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   Chapter 117 Am I Wrong

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Ethan's livid face was even more frightening in the dark night.

Ivy explained immediately.

"Mr. Ethan, you mean her young ladyship, right? She is resting upstairs."

"Oh, really?"

His tone softened a lot.

"Yes, Mr. Ethan. This morning, I told her young ladyship that you asked for leave for her and she didn't need to go to work and that you asked her to have a good rest at home. After breakfast, her young ladyship went upstairs. She didn't go downstairs until lunch time. Then she sat in the yard and helped deal with the flowers. She was busy for a while, and then went upstairs to sleep. She hadn't woken up yet. I don't dare to wake her up for fear of disturbing her rest. "

Ivy was Ethan's nanny when he was a child, and she had no children. Because her husband was seriously ill, she resigned and went back home. Later, after her husband died, she was alone. When Ethan knew about it, he asked her to come to the Cloud Residence.

Ivy knew Ethan well. Seeing that he cared about Cindy very much, she quickly reported to him the track of Cindy's activities today.

"She is still sleeping." Ethan repeated.

"Yes. Mr. Ethan, do you want me to call her young ladyship downstairs? "

"No, thanks. I'll call her. You go to prepare dinner. We'll have dinner downstairs later." After listening to Ivy's report, Ethan was happy.

It turned out that she didn't leave.

But it seemed that he had exhausted her last night.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Ethan had already walked into the room.

The door was ajar, and the room was dark.

Ethan walked in and found that the curtain was drawn. When he got closer, he saw a black shadow on the bed.


Ethan turned on the bedside lamp.

In the dim light, Cindy was sleeping soundly on the bed, not awakened by the sound of Ethan coming in. Her features were small and exquisite, and her nose was straight. Her eyebrows were black. Her lips were pink. She was holding a book in her hand.

ng, but looked very comfortable.

Ethan's throat tightened and his whole body tensed.

This woman was so sophisticated that she didn't even care about it.

At that time, when Cindy was young and unskillful. Even though the two of them had already done that and lived together, every time she changed clothes, they would always hide away. If she was seen by Ethan accidentally, she would always be very shy.

However, Cindy's behavior made him more excited.

The tension on his body slowly subsided, and anger surged up. He frowned more and more tightly.

Cindy turned around to take the coat on the bedside table. Her body was shown in front of Ethan.

He lowered his eyebrows.

"It seems that money is really a good thing. One million and six hundred thousand is enough to make you listen to me. But I'm wondering if you would please anyone like this if they paid?"

Cindy was stunned.

The words were like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart, stirring up a trace of flesh and blood. The unspeakable pain made her suffocate.

"Don't you just want me to see it?"

Ethan stepped forward, grabbed the clothes from her hand and threw them aside.

"Ethan, you..."

"Am I wrong?" Every word was squeezed out of his mouth.

His eyes were filled with coldness. At this moment, Ethan looked so scary.

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