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   Chapter 23 Getting Drunk

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Terence was still sitting there motionlessly. Vanessa watched the woman with heavy make-up approaching her and sitting directly between her and Terence.

Seeing this, Terence frowned slightly. What a stupid woman! Terence always had no good impression of stupid women.

Vanessa was separated from the outside. She just felt that her sight was a little bad, but she didn't interfere with anything else. Vanessa didn't see the woman's provocation at all.

Holding a glass of champagne, Zoey Zhao smiled at Terence and said, "Mr. Terence, my father asked me to propose a toast to you. Thank you for helping me with the business."

The glass beside Terence was empty. When the waiter was about to fill it up, Vanessa said worriedly, "Don't pour it. He drank too much just now. He can't stand it anymore."

Terence squinted at Vanessa, who was speaking for him, with a mysterious smile on his face.

While Zoey Zhao was still sitting next to Vanessa with a glass of wine in her hand. Zoey Zhao thought Vanessa was provoking her, so she ignored Vanessa and said to the waiter, "Don't you see that Mr. Terence's glass is empty?"

The waiter was forced by Zoey's stern look and had an impulse to fall down. With a look of watching a good show, Terence neither stopped nor cooperated. Vanessa didn't notice what Zoey Zhao was thinking, but only thought that Terence couldn't drink any more.

So Vanessa said to the waiter, "No, you can't."

Zoey Zhao thought that Vanessa didn't take her seriously, so Zoey deliberately fought with Vanessa. Zoey was furious. She turned to Vanessa and said, "Miss, are you dissatisfied with me? It's rare for me to have a drink with Mr. Terence. Are you so stingy? Are you the woman around Mr. Terence? "

Vanessa was really stupid. It sounded like Zoey was cursing Vanessa, but it was obvious that she was blaming Terence again. As expected, Terence's face darkened all of a sudden. When he was about to make a fuss, Vanessa suddenly realized and said, "Then let me help him drink. Sorry, I didn't mean that. I'm just worried that he would be uncomfortable after drinking too much."

With a sincere expression on her face, Vanessa asked the waiter to pour a glass of wine and directly gulped it down. The wine was not bad, but after Vanessa drank it, she immediately felt dizzy and rushed to her head.

Hearing this, Terence felt warm in his heart. He didn't like women to help him resist alcohol, after all, it was too unpleasant to say it out. But just now, he hesitated and watched the little woman's resolute expression. It could be seen that Vanessa never drank, because the look on her face before drinking really made Terence laugh.

"Mr. Terence, I heard that Sarah have come back, right?" Zoey Zhao asked. Sarah was Zoey's classmate when she studied abroad. It was said that Sarah would be the most likely daughter-in-law of the Ji Family. How could the nerd who only knew about studying grab Zoey? But now Zoey began to take Sarah as a suck up.

Noticing the discomfort of Vanessa, Terence became impatient at once. He said coldly, "Miss Zoey, if you have nothing else to do, please leave. You block my sight."

Terence's words were so sharp that no

t his lower abdomen tightened, and a bad feeling came.

Vanessa only felt that her breathing became faster and faster. Her mind was almost blank, but there was a voice in the bottom of her heart that was getting stronger and stronger. Was she really losing her body like this?

Vanessa was not ready yet!

Terence suddenly changed his attitude and Vanessa didn't know what he wanted. Vanessa knew Terence well. Terence would never let Vanessa achieve her goal so easily. If she lost her virginity and couldn't give birth to a baby, she would lose both her virginity and her dignity.

Having made up her mind, Vanessa pushed Terence away and jumped out of the bed. Terence was stunned for a while. Looking at the empty bed, a helpless smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth, and a hint of loss flashed through his eyes.

Vanessa rushed out of the door and began to run wildly. Before she could take two steps, she was hit hard to the ground. "Ouch..."

Obviously, the man also hurt badly.

Vanessa didn't dare to delay for a moment, fearing that Terence would catch up with her. Vanessa hurriedly stood up and ran, but was caught by someone.

"Flying pig, why didn't you apologize even if you bumped into me?"

The familiar voice brought Vanessa back to her senses. She saw Terry looking at her with a smile.

Seeing Vanessa running out of the suite in a hurry, Terry immediately understood what was going on. Terry had come to the hotel with his brother on purpose. Terry had been delayed by something halfway. As soon as he arrived, he saw his brother entering the suite with Vanessa in his arms. It was not easy for Terry to enter, but he was also worried about Vanessa, so Terry waited in the corridor. As a result, Terry was hit half dead. Terry had just come out of the hospital!

'If I was hurt, could Vanessa take care of me?' Terry thought.

"Run!" Seeing that it was Terry, Vanessa didn't dare to slack off. She pulled him and wanted to rush out.

Terry pulled Vanessa back and asked, "What are you doing? A ghost is looking for you? "

Vanessa said with a bitter face, "It's your brother."

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