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   Chapter 114 Why Do You Still Want To Please Me

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6489

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The jasmine at the door reminded Cindy that she had been here before.

Last time, she was surrounded by reporters at the gate of the hospital and fainted. When she woke up, she was here. At that time, she picked a white Jasmine pistil at the gate.

No wonder she felt so familiar when she heard the two words "Cloud Residence" from Ethan just now.

That morning, when she was talking with the old gardener, she saw a wooden blue plaque hanging on the gate with two words "Cloud Residence" written on it, looking fresh.

Cindy praised the owner of the house for his elegance.

When she left, she repeatedly told the old gardener to convey her thanks to the house owner. She didn't expect that she would come back so soon.

Ethan must know know the owner.

Hearing the sound of a car at the door, the old gardener who she had seen the other day came out from behind a big tree. Seeing that Ethan came in with Cindy, he didn't feel strange and greeted respectfully.

"Mr. Ethan, you are here."


What did he mean? Was this house Ethan's.

Cindy was stunned.

Wasn't the resplendent and magnificent Huo's Mansion enough for him? Did he brought the house for bringing different women back to stay overnight?

The old gardener looked at him calmly. It was obvious that he had seen too many such scenes before.

Cloud Residence?

He gave the house such a good name.

What a waste.

Cindy couldn't help smiling bitterly at the thought that she had praised the owner's elegance.

A contemptuous look crept up to her lips.

"Her young ladyship will live here from now on. Ask Ivy to clean a room for her tonight." Then he dragged Cindy inside without waiting for his answer.

She looked at him with contempt. Of course he knew what she was thinking. He was angry and used some strength on his hand.

What kind of person did she think of him in her heart.

A playboy?

"Ethan, let me go. I can walk myself.

est to escape, crying out.

The man's heat had sprayed out through his thin clothes.

The next step was very dangerous.

Her face was pressed against the man's chest, and Cindy had no idea who it was.

However, the softness in his mouth was so familiar.


No one dared to lay a finger on Cindy here except him.

At the thought of this, Cindy suddenly stopped struggling. She even started to cooperate Ethan.

Then she looked up.

Sure enough, it was that devil.

He frowned and stared at her with his dark eyes. He was still sucking the sweetness of Cindy.

When their eyes met, he could see clearly the coldness in Cindy's eyes.


Ethan let go of her angrily and put his forehead against hers.

But all of a sudden, he grabbed Cindy's chin and lifted it up with all his strength.

The force was so strong that Cindy frowned.

"Don't you dislike me? Why do you still want to please me? It's good to be Mrs. Ethan, isn't it?" At this moment, the anger in Ethan's eyes could even burn Cindy to ashes.

"Ethan, you must have made a mistake. I never care about the position of Mrs. Ethan. Don't forget that you gave me money and made me Mrs. Huo."

"You mean I beg you to be Mrs. Huo?"

Ethan leaned forward, and Cindy was forced to step back.

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