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   Chapter 1 Bathing In The Hot Spring

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Y City, late autumn, JL Hot Spring.

Terence Ji placed his arms on top of the stone pavement and tried to relax himself. He sighed, allowing himself to thread deeper into relaxation.

It seemed as if time had stopped around him. The ripples created by the calming spring water echoed from the back of his ears.

Bubbles appeared in the surface. Terence Ji had been observing them for two minutes. He spread out his arms and stared, waiting quietly.

Once another two minutes had passed, the spring water splashed and quivered. Suddenly, a woman rose from the spring's depths, panting as if her life depended on it. Her whole body was drenched, and she wiped her face, revealing her large eyes and delicate features.

Although Terence Ji didn't say anything, his stare put on great pressure around her.

The woman turned her back on him, gritting her teeth. Once she got a hold of herself, she turned around. The shrewd look in her eyes had disappeared.

"Terence Ji, the newcomer in Y City. Not only did he abandon his family background when he came to the city two years ago, but he also established a foothold in the city at the age of 26. Not only is he incredibly influential, but he's also dubbed as the Golden Bachelor. Tell me, is that you?"

It would be hard to even get an appointment with him, let alone meet him.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Terence Ji gazed at the woman up and down before nodding. His eyes flashed.

The woman took another deep breath. "I'm Vanessa Wu. I graduated with a major of Civil Engineering at Y University." Before she could say anything more about herself, she stopped. Given the man's cold look, it seemed that she should get straight to the point. "I want to make a deal with you."

"With what? Your body?" He sneered.

His words were like sharp knives, but she didn't bother. "It's not much of a deal. All I want is to give you a baby. After that, you'll never see me again."

She was about to continue when he interrupted her, "How much is it?"

It didn't take a psychologist to know how much he hated the woman's guts.

Vanessa Wu's face flushed. "I've already told you that I don't need anything else. All you need to do is to provide your sperm, and that's it."

Terence Ji just sneered. His gaze darkened.

Even if his eyes were cold and indifferent, she couldn't help but fall deeper into them. They say that the eyes are the window to one's soul, and she could already tell how complicated his soul must be.

"If I wanted a child, I can find a woman I love to give birth for me. It's not difficult." Terence Ji glanced at her. "I'd rather my child to grow up in a happy family, so your deal means nothing to me. Even then, who even told you I'd want a child in the first place?"

She pursed her lips. "Do you know Kelly Wu?"

Terence Ji raised his head slightly.

"I heard that you came to Y City to find her. Well, I know exactly where she is."

At first, Vanessa Wu didn't want to mention the woman's name, but if she didn't, the man wouldn't even allow her to get closer.

She sat at the other side of the spring, letting the hot air envelope her completely.

Terence Ji gazed at her coldly. Obviously, the woman was well-prepared, but unfortunately, he wouldn't be moved by such a tactic. "She has hidden from me for more than two years, which means that she wants nothing to do with me as her brother. Do you really think I'll want to find her?"

In her ears, the word 'brother' became 'lover'.

The man was shameless!

Vanessa Wu couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman. Two years ago, Kelly Wu had gotten brain cancer, so she moved to Y City to treat herself.

As the cancer spread, her memory gradually faded. In fact, there were even days when she forgot who she was.

However, there was one name she kept in her heart. Whenever Vanessa Wu came to see her, she had seen the name in scraps of paper scattered across Kelly's room. It was Terence Ji.

Thinking of the poor girl, Vanessa's heart clenched. "You asshole," she spat.

As she spoke, she raised her hand and splashed some water on the man. Terence's face was now drenched with hot water.

He swam to her side and wrapped his arms around her thin waist, pulling her against him.

She instinctively resisted. Her arms waved around as she tried her best to push him away, but it seemed to have encouraged him to tighten his hold. "Didn't you say that you'll provide me with a baby? And you're already resisting?"

At his words, she gave up. With Kelly's final wish echoing in her mind, she shut her eyes and prepared herself. After all, it was what she was destined to do.

As he had gotten closer and closer to her, she became even more tensed. Every cell in her body was reacting to the man's touch, sending shocks through her entire system.

She exhaled.

