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   Chapter 30 She Jumped Down Herself

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6351

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"Mom, come down."

The brother and sister of the Tao family shouted at the same time, their faces turning pale.

"Mom, come down. This is fourth floor." Joyce was even more panicked. She rushed over and tried to pull Mindy down.

"Joyce, leave me alone. This house is going to be lost. Where will the three of us live in the future? You are still in poor health, and your brother doesn't have a job. How can we live in the future? I'd rather die... "

Mindy rolled her eyes and cried, but she kept winking at Joyce.

Joyce understood her immediately.

"Mom, don't jump. If you jump off the building, my brother will be convicted. People outside will definitely say that he has married a bad wife and forced his mother-in-law to die. Mom..."

Although she was shouting, she couldn't help squinting at Cindy.

"Stop it."

Horald stood in the middle of the room and shouted with a livid face.

He was fed up with this scene.

He had thought that he would definitely be the director and be able to get a house for Joyce, but now he lost his job. Horald had been depressed for several days.

Horald's face was covered with dark frost.

The room quieted down in an instant.

"Meow..." A black cat ran from the balcony next door and pounced on Mindy.

The balcony was open-air. When it was decorated, considering the convenience of drying clothes, it was not sealed. This big black cat was a pet of the next house. It always liked to jump between the terrace of the two families.

Mindy was staring at Horald in a daze, completely unprepared. The black cat pounced on her and screamed so loudly. Mindy was startled and moved aside subconsciously, forgetting that she was sitting on the edge of the balcony.


The shrill scream pierced the night sky, sounding creepy.

Joyce, who was facing Mindy, was stunned.

Mindy's seat was empty now.

"Mother," Horald shouted and rushed over.

"Mom, mom..."

Joyce, who came to her senses, quickly ran over and looked down at the balcony edge. She only felt dizzy.

Under the street lamp, there was a black shadow on the lawn of the community, motionless.

Joyce opened his mouth wide and cried for a long time. "Brother, my mother, my mother Boo... Hoo... "

This happened too fast.

Cindy was also stunned. She didn't expect that things would suddenly turn out like this.

Horald frowned and rushed out of the door without saying anything.

He ran past Cindy and suddenly stopped.

"Cindy, it's best that my mother is fine. Otherwise, I won't let you go." He gnashed his teeth and glared at Cindy, as if he was going to eat her up.

"Brother, waah, brother, wait for me, wait for me..."

Joyce cried and followed her. She didn't know that one of her slippers had fallen.

The brother and sister rushed to the elevator.

After a short pause, Cindy hurried to catch up with them.

She ran all the way to the downstairs. When she arrived, the open space was already full of people, discussing.

"Who is it? Why did she fall down?"

"Yeah, it's so miserable."

Not far away, a woman was lying on the lawn with her face down. Blood gushed out from the pl

ace next to her head and spread under her body. The lawn was wet, and her right hand was still holding the credit card of Cindy tightly.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? Mom... " Joyce rushed in front of her and saw the miserable look of Mindy. She rushed over and cried out, heartbroken.

Seeing this, Horald, who was running over, felt bad.

He was a doctor and knew the consequences of falling down from the upstairs. Moreover, Mindy was not young anymore.

He reached out and touched Mindy's neck. Horald's face turned pale in an instant. He knelt down heavily and murmured, "Mom."

Even under the dim streetlight, the blood under Mindy's body was still dazzling, and the night was eerily and terribly gloomy. Standing aside, Cindy's face was pale and her body trembled slightly.

"120, call 120, waah..."

Joyce suddenly raised his head and yelled at the crowd, choking. Then she turned around and tried to turn Mindy over. "Mom, mom..."

"Don't move."

Cindy rushed over and grabbed her by instinct.

Joyce shook her off, her eyes red with tears, and stared at her fiercely, "get out, get out of here, you murderer."

"Joyce, mom fell down from upstairs. She must have a fracture and can't move freely. We'd better wait for the doctor to deal with it. I'm a nurse. I know... "

"Clap!" She slapped Cindt hard across the face.

Before she finished her words, Cindy felt her ears banging and her face burning.

Raising his head, Horald's face turned livid with rage. He glared at Cindy.

"Fuck off!"

"Horald, you are a doctor. You should know that the greatest taboo for falling from a height is to move at will." Holding back the tears in her eyes, Cindy tried her best to dissuade him.

Mindy was annoying, but it was a matter of life and death. Cindy couldn't kill her in front of her.

Joyce suddenly stood up from the ground. Her long hair was disheveled, and her eyes were scarlet. A fierce light came out from it, wishing to let Cindy die in front of her.

"Get out! Don't pretend to be a good person here. If it weren't for you, how could my mother fall down the building?"

Being forced to step back, Cindy clenched her fists, lowered her head and explained.

"It's none of my business. She fell down herself."

Horald waved his hand hard, and Cindy was knocked to the ground. Her palm rubbed on the ground, and a piercing pain rushed over.

The ambulance whistled in a hurry.

Everyone stopped and looked sideways.

The doctors and nurses got out of the car and rushed over with medicine boxes.

"Doctor Tao?" The doctor was surprised to see Horald.

Nodding his head, Horald remained silent with a gloomy face.

Joyce sat on the ground, with her hands covered with blood and crying loudly. When the ambulance arrived, she grabbed the doctor's leg and shouted, "doctor, doctor, hurry up. Check on my mother. Boo... Hoo... "

After a while.

The doctor stopped and stood up with a long face.

"Doctor Tao, your mother's condition..." Not finishing his words, the doctor stopped and looked at Horald with embarrassment.

Cindy came in and was about to say something, but was pushed away by Horald.

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