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   Chapter 116 Are You Satisfied

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Molly poured a glass of water from the kitchen and suddenly remembered what Peggy had said to her on the phone this afternoon.

Then she said to Allen, who was standing by the window, "Allen, we need to try on the dress tomorrow."

Allen nodded and then remembered to ask, "What dress?"

"What dress?" Molly pointed at his head and said, "We are going to get engaged next week. Shouldn't we prepare the dress?"

"Oh! I see." It was not until then that Allen came to his senses.

Hearing that, Molly raised her eyes and said, "Don't tell me that you have forgotten?"

Allen chuckled and said, "No, I didn't. It's just that you suddenly mentioned it. I didn't realize it. Besides, even if I forgot everything, I couldn't forget it."

"That's good." Molly looked at him suspiciously, but didn't say anything else. "Let's go together tomorrow afternoon."

Then Molly leaned over and threatened, "If you forget it tomorrow, don't blame me for being rude to you."

Allen raised three fingers and said, "I promise I won't forget it!"

On the second morning, Molly woke up early.

It was not a big deal. It was only trying on the engagement dress, but Molly didn't know why she was so excited. Last night, she lay on the bed for a long time and couldn't fall asleep, and she didn't sleep at one o'clock in the morning. She woke up before six o'clock this morning.

When she freshened up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were obviously black, and her skin was white. The dark circles under her eyes were especially obvious on her face.

Molly let out a long sigh. She didn't sleep at all. No matter how good her skin was, it couldn't be destroyed like this!

Looking at the time, it was almost the time for Allen to get up. Anyway, she had packed up, so it was better to wake him up. By the way, she could also see if he was sleeping well. After all, the two of them would sleep in the same bed in the future. If he really didn't sleep well, it would be inconvenient for her, wouldn't it?

In fact, all Molly said was nonsense. The real reason was that she wanted to see if Allen was as handsome as he was when he was awake!

Molly also felt that she didn't understand what she was thinking about Allen. She thought she was a serious person. Although there were not many people who were more handsome than Allen, she had seen some before. Besides, she faced Allen every day. Even if he was extremely handsome, she should be immune to it.

But she didn't know why, every time she saw Allen, she couldn't help but get a crush on him, and she wanted to see if he could be more handsome every day.

In this way, she might be regarded as a fan of Allen, right?

Thinking of this, Molly couldn't help laughing.

While thinking, she smiled and walked to the door of Allen.

She covered her mouth with her hand, opened the door of Allen's room with the spare key, and

ill you kiss me after I brush my teeth and wash my face?"

Molly raised her head and smiled. "It depends on my mood!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Allen was no longer on the bed, and the sound of water came from the bathroom.

Molly shook her head and smiled. She also got up from the bed and helped him make the bed.

Soon, Allen came out of the bathroom. He could tell that he was very anxious and there were still water drops on his face.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Molly took out a piece of paper from the box and wiped it for him. "The water has not been wiped yet!"

Allen didn't say anything, but pointed at his face with his finger.

Molly held back her laughter and asked knowingly, "What? What's wrong with your face? "

Allen was a little anxious, "You promised me to kiss me!"

"I just said that it depends on my mood!"

"How are you feeling now, Miss Molly?" Allen narrowed his eyes and looked dangerous.

Molly stretched out a finger and shook it in front of her eyes. When Allen was a little anxious, she said, "Now? Not bad! "

After saying that, Molly approached him and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Although Molly retreated quickly, Allen still got a chance. When the two people separated, she was gasping for breath.

Relying on his advantage of height, Allen rested his chin on the top of Molly's head and asked in a hoarse voice, "I'm going to run. Are you coming?"

Thinking of what had happened yesterday morning, Molly said firmly, "No.".

Allen nodded, turned around and took out a sportswear from the wardrobe. Then he took off his shirt in front of Molly.

Molly raised her head and saw Allen's naked upper body unexpectedly.

Although Molly was a little shy, she still took a look at Allen. He had a good figure. How could he get the six pack abs!

Before Molly could get up to leave, she heard Allen's voice, "Are you satisfied with what you see?"

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