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   Chapter 43 The Privilege Of Being Alone

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6702

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Her face turned red, and the tip of her nose had been soaked with fine sweat. Under the light, her face was glittering slightly. She bit her lips gently, looking delicate and lovely.

This woman could always provoke every nerve of him unconsciously.

"Dad, I'm done. Let's take mom home."

Hearing the soft voice, Ethan instantly looked back.

Pumpkin was wiping his mouth with a tissue and looking at Ethan with a smile. Apparently, Pumpkin was very satisfied with the ice-cream he had just finished.

"Okay, let's go."

He bent down to pick up Pumpkin and walked out with his long legs.

The man was handsome and the woman was gentle. In addition, the doll-like little boy had curly hair, white and tender skin, and three-dimensional features

This family was so handsome that they attracted much admiration on the way.

Ethan glanced at the crowd coldly. All the praises in the eyes of the crowd were gone. For a moment, he had a feeling that it was true.

It seemed that Bowen was the son of him and Cindy. They were a real family.

Cindy lowered her head and followed them.

A woman who abandoned her son and was selfish might be the comment on her in the eyes of these people.


Cindy lowered her head to think carefully and bumped into Ethan.

Ethan turned around with an angry face.

"You can even bump into others while walking. You are really something."

"Why did you walk so slowly?" Cindy quibbled in a low voice and quickly walked around.

How could she tell Ethan what she was thinking?

"Dad, don't be mad at mom. Otherwise, I won't talk to you anymore." Before Ethan opened his mouth, Pumpkin suddenly stood up and pinched Ethan's face hard.


Ethan was stunned.

When did this child become the spokesperson of that woman?

Seeing this, Cindy chuckled.

Finally, someone was defending her.

Seeing the smile on her face, Pumpkin was very happy. He said sarcastically, "Mommy, you don't have to call my name in the future. I like

fe was heartbreaking. He hadn't seen his mother since he was born. Ethan was really a bastard. He abandoned women all the time and sowed everywhere. The child was the one who suffered.

Somehow, Cindy felt sorry for Pumpkin in his arms.

She held Pumpkin tightly in her arms for fear that he would disappear. Just like that child.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and the street lights outside the window began to blur.

Cindy raised her head and straightened her back. She didn't want the man beside her to see her embarrassment.

She had her pride.

Ethan pursed his thin lips and looked ahead indifferently. He noticed the subtle change of Cindy from side sight. He didn't know why this woman suddenly became a hedgehog. She shook off her armor and was ready to fight at any time.

The car stopped at the gate of the Huo's Mansion.

Ethan took the sleeping Pumpkin from Cindy.

"Send her back."

He said coldly.

Then he picked up Pumpkin and strode towards Huo's Mansion.

Well, it's so normal of him to burn the bridge after crossing it.

She wanted to go back by herself, but Cindy gave up the idea when she saw the dark outside.

Anyway, she had been a mother for the whole day. It was not a big deal for him to send her back.

The engine started, and the Bentley sped out and disappeared in the night.

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