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   Chapter 2 Charity

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"Okay, Mr. Terence. As long as you get me pregnant, I'll run as far as I can away from you. Unfortunately, you have to stand my face a bit longer if you don't plan to give in to me just yet,"

Vanessa said in a sickly sweet voice, which even made herself sick.

Terence snorted. "If I don't get you pregnant, will you follow me for the rest of your life then?"

A lifetime of following him? She had never thought of this question. In fact, when she came here, she thought that it would be much easier for her to tempt him. She didn't expect that it was this hard to get the man!

Flashing him a bright smile, she said the last thing that he wanted to hear.


Originally, it was supposed to be a two-hour flight. However, with Vanessa hovering beside him, Terence felt as if he was being tortured for twenty years. He just couldn't wait to throw her off the plane.

When they finally arrived at the YH Company, Jeremiah received a lecture from his boss.

"How did she get in here? In terms of appearance, height, or even figure, what the hell is she capable of?"

Some of the passersby couldn't help but overhear his complaints. They glanced at Vanessa in the process, and they bit back a laugh.

Not wanting to embarrass Jeremiah, she straightened her back.

"I'm here to take over my friend's shift. Do you really think I want to be your stewardess?" she snapped.

"I don't think so. The only thing you want is to have a baby with me."

His insensitive words made her flush red.

Seeing the employees of the YH Company heading towards them, Terence lowered his voice. "Fire her friend. If you make such a careless mistake again, then I have no use of you."

Jeremiah stared helplessly at Vanessa, feeling exhausted himself.

For the first time in his life, he regretted ever choosing this job in the first place.

Now that Terence had left, Vanessa could only look at her fingers as she tried to come up another strategy.

It seemed that the man hated her guts.

Jeremiah patted her on the shoulder. "Why don't you just give up?"

He knew his boss too well. Terence would never agree to such an absurd request.

However, Vanessa hated the idea of giving up. If she really gave up, how the hell was she going to spend the rest of her life? She would spend it drowning in her own guilt.

She would never forget the moment when Kelly murmured Terence's name in her last breath.

Thinking of the wishes written on the only comic book Kelly had left behind, Vanessa felt her heart twitching in pain. If she hadn't seen that comic book, she might have not been like this now.

Seeing the painful look that flashed on her face, Jeremiah couldn't help but stretch his arms out to hold her. "Even if she didn't give her heart to you, her brain cancer would still cause her death at the end," he said softly. "You don't have to be indebted to her."

Tears filled her eyes when she looked up at him. "If she hadn't given me her heart, I would've died months ago. And now, she would've lived the last parts of her life happily. I can't–I can't take this anymore! I need to pay her back."

Vanessa wanted to try anything to pay her back, but it seemed that there was nothing else she could do.

Stung by the woman's words, Jeremiah sighed.

He forced a smile into his lips as he patted her shoulder. "Mr. Terence will be playing golf with a client in the afternoon. I've already told them in advance that you'll be there at noon. There will be a staff buffet," he stated. "You should eat. It would be good for your health."

Vanessa wiped the tears running down her cheeks. "I guess you're smart enough to know that I'll be hungry," she teased.

The golf club was located in the center of the city. Its luxurious appearance was only made to be seen by those in the upper class.

Sporting a baseball cap and a white tee, Terence sat near shade. A cup of strong coffee was in his hand, and he took a sip, relishing the taste.

Soon, a girl in pink walked over with a golf club while a middle-aged man stood on her left.

Terence stood up. "Mr. Wei, I feel as if I'm no match for your superb golf skills."

The middle-aged man burst into laughter as he shook his hand. His eyes shone with pride and happiness as he patted his bulging stomach. "No matter how good my skills are, I'm already getting old. Mr. Terence, this is my daughter Marcia. She just came back from studying in the States."

He smiled and nodded in greeting.

"Why don't you find another one to be your partner, Terence? We can go two against two to see who'll win,"

Marcia Wei suggested.

As he heard the way she addressed him, something flashed in his eyes. He placed the prepared contract he had back on the table as he reluctantly nodded. "Sure."

Hobson Wei waved his hand and sat down comfortably. "You can find two more people to pay with," he stated. "Besides, I'm already old."

After all, no one dared to beat him.

Of course, Jeremiah was the best choice that Terence had. However, they still needed one more to start the game.

Terence cast a cold glance at Marcia Wei and said, "It's a pity–"

"Excuse me, how about we p

lay golf together?"

a woman interrupted them. "Besides it's boring if I play all by myself."

