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   Chapter 22 She Is A Principled Woman

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Emergency Department.

This was always the busiest place in the hospital.

They were colleagues of the same hospital, so it didn't take much effort for Cindy to find out that there was no patient named Jason in the emergency nursing station today.

Hearing the result, Cindy was stunned.

What did it mean? Mrs. Yun said it was the ambulance of No.2 People's Hospital of J City.

The nurse in the emergency room saw her red eyes and looked at the record carefully.

"No, Cindy. I have checked the register two times. Besides, we know your brother. Everyone knows whether he comes to the hospital or not."

Other nurses nodded.

"How about you go to another hospital and have a try?"

Reminded by her colleague, Cindy rushed out again.

She turned around so fast that she bumped into a doctor. The two put their hands on their foreheads at the same time.


"Dr. Bai?"

The two looked up and recognized each other at the same time.

"I'm here to get the report of the patient who has just been transferred from the emergency room to our extracardiac patient. Hurry up. His condition is so critical that we can't delay him." Dr. Bai didn't have time to talk to Cindy. He walked to the nurse desk and gave an order quickly.

With the report in his hand, Dr. Bai turned around and left in a hurry.

"Cindy, Jason was just talking about you. Why didn't you go to see him?"

What Dr. Bai said made Cindy stunned for a while, and then she understood what he meant. A flower like smile bloomed on her face.

"She laughed and cried sometimes, just like a lunatic. How could Mr. Ethan fall in love with her?" Cindy ran to the door and heard the nurse whispering. She was not angry and the smile on her face seemed to be higher.

"Jason, Jason."

Cindy trotted all the way to the door of Jason's former ward and shouted.

There was no one she wanted to see in the ward. The three beds were clean and it was obvious that no one had lived there before.

Where was he?

"Jason lives on the five floor, ward 515." Dr. Bai passed by and saw the puzzled look on Cindy's face. He reminded her and left in a hurry.

The patient who had just been transferred from the emergency room needed to be operated on immediately, so he had no time to waste.


That was the VIP room of the surgery department. The patient enjoyed the best treatment and special nurse's care. Not to mention Cindy, even when Charles was alive, he didn't have the money to let Jason live in such a good room.

Cindy had to drag her heavy body to the fifth floor.

When she reached the stairway, she missed a step and Cindy almost fell down.

She took off her shoes with a bitter smile and held them in her hand.

Today was really a tough day. She hadn't had a good rest since she went to work. She had been fighting against the high heels for a whole day.

Not sure whether Jason was inside or not, Cindy raised her hand and knocked on the ward 515's door.

With a crisp knock on the door, the door opened and Amanda stood at the door.

"Hey, how could a busy person like you still have time to come here?" There was no smile on her face. It was Amanda's cold words greeting Cindy coldly.



The siblings said at the same time.

Jason Leaning against the headboard of the bed, Cindy saw an empty bag hanging on the infusion rack. It seemed that he had just finished infusion.

Perhaps it was because of the medicine that Jason's face and lips were no longer bluish and ruddy.

Cindy felt much relieved, but after a while, tears began to well up in her eyes and fell down from h

er eyelashes. "Jason, you scared me to death. Mrs. Yun said you were taken away by the ambulance."

"Sister, don't you know that I am in hospital? The doctor who came to our house today said that he came here because of your order."

"What did you say?" Cindy was even more confused by Jason's words.

Amanda closed the door, walked to the bed, stared at Cindy and said, "Cindy, I don't care what you are doing outside. You saved your brother this time. Anyway, I should thank you. But you are his sister. It was what you should do."

Cindy was confused.

For the medical fees of Jason, she was so exhausted that she didn't even dare to go back home. How could she afford the money? Moreover, this was a VIP room, so Cindy knew clearly what it cost for a day.

Seeing this, Jason felt dejected and dejected.

"Sister, thank you. For me, you have worked so hard all day long. It's all because of this damn disease."

"Don't say this. Didn't mom just say that I'm your sister? Silly boy." With a smile on her lips, Cindy touched his forehead with her finger.

"Sister, it must be very expensive to live in such a room. I just live in the previous ward. It's good."

Staying in hospital for many years, Jason looked very mature, which was inconsistent with his age. He had witnessed what Cindy had done these years.

Jason's thoughtfulness made her heart ache.

"It doesn't matter. The room was bright and quiet, which was especially suitable for recuperating from illness. Just stay here. I'll take care of the rest."

At this time, Cindy already knew who sent Jason to the hospital.

"Cindy, it's not the way to spend money. We can't afford to live in this VIP ward. With this money, we'd better save it. There will be a lot of money to spend in the future."

Amanda's attitude immediately changed.

It seemed true that Cindy was in a relationship with Mr. Ethan since Jason could live in such a room after paying for the medical fees they owed before. She had to be nice to Cindy. Cindy would be the only one who could help her and her son.

Cindy thought to herself.

Amanda was good at changing the attitude.

Jason was fine. And her hanging heart was relieved, and tiredness came along. Cindy felt dizzy and shook her body.

"Sister, what's wrong with you?"

"It's okay. I have a lot of work to do today. I'm just tired." Cindy calmed down and tried to squeeze out a bright face.

"Cindy, go home and have a rest. You have to go to work tomorrow. I'll keep Jason accompany in the hospital."

Amanda stood up and put her hand on Cindy's shoulder.

Although she was just a nurse, the hospital was a life-threatening place and she couldn't be careless. If she didn't have a good rest, she would be dizzy at work and inevitably get into trouble.

"Then Okay. Jason, have a good rest. I will come to see you tomorrow."

After saying that, Cindy waved her hand to Jason.

Taking the key from Amanda, Cindy turned around and went home.

Cindy frowned as she felt pain in her foot. Then she straightened her back and pretended to be relaxed. When she walked to the door, she even turned around and made a face at Jason, which made him laugh.

It was too hard for her brother to deal with hospitals all day long.

Cindy didn't want to make him unhappy again.

In the nurse station, Cindy pressed her lips tightly and stared at the nurse on duty. "Please help me check who paid for my brother's medical fee."

"Really? Cindy, don't you know that? "


The nurse's mocking voice made Cindy firmer her guess. But Cindy had to figure it out.

She is a principled woman.

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