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   Chapter 117 Try On The Dress

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Allen said, "Are you satisfied with what you see?"

Although Molly could sense the banter in Allen's words, she couldn't help but feel shy. Her face turned red. Looking at Allen, who was still naked, she swore in her heart, "hooligan."

Glancing at him shyly, Molly walked outside before Allen could react. But when she walked out of the room, she thought of another question and turned back.


As soon as Molly pushed the door open, she slammed it shut again.

Allen was taking off his clothes in the room. Hearing the scream of Molly and the sudden closing of the door, he smiled and quickly put on his clothes.

"Molly, what can I do for you?" Allen didn't go out but shouted at the door.

Hearing Allen's question, Molly touched her red and hot face and answered in a hurry, "Nothing!"

After a while, Molly asked, "Have you changed your clothes?"

As soon as Molly finished speaking, the door beside her was opened from inside by Allen. He stood in front of Molly and said, "I changed it."

Looking at his neat clothes, Molly breathed a sigh of relief. She patted her still hot face and said, "Now that you have changed, go downstairs quickly!"

After saying that, Molly took the lead in downstairs, but Allen stepped forward and stopped in front of her. He asked her with a smile, "Molly, what did you say to me just now?"

"Just now?" Allen's words reminded Molly. She grabbed Allen's collar and said, "To be honest, have you been reading novels on the sly again recently?"

Allen shook his head in confusion.

"No?" Molly didn't believe him. "If you didn't read novels, how could you say that?"

Allen blinked and asked in confusion, "What?"

"Just ask me if I'm satisfied!" Molly glared at him and said, "Tell me the truth. Did you read novels on the sly? Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist!"

Allen blinked his eyes again and said, "Leniency to those who confess, jail to them; severity to those who refuse, go home to celebrate the new year?"

"Gee!" Hearing that, Molly glared at him with her beautiful eyes. 'Just a few days without having a good command of you, you learn to contradict me. You're really capable!'

Molly grabbed his collar with more strength and said, "You also said that you didn't read novels, or where did you learn these words? Tell me the truth! "

"I really didn't read a novel." Allen put his hand on Molly's. Looking at her smooth forehead, he couldn't help but kiss her. "But I watched two episodes of TV series when I had nothing to do at home."

"…" Molly loosened her grip on Allen's collar and pulled his face, "You are not allowed to watch these TV series anymore, okay?"

'Especially after you see these things, you are not allowed to flirt with me!'

Of course, Molly didn't say that.

Allen raised his eyes and asked, "Then what should I do?"

Molly was stunned and didn't know how to answer him. She rolled her eyes and said, "What are you going to do? Let's talk about thi

sfied, tell me and I'll improve it again."

Peggy smiled and said, "You're welcome, Mr. Harold. Many people in B City want to get a dress designed by you, but you refused. So I should thank you for looking up to our Su Family!"

Harold Yi hurriedly waved his hand and said, "You're welcome, Mrs. Peggy. Mr. Allen and Miss Molly are a perfect couple. It will be my regret if I refuse them."

Hearing others praise her own child, Peggy was certainly very happy. She quickly smiled and said, "We two don't have to be polite here."

Harold Yi also smiled and said, "Yes, let Mr. Allen and Miss Molly try out their dresses!"

After saying that, Harold Yi looked at the girl who just had brought them in and said, "Marisa, please take Miss Molly upstairs to try on the dress!"

"Okay." The pretty girl called Marisa responded, turned around and said to Molly with a smile, "Miss Molly, please follow me!"

Molly nodded, stood up and looked at Allen. Then Harold Yi said, "Mr. Allen, come with me!"

After saying that, Harold Yi picked up the crutch on the side and led Allen to a room downstairs, which was a little inconvenient.

Only then did Molly notice that Harold Yi's legs and feet were not very flexible, but Molly's good education did not let her show a surprised look. Just at this time, the girl called Marisa asked Molly to go upstairs, and she walked upstairs.

As soon as Molly entered the room upstairs, she was attracted by the dress hanging on the hanger.

The dress was in bold red, and the shape and pattern were in ancient style, but there was no lack of fashion.

With the help of Marisa, Molly put on the dress and looked at the woman in the mirror. She couldn't believe her eyes. Was this woman really her?

Marisa also praised, "Miss Molly, you look so beautiful in this dress!"

When Molly went downstairs, Allen had already changed his clothes and was standing in the living room. When he saw Molly coming downstairs, his eyes immediately focused on her.

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