Her life had always been filled with sadness. In the past twenty-two years, she had always been enduring the pain of heart disease. Now that she was out of the hospital, she found herself swimming around the sea of her own. This time, when she drowne

d in her own sea of sorrows, she was afraid that no one would save her.

But if Vanessa didn't do anything, she might regret it all her life.

Terence leaned in a bit more towards her face. Once they were millimeters apart, he clenched his jaw. "No." Without another word, he threw her deep into the waters.

Vanessa's clothes were even more drenched now. She dragged her exhausted body into the pavements. Even her phone had soaked up all the water that it couldn't be turned on.

Gritting her teeth, she must get his consent today.

Now that they were near the steps, Vanessa stared at him for a few minutes. Before he could walk away, she began to take off articles of her clothing.

This was the first time in her life that she had to do this for a man.

And it was degrading!

Terence only stared at her coldly. A sneer carved the corners of his mouth.

But if she didn't seize her opportunity today, she wouldn't have such a chance in the future.

If he still refused after this, then she might as well give up. At least, she came out saying that she had done all she could.

Terence could feel the tension rippling across his body as her cold lips brushed against his. He instinctively held her waist and pressed her against the wall.

"You're playing with fire, woman."

He pinched her chin and stared at her.

She subconsciously bit her lip and lowered her gaze.

Vanessa thought that she wouldn't be this timid when it came to the actual thing.

In fact, upon looking into his lustful gaze, she couldn't help but shiver and cower against the wall.

Although Terence had been used to women trying to seduce him, there was just something about her that unnerved him. He just couldn't get enough of her.

Suddenly, a drop of cold water fell from the sky, knocking him into consciousness.

The vicious rain extinguished his desire.

The weather made Vanessa want to scream in frustration. She stared at the rain as if she wanted to burn the skies herself. "Well? Can we make an appointment?" she murmured.

With a darkened face, he got dressed himself. Once he was finished, he glared at her. "I'll consider what you've said."

After what had happened two years ago, Terence had never cared much for women. In fact, he never had any feelings for any woman for two years, except now.

His body was still burning from her touch. Although dulled by the cold rain, he could still feel it. Without another word, he turned around and left.

Once she saw his retreating figure, the cold rain made her shiver. She wanted to head back up, but her clothes were all wet. She decided to dive into the hot springs again.

A man in a black suit placed a set of woman's clothes onto one of the tables. "Vanessa," he called.

When she raised her head, the man automatically turned around.

He was Jeremiah Mo, Terence's special assistant. As long as it was about his boss, he was assigned to handle both personal and official affairs of the company. In fact, Vanessa had been able to enter the JL Hot Springs because of him.

Once she finished dressing up, she kicked him. "If you send me into the hot springs, the least you can do is give me an oxygen tank. I was almost suffocated."

"If you are equipped with an oxygen tank, how could you carry out your plan?" He snorted. "Well? Did it happen?"

"What do you think? If he had done, then I would've already popped open a champagne."

She sighed in frustration.

In fact, she was already so close to succeeding. If it hadn't been for the rain, she would've already gotten him!

Hearing this, Jeremiah Mo didn't know whether he should be happy or worried. "Do you really have to repay her this way? She's dead. She wouldn't know what you've done. Do you really think Kelly would like this?"

Her expression changed, and she lowered her gaze. "She's not dead," she snapped. "She'll always be in my heart."

Jeremiah Mo and Terence were at the airport. With a luggage in his hand, Jeremiah stared at the gates. "Mr. Terence, I've already made a list of what we have to do during the trip. Madam has asked and called you to come home for dinner. Would you–"

"In the future, you can refuse such a thing." Terence wore sunglasses, and his collar was popped open. It was undeniable that his features were still the main attraction.

He walked across the hall of the airport, and people stopped and peered at him, thinking that he was some big star.

After getting on the private plane, Terence pinched the space in between his eyebrows.

Someone handed him a cup of coffee, and he took it.

However, the one didn't leave.

When Vanessa's beautiful smile came into view, he sneered. It seemed that there was a mole beside him.

"Well, Mr. Terence, is there anything else I can do for you?"


He handed the coffee back to her. The woman could really do anything. He wouldn't be surprised if she drugged him.

Her eyes glinted. However, her fury already burned him to death in mind. "What?"

Terence leaned against the seat comfortably and said coldly, "Stay away from me."

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