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   Chapter 4 A Plot

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What had happened in the night palace, Marcia didn't mention it to Hobson.

Terence had been working for a few days without attending any place, which caused Vanessa to fall into endless boredom.

Jeremiah's arrival undoubtedly stirred up ripples on the boring and quiet lake.

"Jeremiah, look at me. I've gained some weight recently. Why don't I just knock him out and I'll force him!"

Vanessa curled up on the sofa, looking very dispirited. The soft and loose flesh on her belly gradually appeared.

Wearing an apron, Jeremiah took the fried dishes out of the kitchen, his face full of contempt. "In that case, both of us will die miserably. In fact, Mr. Terence has already known that I am the one who helped you. He not only didn't say that because this matter didn't damage his interests, but also found some fun for the ordinary life. He won't find fault with me. You've been staying in this apartment recently. I guess we'll go back to Y City soon. We'll figure it out later. "

Hearing this, Vanessa sat up straight.

She asked worriedly, "What if he fires you?"

Jeremiah walked up to Vanessa and knocked her on the head. He said with contempt, "No way to deal with it! I've been busy for so long. Why don't you come and help me? "

Jeremiah knew that Vanessa was lazy and the food would be bad if she stayed at home alone, so he came here to cook for her.

Vanessa wanted to say something more, but her phone rang inappropriately.

Jeremiah stayed with her for a second and continued to work.

"Hello." Vanessa once again sank into the sofa, holding the doll that Jeremiah bought with a tired look.

It was Marcia.

"Vanessa, my uncle has a party tonight. Can you go with me?"

"Well..." Vanessa subconsciously glanced at the kitchen and felt a little hesitant.

"I don't dare to go there alone." Marcia's voice became lower and lower, and finally she choked with sobs.

Vanessa's teeth sank deeply into her lower lip. Thinking of what had happened last time, she sighed silently and said, "Okay."

"Thank you, Vanessa. I know you are the best. Let's meet at the gate of YH Department Store this afternoon and buy you a dress by the way."

It was not until then that Vanessa remembered that she had told Marcia that she was here for a trip to the Y City. Who would bring an evening dress with them!

After hanging up the phone, Jeremiah walked out of the kitchen with a gloomy face. "Stay away from Miss Marcia from now on. You won't go to the party tonight if you can."

"What happened?"

Looking at his face, Vanessa knew that something must have happened.

"I also have some hearsay here. I heard that she has a close relationship with Scott recently. Be careful."

Scott Nie!


Vanessa's eyes widened as she laughed back and forth. She laughed ruthlessly and said, "Your gossip is too unreliable. You know..." Vanessa didn't know what to say. She had promised to keep it a secret for Marcia.

But couldn't Vanessa tell Jeremiah?

Vanessa thought for a while and finally shook her head. She stopped smiling and said lightly, "I will be careful."

Since Scott treated Marcia so badly in the Night Palace, how could he get close to her? It was nonsense.

Jeremiah walked up to her and said seriously, "Vanessa, YH's circle is in a mess. You'd better not make friends with anyone. You just need to trust me."

He was afraid that she would be hurt.

"I know, Jeremiah, in my heart, you are more than family."

Jeremiah's heart twitched in pain at that moment. It was beyond the existence of family!

Jeremiah patted his chest to make sure that he was the one who loved Vanessa the most in the world, but it was this love that made him unable to say he loved her for the rest of his life, because losing her was something he couldn't bear.

But many years later, Jeremiah also thought that if he had told her that he loved her, perhaps life would be another scene.

But he couldn't afford to gamble.

"Mr. Terence's meeting is about to end. I have to go there in a hurry. Enjoy yourself."

Jeremiah took his coat and changed his shoes.

"Okay, I know. Be careful on the way." Vanessa raised her chopsticks and began to eat.

Still worried, Jeremiah walked to the door and said, "Be careful tonight. If you are late, call me and I will pick you up."

Jeremiah knew Vanessa would definitely go to the party. Since he couldn't stop her, he could only pray that she was fine.

"I know, I know!"

Every time Jeremiah talked Vanessa to be safe, Vanessa would definitely be impatient.

The party wouldn't start until five o'clock in the afternoon. Vanessa and Marcia met at the gate of the YH mall at two o'clock. When they entered the mall, a man walked out of a luxury black car and stared at their backs, smiling.

Marcia took Vanessa straight to the ten floor of the building. As soon as they walked out of the elevator, Vanessa felt that something was wrong.

Shouldn't ordinary shopping malls be very lively? Why was it so quiet here? She didn't want to go forward subconsciously.

Marcia hurried to hold Vanessa's arm and comforted her, "Don't be afraid. I've found a stylist to help you. The stylist will bring you the evening dress soon. I'm here. What are you afraid of? "

Vanessa thought for a moment and agreed.

Perhaps it was Jeremiah's reminder that made Vanessa feel like something was going to happen, so she was so nervous.