Terence immediately turned around to see Vanessa's irritating face. He subconsciously glanced at his assistant. At the look of Jeremiah's amused face, his annoyance persisted. "Fine."

Seeing that there were already enough people, Marcia Wei became interested.

"If the both of you are in the same group, we'll surely be at a disadvantage. Terence and I can be in the same group. Miss, how about you play against us?"

Vanessa grinned. "No problem!"

Jeremiah was Terence's assistant, so he wouldn't dare to play against his boss.

In the first round, Marcia Wei and Jeremiah were up against each other.

Since Jeremiah had been working for Terence for two years, his golfing skills were good.

According to the principle of 'lady's first', Marcia Wei took the lead in the first round.

He followed her.

They had already agreed to adopt the rule of winning 7 out of 11 rounds. When it came to the ninth ball, Marcia Wei made four mistakes, making him one ball ahead of her.

The score was now 5:6.

Each of them were up to play two more balls.

Terence glanced at his assistant. Getting the hint, Jeremiah missed the entrance through the cave. The game was in a draw now.

The result of the last ball had always been worrying. Seeing the closeness, sweat beaded down Marcia's face.

Just as she was about to wave her stick, Jeremiah suddenly interrupted, "How about I play this ball first?"

Now that she was already panicking, she let him.

Sure enough, his last hit was a flop.

With regained confidence, Marcia entered the last ball and won against Jeremiah by one point.

Hobson Wei burst into laughter at the result.

A confident smile threaded across Terence's lips. "Miss Marcia, it seems that you're also very capable!"

Looking through his fake smile, Vanessa resisted the urge to snort. Instead, she quickly got ready and stood on the opposite side of him. She crossed her arms.

Casting a cold glance at her, Terence took the lead in the first ball.

She gritted her teeth. Didn't he know 'lady's first'?

Vanessa hadn't played golf for a long time. In fact, the last time she played the sport was when she was just a kid, and it was miniature golf.

With a swing of her club, the ball rushed over the hall at high speed and rolled down the hill towards a different direction.

Her face darkened at the sight.

Now that she already had his attention, there was no way she was going to blunder up like this.

However, it seemed that her losing streak was much stronger than her will to shoot the ball. Now, her opponent was already three balls ahead of her.

'What a load of shit!' she cursed.

"Just admit that you've lost," Terence suggested.

"Damn you." She snorted. "You're only ahead by three. Don't be so arrogant."

As soon as she finished speaking, his ball fell into the hall with a crisp sound.

Her ball, however, rolled past a different direction.

Terence raised his eyebrow sarcastically.

Before he could swing his club once more, she stopped him. "Wait. I'll be first."

'The only reason I lost is because the man won't let me play first!' she concluded in her mind.

That must be the only reason.

Seeing that she had missed the entrance through the cave plenty of times, Vanessa held her breath and swung her club. Just as she had expected, the white ball flew into the cave accurately. The moment it entered the cave, she jumped with joy. "I'm in! I'm in! Did you guys see it?"

Jeremiah rubbed his forehead as he stared at the crazy woman jumping in front of him.

Even Terence couldn't control the smile on his lips as he hit the fifth ball.

Vanessa was still ecstatic from her first success that she ignored the miserable fate of the ten succeeding balls that she swung.

She also ignored that her opponent had won eleven balls in a row.

Even as Hobson signed the contract, Terence couldn't understand what Vanessa was so happy about.

"Terence, how about we have dinner later?"

In a span of a few hours, Marcia already became obsessed with Terence, and she wanted to be there for him no matter what the costs. He refused, "Miss Marcia, I have work to attend to tonight."

She glanced at her father with pleading eyes.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Hobson said slowly, "Mr. Terence, work can never be truly finished." He chuckled. "Why don't we have dinner with my daughter?"


Jeremiah prepared the car and drove them all to the YH Restaurant. It was probably one of the most high-end restaurants in the city!

It was the first restaurant Marcia had discovered when she had arrived.

She couldn't wait to introduce Terence the delicious food she had tasted there, but she had no idea that he knew much more than she did since he grew up there.

Before she could speak, a familiar figure passed by their table. Marcia's jaw dropped. "What a coincidence," she said. "Are you here for dinner too?"

Hearing her words, Terence turned his eyes from the window only to see Vanessa standing before him. He clenched his fists and frowned.

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