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   Chapter 29 Jump Off The Building

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6381

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:02

Cindy sat on the sofa. Before she could Dodge, Mindy slapped her hard across the face.

Suddenly, Cindy's face turned red.

"You shameless bitch, get out of here!" Mindy didn't give up and kept shouting.

Cindy glared at her. "You..."

"What. You seduced men outside and wanted to come back for a house. No way. This house belongs to my son. It has nothing to do with you."

"Mom. It's none of your business. Go to rest."

Harold was afraid of making trouble. Those men in black were not easy. Horald hurried to mediate the dispute.

"Horald, we can't be a coward. This woman has ruined our family's reputation and wants to compete with you for a house. Let alone three days, three months, three years, we won't move. This house belongs to the Tao family. Why should I move it?"

"I bought this house with my money. Why should it be yours?" Cindy was filled with anger. Cindy stood up, clenched her fists and argued.

"Why? Because my name is on the room book."

Mindy didn't want to give up, but she was secretly happy and a trace of complacency flew up to her eyebrows.

In order to show that she wanted to live a good life with Horald, Cindy was thinking clearly. After hearing Mindy]'s words, she wrote down register the house under Mindy's name, but the money for the house was paid by Cindy alone.

A gust of nameless anger instantly escaped from Cindy's body, and she could no longer bear it.

This family was so shameless.

"Don't you think you are a little rascal to say that? I paid for this house. All of you know that."

"So what? Who knows. It's my name on the book. This house is mine." Mindy raised her voice several times. Her face twisted in the light, looking extremely ferocious.

The quarrel resounded through the room.

With an apple in her hand, Joyce walked over from the dining room and leaned against the door frame. She looked at Cindy coldly for a long

, staring at Mindy and her daughter. Then she took out the recorder pen from her pocket and waved it at them.

She had had enough of this family.

"Ah. You are so insidious. Give it to me."

Joyce screamed and rushed over.

Cindy snorted coldly and dodged aside quickly.

This time, it happened so fast that Joyce couldn't stop at all and bumped into the door frame. The force was so strong that it made a loud noise.

"Oh my God! She is so mean. Brother, why don't you say anything? Mom..."

The angry and anxious Joyce was incoherent at the moment.

Before Horald could say anything, Mindy roared and rushed over, raising her hand high, trying to give Cindy a hard lesson.

Seeing this, Cindy didn't dodge and raised her head.

"Horald, if they keep making trouble like this, I will tell them everything that has happened in detail in the court. Remember, everything."

Seeing her unprecedented firmness, Horald looked up in surprise.

He knew what Cindy meant.

Mindy], who had already rushed in front of them, was also stunned. She didn't understand why the obedient Cindy suddenly changed.

Suddenly, Mindy ran out of the living room, sat on the edge of the balcony and shouted, "Cindy, put that thing down, or I will jump down from here."

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