Vanessa and Marcia walked into a room and saw a row of stylists standing there. Marcia smiled an

d asked, "Which one do you like?"

In the upper class, it was different to choose a stylist. Vanessa closed her eyes and casually pointed at a beautiful woman.

After that, all the people in the room began to be busy.

Less than five minutes later, Marcia said she had to go to the bathroom, so she left by herself.

Vanessa closed her eyes and asked the stylist to cut her hair. She didn't suspect at all.

Standing at the gate of the YH mall, Marcia got on the black luxury car in her high heels. She handed Vanessa's phone to the man sitting in front of her.

"I've brought her here. When will you give me the video?"

This was the first time Marcia had done something like selling her friend.

Marcia only knew that her innocence was gone, and she was even threatened by the video. That kind of fear of exposure made her sink into infinite fear, and she could only do so.

She asked Vanessa out and brought her here. She didn't know what would happen to Vanessa if she fell into the hands of that person, but Marcia was sure that Vanessa wouldn't come to a good end.

However, Marcia had no choice but to protect herself.

The man in the front seat handed the disk to her. With a sneer at the corners of his mouth, he said, "Well done. As for the video, the master tape is in the hands of Mr. Scott. You can ask him for it!"

Terry said in a seductive voice, with sunglasses on his face.

Marcia had never seen Terry before, so she didn't know him.

"You! You lied to me. You told me that you had my video! "

"Yes, I do. But you have a copy in your hand."

Marcia was like an angry lion. She stood up and was about to fight.

The door was suddenly opened and two strange men threw her out.

Terry looked down at his wrinkled collar, flicked it and dialed a number.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" A sweet female voice came through the phone.

"Tell Mr. Terence that the wine party ..." he raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "It's about to start in 2 hours and 8 minutes. Please make sure that he's there. Tell him that his dear brother has a gift for him. If he don't come, he will regret for the rest of his life. "

Then Terry hung up the phone.

Terry took off his sunglasses and looked up, revealing his delicate features. He was totally different from the time in the night palace.

His short golden hair was flying above his head, and the sapphire on his left ear made him more attractive.

It was not until a long time after Marcia left that Vanessa felt something was wrong.

Pursing her lips, Vanessa turned to the hairdresser behind her and asked, "Excuse me, is Miss Marcia back from the bathroom?"

"I don't know. Let me ask. Lily, see if Miss Marcia has back from the bathroom? "

The hairdresser didn't even look back. She was still focusing on her hair and spoke in a louder voice.

Three minutes later, Lily came back.

"Miss Marcia has left. She didn't tell me where to go."

Vanessa's heart clenched in an instant. Her fingers tightly gripped her clothes, making her uneasy.

Vanessa was doing her hair and couldn't even leave.

Vanessa touched her pocket and stood up in an instant. She looked around and found that she had put her phone in her pocket. How could it be missing?

"Miss Vanessa, you'd better sit down obediently."

The woman with the haircut looked at the blood on her hand with a grimace. Just now, she suddenly stood up and had to turn the knife to her hand in order not to hurt Vanessa.

Vanessa also saw it. She quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

The woman raised a sweet smile and said, "I'm fine. It's almost done. Don't miss the party. "

Vanessa looked around and had to continue to sit down. After all, the styling designer had been busy all afternoon, and Vanessa couldn't let her efforts be in vain.

It was nearly five o'clock when a black evening dress was sent in. It was a strapless dress and the fabric was very good.

Vanessa didn't want to wear it. She pushed it out and pretended to be sick. "I'm sorry. I don't feel well. Please tell Miss Marcia that I won't go to the party."

However, it was not easy to fool the person who sent the dress. He handed the dress to her again and said in a voice that could not be disobeyed, "this dress is not for you to wear, but for Mr. Ji."

"Mr. Ji? Terence? "

If so, she must go!

When Vanessa was about to take the dress, she heard a familiar voice.

"It seems that you love my brother so much!"

Raising his eyebrows, Terry walked in with his hands in his pockets.

As soon as he came in, everyone in the room looked at him.

Vanessa took a look at him and recalled what he had done when she first met him. A sense of nausea spread from the bottom of her heart, and Vanessa even felt a little sick. It turned out that Mr. Ji was him!

Vanessa glanced at the dress and said crossly, "Take your things away."

Terry stretched out his arm and held Vanessa's slender waist. He whispered in her ear quietly, "If you don't listen to me tonight, your friend Marcia might..."

"What's wrong with her?" Vanessa raised her voice.

Terry didn't answer her, but smiled and smoothed Vanessa's collar.

Vanessa gritted her teeth and glared at Terry, muttering, "You pervert!"

Vanessa took a deep breath and felt guilty for herself. She shouldn't suspect Marcia. After all, she was the victim.

Terry frowned and stood aside without saying anything.

Every time Vanessa scolded him in a low voice, he could hear her.

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