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   Chapter 20 I Have A Name

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 7010

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The mountain road was winding. At the end of the road, there were trees and a large independent villa.

The wall was paved with uneven stones, looking ordinary. However, on the black plaque hanging on the door, there were two words, "Huo's Mansion", which were made of golden, immediately showing the extraordinary owner.

In the study on the two floor.

Sitting at a large desk, Ethan's face darkened. There was a key on the table in front of her. The words "2006" on it was very eye-catching.

How could this woman be so stubborn?

"Ethan, I don't think we will be happy together, so let's break up."

Cindy had said this to break up. And the she said nothing no matter how Ethan asked. She just pressed her lips and didn't say a word.

Finally, she made up her mind and left Ethan a back.

She was thin, but her head was high. Stubbornness came out of her bones, and she gave off cold air, making people not allowed to approach her.

Now, Ethan finally knew why Cindy behaved like that.

She must have been heartbroken at that time.

Thinking of this, Ethan frowned more tightly as if his heart was stabbed by a needle.

We agreed to be together at that time, and that was a lifelong promise. I will not easily give up. My woman can't be set up like this.

With a livid face and a cold expression, Ethan stared at the key of "2006" with his cold eyes.

"Mr. Ethan, do you want me to send the key back to Miss Cindy?" Standing at the door and looking at Ethan's cold face, Leon felt his palms sweating.

He knew that this expression. It meant that Mr. Ethan had made an important decision.

"No, since she doesn't need it, forget it."

After a long while, Ethan said in a low voice, raising the corners of his mouth slightly.

The atmosphere suddenly changed, and Leon couldn't follow it. "Mr. Ethan..."

Ethan stood up, walked to the window, stared at the dark clouds outside and pressed over. All of a sudden

"Do you mean there is something hidden behind the bankruptcy of Cheng family?" After a quite long time, Ethan turned his head and looked coldly.

His black eyes were full of murderous will.

"Yes, Mr. Ethan. According to the investigation, the Cheng family went bankrupt and was likely to be framed. Charles Cheng's company had always been doing domestic trade, and the scale of it was not big. But after so many years, everything went smoothly. Jason had congenital heart disease since he was a child. It was said that Charles had spent a lot of money on it, but the profit of the company was enough to cover the expenses of the Cheng family. Logically speaking, Charles has no reason to take over an unknown foreign enterprise with all his wealth."

Hearing Leon's words, Ethan got more serious and his face darkened.

"Mr. Ethan, we have found several friends of Charles when he was alive. They all said that he was born with a mild nature and could live a good life in business. He didn't offend anyone at all. He is a good man in everyone's eyes..."

Bang! Ethan's fist hit the window.

The window glass was broken and then fell down.

Ethan's face turned livid with rage.

"There is no enemy or motive. So who is behind all this? Go and investigate it carefully. Find the person out and make him or her responsible for the Cheng family."

"Yes, sir."

It was the first time that he had seen Ethan so angry. Even last time, in order to make Ethan marry as soon as possible, Old Mrs. Huo sent the eldest daughter of the Wei fam

ily to Ethan to break him with Cindy. Even at that time Mr. Ethan was not as angry as today.

Leon didn't dare to say anything more. He answered respectfully and was about to leave when he saw the back of Ethan's hand bleeding. "Mr. Ethan. Your hand is bleeding. "

"I see. You can do what I tell you. Remember, this must be done secretly and not in public."

Ethan raised his eyebrows and answered indifferently. Then he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around his hand.

It was the plaid handkerchief.

In the past five years, Ethan could change his clothes every day, but the handkerchief never left him.

Leon bowed his head and left.

Cindy, I must give the justice back to you. It had been five years, and he really didn't know how heavy the burden was on her delicate shoulder.

Standing in front of the window, Ethan didn't feel anything except pain in his heart.

He had to do something next.

Wait for me, Cindy. I came back alive for you.


There was a knock on the door.

Before Ethan replied, the person outside couldn't wait to open the door, and a grey haired head came in. "Ethan."

Hearing the scream, Ethan quickly turned around and put his hand behind his back.


It was Old Mrs. Huo.

Although she had silver hair and was almost old, Old Mrs. Huo had a straight waist and looked several times better than Ethan at the moment.

"Ethan, Leo just said that your hand was scratched. I've asked him to bring Dr. Lin here. Come here and let Grandma have a look. When I got up in the morning, my eyelids kept twitching. Look, something just happened."

Old Mrs. Huo yelled at the door.

Leon was really troublesome.

Ethan complained in his heart and walked over obediently. Old Mrs. Huo had been loving Ethan since childhood. In front of her, Ethan seemed to be more like a normal person.

Looking up at the broken window glass smashed by Ethan, Old Mrs. Huo raised her voice obviously.

"How could you say that you are fine? Look at the glass. 'Who installed this glass in the past? Why don't you choose those of better quality? Now it just fall down. How dangerous is that? It was you hand that was hurt today. If it was on you head, it would be so dangerous. No, I have to ask someone to replace all these glasses as soon as possible."

Her nagging echoed in the room.

Ethan smiled and reached out his hand.

"Look, it's not as exaggerated as you said. It's just a small cut. I'll deal with it myself. I don't need to call Dr. Lin here. Leon is troublesome."

The handkerchief that Ethan had just wrapped around his hand was soaked in blood. When he reached out his hand, it dripped on the floor.

"Ah, Ethan, look at your hand. It's bleeding. Are you okay?" Old Mrs. Huo was shocked.

With a self-mockery smile, Ethan withdrew his hand and pulled Old Mrs. Huo out.

"Let's go downstairs and wait for Dr. Lin."


A childish voice rang at the door.

Then a little boy ran towards Ethan.

"Pumpkin, why are you upstairs? Where is Lina? Why is she not around you?" Old Mrs. Huo complained.

"Great grandma, I've told you that I'm not Pumpkin. I have a name, Will Huo. I've told you many times. Why do you always forget? Am I right, dad?"

The little boy raised his head high and looked at Ethan with his bright black eyes and a big smile on his face. His curly hair made him more adorable.

Seeing this, Old Mrs. Huo couldn't help but feel happy.


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