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   Chapter 115 Wedding Night

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 5420

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Cindy knew she had no way back.

However, Ethan, who was annoyed by her coldness, didn't stop. He looked at her with his scarlet eyes and tightened his grip.

A pain came from her chin, and the mist in her eyes had condensed and hung on the tip of her eyelashes.

Ethan's anger seemed to subside a little. He loosened his grip.

"Ethan, am I wrong? I just came to borrow money, but you insisted on marrying me. What can I do?" Cindy continued.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she said this, his hand, which had been loosened, tightened again.

"Playing trick with me? Are you doubting my intelligence?" Flames instantly gathered in his eyes.

Cindy didn't cooperate anymore. She turned her head away and tears fell on Ethan's nose.

The resistance seemed to have aroused Ethan's fighting spirit.

He put down his hands, pull apart Cindy's shirt. Her boobs jumped out.


Cindy was so anxious that she slapped him in his face.

"How dare you hit me? As my wife, it's easy to get the money, but you have to fulfill your obligation." Ethan raised his head and gnashed his teeth in anger.

Then he bent down and lifted her up.

He walked to the bedside and threw her on it heavily.

Cindy was in a daze, frozen there and motionless.

That's right. After taking the money, what qualifications did she have to ask her to be polite to her? The idea just now flashed through her mind in an instant.

So what?

Ethan's Scarlet eyes were full of anger at her. How could he let her go at this moment.

On the soft silk quilt, Cindy lay there quietly. Half of her face was covered by her long straig

the bed.

The light blue curtains were fluttering in the breeze. Obviously, the weather was good today. Cindy smiled.

Good morning, it was a new day.

Squinting her eyes and enjoying the sunshine for a while, Cindy had to get up. She had a day off yesterday and she would be on duty today.

She moved her body slightly and felt sore all over her body.

It was not until then that Cindy remembered that she had been tortured by Ethan for a long time yesterday.

It seemed that he couldn't use up all his strength. He kept asking her for more and more. He didn't fall asleep until it was late and he ordered someone to send the dinner to the room. Cindy couldn't hold on after dinner and fell asleep soon.

She was the only one in the room. She touched the pillow beside her and found that it was cold. Ethan might have left a long time ago.

Alas, just put up with it for the sake of Jason.

After comforting herself, Cindy got out of bed and moved a little. The pain in her waist and back was a little better. She put on her clothes and went downstairs slowly.

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