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   Chapter 27 Give Birth To The Baby

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6541

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Lying on the bed, a thick needle as put into Jason's thin left arm. He was too thin. The nurse almost couldn't find his blood vessel because of the infusion every day. Only by putting this kind of needle into his arm could he avoid the pain of looking for blood vessels every day.

"Sister, why are you here? Aren't you going to work today?"

He felt a little strange when he saw Cindy come in.

"Does it hurt?"

Cindy walked over and touched the arm beside the needle. Tears fell down from her eyes.

"Sister, it doesn't hurt. I'm used to it."

Jason stood up and comforted her in a soft voice.

However, his understatement made Cindy unable to control her emotions. The grievance because of Ethan suddenly gushed out.

Tears fell down.

Family was the greatest warmth for Cindy.

"Are you okay?"

Amanda stood up and asked casually. Jason had been staying in this superior ward for a whole day. His black and purple lips had turned red.

For this, she was very grateful to Cindy.

"It's okay, mom. You've stayed up all night. Go back and have a rest. I'll have a rest today and I'll accompany Jason."

"Okay. You two talk." Amanda stood up, tidied up and was about to go home, She was indeed a little tired after spending the whole night in the hospital.

"I'll buy some meat and make some dumplings. I'll bring them to you tonight." Walking to the door, Amanda suddenly turned around and said with a smile.

With a heavy nasal sound and red eyes, Amanda knew that Cindy's tears were not simple. In fact, she had witnessed Cindy's efforts for the family in the past five years.

"Yeah, I haven't eaten the dumplings made by mom for a long time."

Jason's cheerful voice rang out in the ward. Then he turned to look at Cindy and shouted, "Sister, aren't you happy to have dumplings?"

"Yes, I am."

Cindy forced a smile at Jason.

"Mom, let's go. I can't wait to eat your dumplings."

"You look so happy."


t clear that she would never allow a woman with no family background to marry Ethan. Besides, she had already found a candidate for Mrs. Huo. She threw out a check of five million coldly, just treating her as a material girl who wanted to cling to power.

Cindy didn't compromise for love.

However, fate seemed to be joking with her.

Cindy made up her mind to confess her love to Ethan. However, the moment the door was opened, Cindy froze.

Ethan lay prone on Celina. The room was filled with a wonderful atmosphere.

It was self-evident what had happened between the two.

Cindy felt sick.

She didn't want this child, because it was her and Ethan's.

But what the doctor said

The passers-by looked at them curiously.

Caressing her belly, Cindy made a decision.

She was going to give birth to this baby.

Things went contrary to her wishes. No matter how hard she tried, in the end, the child she wanted to keep could not escape the fate of miscarriage.

In the blue sky, there were a few white clouds floating, quiet and serene.

Baby, how are you doing in the sky?

In the next life, you must find a good family when you are reborn.

Tears were about to fall, and Cindy's eyes seemed to pierce through the clouds.

The phone suddenly rang, which startled Cindy.

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