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Unreasoning Passion: Fail To Free From CEO's Love By Danruo Chami Characters: 6657

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At the Lord Seven-star Hotel...

Cindy Cheng was feeling inexplicably nervous and uneasy as she sat quietly in the wedding room.

She was going to get married with Horald Tao tonight, but her husband didn't show up yet.

They had been in love with each other for three years already. Horald Tao came from a financially stable family, even though they weren't exactly rich. He was diligent, hardworking and promising. Cindy Cheng was very satisfied with the man she dearly loved.

All she wanted was a peaceful and stable life with him.


The door opened, but the lights suddenly went out.

The spacious suite had turned really dark. Its atmosphere suddenly felt so depressing.

"Horald, is that you?" Cindy Cheng called out. Her tensed breath almost got stuck in her throat.

No one responded to her, but the sound of the footsteps was approaching.

"Horald, can you turn on the light?" She was starting to get flustered. "Horald... Ah!"

A strange and barbaric force suddenly rushed over.

"You are not Horald! Who are you? Let go of me!" Cindy screamed form the top of her lungs as she tried to grab on anything around her. But her hands and feet felt too weak to move.

What happened to her?

"I'm your Brother Qin. Have you already forgotten about me? You fiance sold you to me as goods. Now, let me spend the wedding night with you," the man ordered.

'Brother Qin? Is he Claude Qin?' He was the son of the hospital president who had been desiring her.

Cindy Cheng's face became pale because of desperation. "Get out! Don't come near me!" she shouted.

"It took me a lot of time and effort just to get you. Tell me one good reason why I shouldn't touch you? Why don't you just give up? How about I let your fiance tell you the truth?"

Claude Qin suddenly pulled Cindy Cheng's hair. His face looked so ferocious as he started to lose his patience. Then, he dialed Horald Tao's number.

Cindy Cheng was feeling so humiliated.

The phone was quickly connected.

Before Cindy Cheng could shout at the phone for help, she was quickly shrouded with despair.

Horald spoke as gentle as usual,

"Mr. Qin, are you satisfied with my gift? Even though I will be married to Cindy, I have never done anything to her. Just keep your end of the bargain just like you promised, okay?"

"What did he promise you? Tell me!" Cindy demanded. She gritted her teeth and wailed in grief. The hatred present in her eyes was cold to the bones.

"Cindy..." Horald's voice suddenly froze.

Meanwhile, Cindy was trying so hard to control her emotions. Her heart felt too hurt to breathe. "Horald Tao, I'm your wife," she wailed.

"Yes, you are my wife. So you should help me. Mr. Qin said that President Qin would give me a house if I agreed to this. Not only that, but he'll also assign me as the director of the cardiosurgery department. Cindy, don't you know how much time and money I have spent on your brother? You owe me that much. If you screw this up for me, I'll cut off your brother's medical expenses!"

What Horald said stabbed into Cindy's heart like a sharp knife.

Despair overwhelmed her. She bitterly curled her lips and gritted her teeth. "Horald, you're not human! You're a sick man! If you dare touch my brother, I will definitely kill you!"

"Then don't let me d

own!" Horald then hung up the phone.

The phone's beep and the fire in Claude Qin's eyes cut off Cindy's hope completely.

"Fuck off! If you dare to touch me, I will kill myself," Cindy threatened. Absolutely hatred flashed in her eyes.

"Don't touch me!" Cindy screamed. "I already warned you! Get out of my way!"

Along with her pierced heart, she felt a hot current running through her body. She tried her best to control herself, but her breath was getting hotter and hotter.

The iron chain tied to her wrists collided with each other, badly mutilating her hands.

The pain was excruciating. Her vision started to get blurry.

At this moment, the suite's door was suddenly kicked open. The door banged loudly and shattered the glass near it.

"Let her go." The voice sounded cold and sharp.

Numerous well-trained men in black rushed in to rescue Cindy.

At the door, a tall man in a black windbreaker slowly walked in. He had a murderous look on his face. The light suddenly opened, and everything was bright. But the man's eyes still looked really dark.

"Who dares to spoil my fun?" Claude yelled angrily. But before he could see the person's face, he was quickly knocked over to the ground by the men in black.

"Do you know who I am?! I'm the eldest son of the Qin family! The Qin family," he shouted, trying to instill fear to the men in black.

"The eldest son of the Qin family?" The tall man bowed and squatted down. His voice sounded as cold as ice. "When did the Qin family dared to act wildly in my territory?"

The tall man was no other than Ethan Huo.

He was believed to be the legendary devil, who took the whole cruise ship industry under his control.

He was also the ruler of the Huo family, the most mysterious family in M Country. The cruise ship kingdom of the Huo family dominated three continents. They were a really rich family and no one dared to cross their paths.

Claude was scared to death as soon as recognized the man. He knelt down as his face turned pale. "Mr. Ethan, please forgive me. I really didn't know this is the Huo family's territory. If only I had known, I wouldn't have the courage to barge in here."

"Which hand did you touch her with?" Ethan Huo stood tall in front of Claude and stared him down as Claude begged him for mercy.

Claude suddenly seemed like a big coward. He was shaking his head. "No, I didn't touch her. I didn't touch her with either of my hands," he cried.

"Well then, I guess both your hands should be disabled," Ethan Huo said with an evil look on his face.


Claude's wail rang out all throughout the room.

"Drag him out and call the Qin family to pick him up," Ethan ordered his men.

His dark eyes were too menacing to look at. A gust of cold wind blew past the thick curtain and swept the whole room.

The men in black dragged the disabled Claude out of the wedding room.

Everything seemed to be quiet at this moment.

Cindy tightly closed her eyes. Her forehead was wet with hot sweat. Her hands were still tied on the bedside. She felt as if she was pinned down by a heavy stone, having a hard time breathing.

"Hmm... Ahhh..."

It was so uncomfortable.

She heard the man's footsteps approaching her.

"Ethan..." Cindy sobbed. "Don't come near me," she said with a frail voice.

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