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   Chapter 2 I'm Married

Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6238

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Cindy warned Ethan with a hoarse voice.

They hadn't seen each other for quite a long time already.

Ethan, the eldest son of the Huo family, was a really powerful man and the one she once loved deeply.

But she wouldn't let him back in her life. She didn't want to be involved with him in any way.

She had paid too much, even at the cost of her family, when she was with him. They were simply not in the same world. No matter how much they loved each other, they wouldn't have a good ending to their lives. She didn't want to cross paths with him again. Cindy really just wanted to marry a good man and have a simply and good life.

Ethan's cold eyes swept over her weak body. His face looked really gloomy as he said, "Cindy, I'm back."

"Please go away. Please..." Cindy begged. As her body got wet all over, she clung to the bed sheet under her.

Ethan's handsome eyes were deep and looked very cold. He didn't listen to her pleads and took her to the bathroom.

"Ethan, put me down. No! No!" Cindy screamed. She tried to kick herself out of his grip.

However, he pressed her against the bathroom's marble wall and turned on the faucet.

Cold water poured down on her.

The water was so cold that it pierced right through her bones.

With an indifferent face, Ethan continued to refuse Cindy's plead to get free. He raised his hand and clasped her chin. "Tell me what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will eat you?"

Being forced to look at him, Cindy trembled and said, "Can you let me go? Please, just me go."

"Ungrateful woman! Is this how you treat your savior, the first man you loved?"

"Stop it, please. I beg you. I don't want to visit the past. Our relationship had ended over five years ago. We can't go back anymore. We have already broken up!"

"Broken up? Cindy, are you kidding me? You started all of this. Do you think you can come and go as you like?" Ethan exclaimed, looking at her straight in the eye. How he wished he could crush this ungrateful woman.

"Let bygones be bygones. What's the point of pestering me now? I told you I was with you only for the money. Why can't you understand that?" Cindy tried hard to calm herself down.

Even if it wasn't entirely his fault that her family had been destroyed, the Huo family played a great part to force the Cheng family into a dead end.

He didn't even care when she broke up with him. He simply disappeared for five years. But now that she finally had a stable life, he suddenly showed up.

Cindy didn't want to go back to the painful past.

Ethan pursed his lips. "Do you think I will believe such a ridiculous reason?" He laughed at her sarcastically.

Cindy was panicking. Her heart was beating fast and loud.

"Then what else do you want?" Ethan paused for a while.

"Marry me!" He leaned closer to her and pressed his lips against her ear.

"That's impossible. I'm married," Cindy retorted.

What she said obviously irritated Ethan. He glared at her with his cold eyes.

"Married?" Ethan sneered. "Don't belittle yourself too much, Cindy. You were sold by your husband on you

r wedding night. You want a marriage like that?"

He really wanted to shove that embarrassment to her face.

Cindy was feeling furious, but she had to make up her mind quickly. "It's none of your business. I would rather be like this than be with you again! Let go of me!"

Cindy thought that this man must be crazy. He hadn't seen her in over five years, and suddenly, he wanted to marry her.

She was so heartless back then. She couldn't understand why Ethan would want to marry her instead of hating her to death.

Cindy bit her lip as Ethan approached her again. She couldn't stand the hot current running inside her anymore.

She was afraid that she would lose control of herself in any minute.

"Don't you understand that I'm married, you bastard?!"

It was a long night...


Morning light came through the curtains, brightening the room.

Cindy woke up and found that she was the only one on the bed.

A sound of running water was coming from the bathroom. It was Ethan, taking a shower.

Cindy didn't want to stay there any longer. She was really afraid to face him again, so she quickly put on her clothes and left.

As fast as she could, she hailed a taxi and headed to the Garden of Fragrance. It was a middle-grade neighborhood that was near the hospital. Cindy and Horald bought a wedding house there a year ago. But even though they were the ones who bought the house, it was written in her mother-in-law's name. Cindy and Horald lived there together with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but she hadn't cared about these things.

What she only wanted Horald to offer was an explanation as to what happened last night.

However, as soon as she entered the house, she was slapped across the face and was driven out the house.

The person who slapped her, seemed want to beat her to death.

"Bitch, how dare you come back?!" Beatrix Wu shouted.

She was Cindy's mother-in-law.

Cindy's forehead hit the door. The pain she was feeling was so excruciating. Her face felt like it was being torn apart.

She was struggling to get up, still feeling dizzy with the hard slap. She took quick glance with all the strength she could muster and saw her mother-in-law's fierce face. Her sister-in-law was also there, standing in front of her. Despite being not married, she was impregnated by someone who took pleasure in her.

Cindy's eyes turned cold. "Mom, why did you hit me?"

"Don't call me Mom! You are not my daughter-in-law. You're a bitch! You made Horald suffer, don't you know that?! Our family's really unlucky to be associated with a jinx like you! Get out! Get out of this house!" Beatrix Wu shouted loudly at Cindy. Mindy Wu, her sister-in-law, held her head high and threw out Cindy and Horald's wedding photo.

The frame shattered in front of her.

There were shards of glasses scattered all over.

Some of the glasses even pierced Cindy's legs.

Mindy Wu was a rural woman with great strength. She could even throw Cindy around like a ragdoll.

Cindy's face darkened as she clenched her fists. "Where is Horald Tao?" she demanded.

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