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   Chapter 21 I Don't Want To Live Anymore

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 7024

Updated: 2020-06-20 00:04

Unconsciously, it was getting dark.

Cindy stood at the gate of the hospital and didn't know where to go.

Her mother called early in the morning to ask about the medical fees of Jason. When she knew that there was no money, she changed her attitude on the phone and fiercely told Cindy not to go home before she got the money.

So Cindy had nowhere to go. Today was the day shift, and it was already past the off-duty time. Cindy was busy in the Department. She had planned to shift with someone, so she could make do with it in the hospital's duty room in the evening. Unexpectedly, the three people on night shift today were Shelly and others. Cindy's plan couldn't work.

Since Ethan appeared in the hospital as Mr. Ethan, he even interacted with Cindy in front of others. In the past two days, the news of the hospital were steadily around Cindy.

There was another version of the rumor.

On their wedding night, Cindy cheated on Claude and was caught in bed by Horald. During the melee between the two, Claude was accidentally injured by Horald. When Cindy left, she found Ethan in the lobby of the hotel. Seeing that he had an extraordinary temperament and many followers, she believed that Ethan must have a rich family background, so she shamelessly stuck to him.

Therefore, the whole hospital reckoned Cindy as the representative of skittish.

Cindy saw the obvious contempt on the cleaner's face when she walked through the hall of the in-patient department.

If she had known this earlier, she wouldn't have returned the key to Ethan.

He was the future shareholder of the hospital. It was his duty to care about the employees. Why should I mind? In that case, at least she had a place to stay tonight.

A trace of regret appeared on Cindy's face.

After thinking for a while, Cindy turned around and stepped on the familiar road.

She hadn't seen Jason for two days and didn't know how he was doing. Cindy was worried about him.

No matter how Amanda treated her, she would definitely take care of Jason.

Under the street lamp, the house of the Cheng family look

fic in the north, Cindy's eyes were full of despair.

Jason, I couldn't let anything happen to you. I'm coming to you.

Striding forward, Cindy ran wildly along the dark street, with tears flowing freely on her face.

The Cheng family was located in a remote place, far from the hospital. She didn't know when she would arrive.

Determined, Cindy rushed into the traffic, stood in the middle, closed her eyes and opened her hands to the speeding taxi.


The screeching sound of brake was so sharp that people wanted to cover their ears.

The car stopped and stopped one foot away from Cindy.

"Are you seeking death? " The taxi driver poked his head out and roared at Cindy.

Cindy hurried to the door of the driver's car, crying and apologizing.

"I'm sorry, master. Can you give me a ride? My brother was sent to the No.2 People's Hospital of J City. I have to go. I'm afraid it's too late. Please, master, please... "

Seeing Cindy's anxiety, the driver felt sorry for her and said politely.

"Well, miss, you can call another car. I have a guest in my car."

"It's okay, master. Let her go."

Noticing the driver's embarrassment, the passenger in the back seat got out of the car voluntarily.

Cindy shed tears of gratitude and got in the car before she could say anything of thanks. "Please, master, No.2 People's Hospital of J City."

The car rushed out.

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