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   Chapter 28 Only Three Days

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The weather seemed to be very good today. The sky was blue and the clouds were white. The warm sun shone on her body, making her feel relaxed and happy.

Cindy hadn't been in such a good mood for a long time.

A breeze blew, and long hair flew behind her ears, and her dress was raised in the wind. Closing her eyes, the breeze, the warm sun and the smile of Cindy's lips just spread on her face.

The call she received in the ward yesterday was really good news for her.

Cindy didn't know the person on the phone. He called himself a lawyer and said that Horald had agreed to give up all the property and asked her to take back the house in the Garden of Fragrance as soon as possible.

Needless to ask, Cindy knew who sent the lawyer.


The house in the Garden of Fragrance was originally paid by Cindy alone. Shouldn't it be returned to her after divorce? She had been so exhausted these days that she had forgotten the most important thing.

The house was bought before. From last year to now, the price of houses in the whole J City rose sharply. The one hundred square meter house was now at least two times the price. The house could be sold at a high price.

In that case, the medical fees of Jason would be paid.

Thinking of this, Cindy smiled even more happily, with a small dimple on the corner of her mouth.

In that case, she wouldn't have to accept Ethan's pity.

That was why Cindy was happy today.

He had hired a lawyer, which could be regarded as the crime of Ethan's atonement for the aborted child.


Thinking of the child, Cindy sighed. Her face darkened.

She turned a corner and arrived at Garden of Fragrance.

No. 2406.

Seeing the door number, Cindy took out the key from her bag, opened the door and walked in, This was the wedding room bought by Cindy. All the furniture and decoration were made by her hard work at one point one. Seeing the familiar scene in front of her, Cindy had complex feelings.

She had planned to live an ordinary life with Horald in this family. But now it seemed so ridiculous.

Everything was just her wishful thinking.

It was so with Ethan back them and the same with Horald now.

"Who?" Mindy's coarse voice came from the dining room.

Cindy knew that Joyce had a miscarriage and Horald lost his job. Everyone should be at home at dinner time. She specially chose this time to reach an agreement.

She had to pay the medical fees of Jason with her own money as soon as possible.

"Mom, it's me." It was not until Cindy shouted that she realized something was wrong.

She and Horald had divorced.

As expected, Mindy blurted out.

"Fuck off! Who is your mother?"

"Who is it?"

Sensing the anger in Mindy's tone, Horald walked out with a lit cigarette in his hand. Horald was surprised to see Cindy.

"Cin Cindy? It's so late. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to talk to you about us."

"Get out of here. You have divorced. What else do you want to talk about?" Before Cindy could finish her words, Mindy roared like firecrackers.

Mindy still looked like a shrew in the countryside. She put her hands on her hips, and the flesh on her face shook violently as she moved her mouth. She had eaten vegetables and leaf residue at night, which were filled with her teeth.

Ignoring Mindy, Cindy turned to Horald and

said, "Horald, I'm not here to quarrel with you. Can we have a talk and settle this matter peacefully. Besides, it was you who agreed. The lawyer asked me to talk to you."

"What lawyer? Don't scare me. Cindy, since you have divorced, why do you come back to this family? How dare you come back after what you have done behind Horald's back? "

Mindy didn't give Horald a chance to speak at all. She kept jumping up and down, and her saliva almost splashed on Cindy's face.


These two words exploded in Horald's ears.

The tall man in black, the gloom in his eyes, and the agreement to press his finger print flashed in front of him.

"Mom, you go to have dinner first. I have something to talk with Cindy."


Mindy didn't expect that Horald would be so polite to Cindy today.

Hiding at the door of the dining room, Joyce saw the embarrassment of Horald, rolled her eyes and shouted.

"Mom, I want to eat an apple. Peel it for me."

"I am coming."

Mindy answered and walked to the dining room. But she still turned around and gave Cindy a hard stare.

Horald led Cindy to the living room and sat down on the sofa.

"Horald, I don't want to mention what happened. Today... "

"Cindy, I know why you are here today. But as you can see, Jjoyce just had a miscarriage and I don't have a job. For a while, I can't find a place to live. The house will be returned to you. But you have to give me some time."

Cindy was interrupted by Horald. He stared at Cindy pitifully.

"I will return the house to you as soon as I find a job." Horald swore before Cindy said anything.

"Horald, I'm not here to negotiate with you today. I'm here to get the door key. Moving is not a small matter. I've given you three days. It's enough. Of course, in addition to the house, there are also my salary card and credit card."

Cindy sneered in her heart.

The man in front of her could sell him to others for benefits. How could she believe him?

"Here are your salary card and credit card. I've already prepared them for you. Give me some time about the house." Horald took out two cards from the drawer of the tea table and put them on it.

Cindy didn't expect that.

Did he play any tricks?

Cindy picked up a card and looked at it. It was indeed her salary card, with her own signature "CH" written on it. This was the first English letter of her and Horald's names.

Thinking of her innocence, Cindy curled her lips and smiled with self mockery.

When she was about to take the credit card, a short and fat hand quickly swiped it over.

"Why?. Horald, are you crazy? She cheated on you and you have to give her money." Mindy shouted at Horald, holding the credit card.


Horald's face darkened. He blamed his uneducated mother for meddling.

He was not that stupid to hand over everything obediently without getting any property.

"Horald, you don't have a job now, and Joyce needs to recuperate her health. There are so many places to use money, and you can't let her go easily."

It seemed that Mindy] was more anxious than Horald.

Cindy put the credit card into his pocket and said coldly, "Horald, I have to get this credit card. And, the house, three days, I will only give you three days to move. I'll get the key then."

Mindy was stunned.

Then she pounced on Cindy.

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