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   Chapter 23 No Compromise

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6813

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The nurse raised her head and curled her lips.

"Your brother's medical fees are not paid at all. However, someone ordered that all the expenses of Jason in the hospital were free. Cindy, you are so great. It's the first time I have met such a situation in the hospital for so many years."

She cast a scornful glance at Cindy.

"All?" Surprise was written all over Cindy's face.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

A patient was about to be transferred from the emergency department, and the nurse was busy.

Free of charge?

'Someone ordered?'

Yes, it must be him.

Back to the Cheng family, lying on the bed, Cindy's mind was in a mess.

Rich people always like to be self-righteous and make decisions for others.

But, Ethan, what are you doing? Was he tired of playing with rich girls and wanted to find a nurse to try the uniform temptation?

In the darkness, Cindy's bright eyes were burning and hot.

Every detail of her relationship with Ethan began to appear in front of her. The laughter on the road of the campus was still ringing in her ears.

Tired and sleepy, Cindy couldn't open her eyes and fell asleep.

In the spacious cloakroom, Ethan stood in front of the mirror.

After buttoning up the specially customized cuff link, he picked up a sapphire blue tie from the tall mahogany wardrobe and tied it. Looking at himself in the mirror, Ethan was very satisfied.

The white shirt was ironed smoothly. Six strong abdominal muscles were faintly visible under the shirt. On the golden cuff link, there was a capital English letter "H", shining like a diamond. The whole person exuded a noble quality.

However, all of these couldn't cover up Ethan's inherent heroic spirit. However, he was still as cold as before.

He took the suit jacket and put it on.

Ethan smiled at himself in the mirror.

Yesterday, he finally did something for Cindy. Today, he seemed to be in a good mood unexpectedly.

"Ethan, come and eat."

At the table, Old Mrs. Huo saw Ethan walking downstairs.

Ethan smiled and said gently, "no, grandma. I have something urgent to deal with. Take your time." Then he walked out of the gate briskly.

Old Mrs. Huo was stunned.

She had never seen Ethan like this since he came back.

Early in the morning, Ethan received a call from his company, saying that he had to confirm an important contract face to face. He had to go there as soon as possible.

Now, he was the only heir of the Huo Group.

At the stairway, Pumpkin stood there, rubbing his eyes with his two little hands. He was still sleepy and muttering, "Dad."

Ethan turned around and smiled.

His tenderness was never stingy to Pumpkin.

Outside the gate, the black Bentley was already waiting.

Ethan took a step forward and said, "Drive."

The cold frost covered him in an instant.

"Mr. Ethan, this is the breakfast prepared for you. Enjoy yourself." Leon handed it over respectfully from the front row. Then he stepped on the gas and the car drove away with a domineering roar.

This man was smart and steady. Ethan was very satisfied with him.

The Huo Group was the most famous enterprise in J City.

Tall and bright French windows, clean and tidy office, and busy employees seemed to be showing the extraordinary of the Huo Group.

"Mr. Huo."

Walking in the company, all the people who saw Ethan bowed respectfully to him.


the Secretary, had already been waiting at the door of the president's office.

Seeing Ethan coming over from a distance, Micheal Li quickly took out a small mirror, smoothed a few strands of hair that fell at her temples, and quickly took out a lipstick from her pocket and quickly applied it two times. Then she smiled at the mirror with satisfaction and put it away. A professional smile appeared on her face.

Ethan's face was always as cold as an iceberg.

However, what Micheal liked was his cold and handsome appearance. Otherwise, she wouldn't give up the high salary offered by the headhunting company and be willing to be a small secretary for Ethan.

"Mr. Huo, this is the contract with Lawrence Company. Last night, they suddenly informed us that they wanted to terminate the agency agreement with us in advance. This matter is not trivial, so we contacted you early in the morning."

After opening the door for Ethan, Micheal briefly reported the whole thing to him.

"Got it."

Ethan sat down at the table and picked up the freshly brewed coffee made by Micheal, raising his eyebrows slightly.

The temperature was just right.

He raised the glass to Micheal. "Thank you, Secretary Li."

"Thank you, Mr. Huo."

Glancing around, Micheal felt that her face seemed to be more flushed. She quickly put the contract on the table in front of Ethan.

Today, the boss seemed to be different from usual. His tone was no longer hard, but a little gentle.

On the cover of the contract, there were words: TERMINATION AGREMENT.

Frowning, Ethan picked up the contract with his slender fingers.

He looked at it roughly and closed it.

After taking a sip of coffee and half pay, Ethan opened his mouth.

"Secretary Li, who was in charge of the agency contract with Lawrence Company and who followed up it? Why didn't anyone take precautions in advance when such a big thing happened?"

"Mr. Huo, Mr. Lin has been in charge of the contact with Lawrence. He has been waiting in the meeting room. It seems that someone is behind this."

While speaking, Michael unconsciously looked at Ethan's face.

His sculptural features were cold and grim, and his thin lips were pursed tightly. His eyes were dark and deep. Michael knew that the boss was a little angry.

"What do you mean 'seem'?. I, Ethan Huo, never allowed this word. If you don't have any solid evidence in the future, don't say it. Besides, you'd better know your own job."

Ethan put the cup heavily on the table and stood up. His cold voice echoed in the room.

Several drops of coffee spilled out of the cup fell on the contract. Michael quickly picked up the contract and followed behind Ethan.

"I'll print another copy right away and send it to the meeting room."

The two walked out one after the other.

There was a loud quarrel outside the door.

"You can't come in. Miss, this is the Huo Group. If you want to see the president, you must make an appointment. "

"Why can't I come in? I want to see Ethan."

"Miss, if you insist, I have to inform the security department and let them handle it."

"I don't care who you inform. Anyway, I have to see Ethan today. If I can't see him, I won't leave."

The two young women's voices came from outside.

Suddenly, the door was slammed open. A woman rushed in, staggered and fell in.

Ethan held the woman tightly in his arms.

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