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   Chapter 118 Dodge

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Molly went downstairs. All the three people's eyes fell on her.

Being stared at by such eyes, Molly was a little nervous. In addition, the hem of the dress was too long. She was flustered and stepped on the corner of the dress.

Everyone was shocked. Molly was still standing on the stairs. If she fell down like this, she would definitely fall miserably!

Molly closed her eyes in despair. She didn't want to see her face getting closer and closer to the ground.

'Will my face be disfigured if I fall down like this?'

Molly couldn't even imagine that.

But her face didn't seem to touch anything, but was blocked by something and she also seemed to be moved to the ground.

Molly didn't open her eyes. She reached out her hand and touched the thing that stopped her. It was elastic and soft, and felt good. Molly rubbed it again.

"Have you touched enough?" Allen said in a slightly suppressed voice.

It was not until then that Molly opened her eyes and found herself standing against Allen, her hand on Allen's chest.

It turned out that it was Allen who held Molly who was about to fall to the ground in his arms from the stairs.

"Molly, fortunately, Allen reacted quickly enough. What if you really fell down?" Seeing Molly and Allen safely landing on the ground, Peggy quickly walked to the side of the two people. She was relieved to see that Molly was fine and began to complain about Molly.

Harold and Marisa stood aside and asked anxiously, "Are you all right??"

Seeing that everyone was around her, Molly pushed Allen away in a hurry, touched her own nose and said shyly, "Allen caught me steadily. I'm fine."

Harold looked at Allen, who was standing aside and looking at Molly worriedly, and said in a teasing tone, "It seems that it's really good to have a boyfriend!"

Seeing that Molly blushed and still looked at Allen, Harold teased Marisa, "Marisa, did you see that? You'd better hurry up to find a boyfriend. It's almost the New Year, and you can take him back to show your parents!"

Perhaps Marisa was often teased by Harold. Hearing his words, Marisa didn't feel shy at all and said frankly, "The boyfriend can't be found easily. I follow you every day in the design room, and the only person I can say is you, Mr. Harold. Otherwise, Mr. Harold, you can go home with me to celebrate the New Year this year, so that I don't have to be urged to marry by my parents!"

Harold was choked by Marisa's words and didn't know how to respond to Marisa.

Perhaps out of the woman's intuition, Molly felt that the relationship between Marisa and Harold was not as simple as it appeared in front of them.

But Molly wouldn't ask them if they didn't tell her. After all, they were just designers and customers.

Harold lowered his head and looked at the hem of Molly's clothes. He frowned and asked, "Is the hem too long for you to walk?"

Molly shook her head slightly and said, "No, that'

go jogging tomorrow.

On the second day, Molly got up early and was about to buy breakfast, but she saw hot porridge on the dining table in the dining room. Allen came out of the kitchen and took two pairs of chopsticks with his uninjured hands. When he saw Molly, he smiled.

"Good morning, Molly. Come and have breakfast."

"Allen, good morning." Molly also greeted him. She took the chopsticks from his hand and had breakfast with him.

When they were about to finish eating, Molly stirred the porridge in her bowl and said softly, "Allen, are you all right?"

Allen was stunned for a while, thinking that Molly was asking him about his hand. "Well, there is nothing else. I guess it will be fine in two days."

Molly asked again, "Allen, you're normal now, aren't you?"

This time, Molly looked at Allen with unprecedented seriousness in her eyes.

Allen also put down his chopsticks and looked at Molly. After a while, he looked at her and answered seriously, "Molly, no matter what's wrong with me, you just need to remember that I'm Allen."

Molly nodded and picked up the chopsticks again. "Well, I see. Let's eat. I have to go to school later."

Allen felt uneasy. He was afraid that Molly would misunderstand him. As expected, what happened in the next few days proved that Molly was avoiding him.

Since that day, Molly didn't come back for lunch with him. When Allen said he would go to school to accompany her, she found various excuses to refuse.

In the past, when the two of them had breakfast, Molly would always stay at home for a while before going to school. Now, no matter whether she had the class in the first class or not, she always went to school early. Sometimes, she even didn't have breakfast at home.

Although Molly still came back at night, she came back very late. She had to go back to her room to have a rest after a few words. Looking at the tired look on her face, Allen couldn't say anything word.

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