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   Chapter 26 He Has Changed Back

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 5796

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Hearing the voice, all the people of the Huo family lowered their heads, walked away from the door and started their work.

What a familiar voice.

Looking at the direction of the voice, Cindy felt a chill in her heart.

It was Celina Wei.

All of a sudden, what appeared in Cindy's mind was that she was lying next to Ethan, raising her head and looking at her triumphantly.

Ethan Huo.

Cindy bit her lips tightly and clenched her fists. She straightened her back and pretended to be calm. Then she walked past Celina.

Celina was a beauty.

The red tight dress was obviously made by a famous designer. The fabric was very texture and well cut, showing the designer's extraordinary taste. It was wrapped around Celina's curvy figure, and the design of the flat collar just showed her beautiful collarbone. The necklace around her neck also showed the owner's taste. She wore a pair of black stilettos, walking unsteadily.

Celina didn't recognize Cindy until they passed by each other.

"Hey, isn't this Cindy? Why do you have time to come to Ethan today?"

Of course, Ethan heard the exchange of words at the door. He didn't turn around but frowned slightly.


How affectionate she was.

Cindy sneered in her heart and didn't stop.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She didn't want anyone to see them.

All the people in the Huo Group looked up at the scene.

Since Ethan took over the Huo Group, the eldest daughter of the Wei family had become a regular customer, and everyone in the company knew her. Now that the two women met in the company, the show was about to begin.

They had a general idea of what had happened to Cindy and Ethan in the room just now.

"Cindy, we haven't seen each other for five years. Why are you in such a hurry? Can't you let go of Ethan?"

Celina walked near. Her makeup was delicate and impeccable. But her words were extremely vicious.

Cindy stopped and turned around.

"Celina Wei."

Tears welled up in Cindy's bright eyes. She bit her lips with all her strength.

"Cindy, I advise you to take good care of your family. Don't think about the wrong things. How could Ethan fall in love with someone like you?"

Her sneer instantly resounded through the office.

Celina's sarcasm and sarcasm were like needles piercing Cindy's heart. Her body trembled slightly, and her sharp nails pierced into her thighs. The pain drilled into every pore of her, and crystal tears hung on the tip of her eyelashes.

Seeing this, Celina curled her lips and sneered coldly.

"Oh, you look so tearful. Who do you want to seduce?"


Ethan strode over and put his arm around Celina's shoulder, His voice was low and hoarse. However, the corners of his mouth were raised high, and a smile was hung on his face.

Celina was stunned.

Ethan had never called her so gently, let alone be so intimate with her

in front of others.

After a while, the smart Celina understood and instantly leaned over.

"Ethan, I want to eat Japanese cuisine today. Can you go with me?" Holding Ethan's arm, she leaned her head against him and raised her head, pouting.

Celina's red dress and Ethan's black suit looked like a couple at the wedding.

"Okay." He lowered his head and pecked on Celina's forehead.

A limp and numb feeling, like a current flowing on Celina's body. Celina whined and put her white and tender arm on Ethan's.

"Ethan, you are so bad."

Knowing that Ethan was just acting, Celina didn't want to miss this opportunity.

Ethan frowned slightly, but immediately unfolded his brows.

"Let's go." Holding Celina tightly in his arms, Ethan turned around and left.

At the door of the office, Ethan turned his head and gave a charming smile to Michael. "Secretary Li, go and inform Mr. Lin to wait. I have something else to do."

The door of the office was kicked heavily by Ethan.

Everyone in the Huo Group was stunned.

Ethan, who was as cold as an iceberg, smiled as if he had changed into another person today.

The crystal on Cindy's eyelashes fell with the sound of the door closing.

The scene in Ethan's room five years ago flashed out again.

Cindy felt heartbroken again. She couldn't breathe, as if she was strangled and almost suffocated.

Tears welled up and wetted her clothes.

No, she didn't want to stay any longer.

She didn't want them to see her embarrassment again.

Cindy turned around and ran out quickly.

Screw Ethan.

Screw Celina.

Screw all this.

Cindy ran on the road, tears streaming down her face.

In fact, Cindy didn't notice the affection in Ethan's eyes when he turned around just now.

As soon as the door was closed behind him, Ethan opened it for Celina.

Celina didn't agree. She put her arms around Ethan]'s neck and kissed him. "Ethan, HMM..."

Ethan's cold thin lips almost belonged to her.

"Celina, get out of the way."

His deep black eyes were still cold.

He had changed back.


He hated it to the core.

"Celina, if you don't get out of the way, don't blame me for being rude." The expression on his face was cold, and the disgust was obvious.

If he went on, he would get nothing.

After thinking it over, Celina had to stop.

"Ethan, you can't burn the bridge after crossing it. I know you just used me to get rid of Cindy. But you promised me to have Japanese cuisine with me in front of so many people. Keep your words."

Standing aside, Celina straightened her clothes and smiled.

All these years, she had been used to the cold Ethan.

'Ethan, it's not easy for you to escape from me.' At least, I have Old Mrs. Huo, my trump card.

Without saying a word, Ethan opened the door and went out.

He had to deal with Lawrence's matter as soon as possible.

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