After all, in her genes, this woman was also good.

Terence looked out of the window at the dim street lamps and the cars coming and going. Sexy female companions accompanied the rich boss into the luxury cars. Terence thought he was wrong about Vanessa. Vanessa might not be able to mix up with these women at all. But where should Terence put Vanessa.

Since Vanessa was not willing to have sex with him, Terence had to figure out the truth. What Terence hated most was that people around him lied to him. In his eyes, women were never the most important, and everyone's he

rk, and only the flashlight was turned on. When Vanessa walked towards the sofa, she saw that Scott was also sitting there. Presumably, Marcia and Scott were falling in love now. Of course, Marcia and he were also there. Vanessa couldn't help but sigh in her heart. In the past, in the same room, Vanessa saved Marcia, who was almost raped by Scott. But Vanessa didn't expect that things would turn around. Scott and Marcia were together. Was it really because of love?

With two glasses of wine in his hands, Scott handed one to Terry and said with a smile, "Terry, congratulations on your discharge from the hospital."

Terry took a sip and said, "I'm suffocating!"

When Scott saw Vanessa, he frowned slightly, as if he was recalling who this familiar woman was. "I think I have met this beautiful woman before!"

Subconsciously, Terry pulled Vanessa into his arms and said, "You can't have any idea about her."

Hearing this, Scott laughed and said, "Brother, I won't steal your woman no matter how lascivious I am. Don't worry!" Then Scott bent down and poured a glass of wine. He handed it to Vanessa and said, "It should be the little girl who followed Terence last time. I remember her." Then Scott winked at Terry and said with a smile, "You brat, are you still in conflict with your brother? Even snatched his woman. "

Vanessa ignored the glass of wine and remembered that she almost lost her virginity when she drank that glass of wine at the party. The two wolf guests here were more dangerous than Terence, and Vanessa couldn't drink any more. Hearing Scott's words, Vanessa hastily denied, "I have nothing to do with Terence."

Hearing this, Sarah felt depressed. It seemed that she was not happy when Vanessa called Terence's name directly. And Marcia also had a grudge against Vanessa. How could Terry be with Terry?

With a smile on his face, Scott didn't say anything. He only pushed the glass to Vanessa. Hearing Vanessa's denial, Terry was very happy, as if he felt that Vanessa was admitting her.

Vanessa refused, "I can't drink. I'm sorry."

Hearing this, Scott's eyes turned cold and he seemed to be a little unhappy. "Don't you give me face?"

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