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   Chapter 115 School Canteen

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"Can you stay at home alone?" asked Molly.

Allen looked at Molly and blinked, "What if I say no?"

Frowning, Molly was thinking about how to solve this problem.

"Can you stop going to work?" Allen took her hand and gently rubbed it.

Molly shook her head. Of course not.

"Can I accompany you when you go to work?" Allen asked again.

Molly's eyes lit up. 'Yes, I can ask Allen to go to class with me.'

However, when Molly went to class, Allen still couldn't follow her. If she let him stay in the office, Molly was afraid that Allen would feel uncomfortable because she was just an assistant teacher and shared the same office with other teachers.

What's more, Molly went to the class. Allen stayed in the office alone, which was no different from staying at home.

So Molly shook her head helplessly at Allen.

Molly had thought that Allen would be very disappointed, but he smiled and said, "There's no way. It seems that I can only stay at home alone."

"Don't worry. I used to stay alone in the Cheng Family. There was no problem."

"Allen..." Molly was still worried, "How about I send you to my parents first?"

Allen said helplessly, "Don't worry. I can handle myself at home. I'm not a child and needn't to find someone to take care of me when you go to work!"

Hearing what Allen said, Molly was more worried. "How about I call my mother. Let her choose a servant? "

"Ah! I'm really fine. " Allen really didn't know that it was so difficult to deal with Molly who was serious. "You are almost late for work. Hurry up and go!"

Hearing that, Molly immediately raised her hand to look at her watch. Sure enough, it would be too late if she didn't leave now.

"That's it. Be careful at home when I'm not at home, okay?" As Molly opened the door and went out, she continued to tell Allen, "I'll be back at noon. Let's go to have lunch together."

She didn't go out in a hurry until Allen nodded.

Allen stood on the balcony and watched Molly's car driving out of the community. Then he turned around and went back to his study, shaking his head while walking.

Molly really treated him as a child. He really didn't know whether she took him here as a husband or a son.

Sitting on a comfortable chair in the study, Allen looked at the data on the opened computer. He didn't know why he couldn't see it at all.

After putting all the irrelevant thoughts aside, Allen began to work.

When Allen finished a few things and looked up at his watch, it was almost eleven o'clock.

Thinking of what Molly had said before she left, Allen stood up to check her curriculum on the table and frowned. Molly had class in the first class in the afternoon, so she had no time to rest after running back and forth.

Looking at the remaining documents on the computer, Allen firmly closed the computer.

He could check it in the afternoon. He'd better

ey not look at?"

After saying that, Molly raised her beautiful eyes and said, "In that case, do I have to be jealous?"

Allen lowered his head to eat, and after a long time, he said, "If it weren't for your great influence, they wouldn't have stared at us like this. Do you think they would look at you when you eat every day?"

Molly didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "I won't have dinner in the canteen once a month. Do they still come to our home to see me every time they eat?"

"I don't care." Allen stuffed a ball of rice into his mouth and said, "My woman are not allowed to be seen by others!"

"Yes, yes! I'm your woman, Mr. Allen! Don't let others see me! " Molly said helplessly. She really didn't know who his possessive character looked like. "Then, Mr. Allen, please eat quickly. Let's finish earlier so that they won't see us!"

Allen snorted and put the vegetables that Molly put in his bowl into his mouth.

Just like many boys, Allen didn't like vegetables. If Molly didn't allow him to eat, he would not eat any vegetables in a meal, but if the vegetables was put in his bowl, he would still eat. Therefore, Molly often picked up vegetables for him during the meal. Although Allen was helpless, he would eat them every time.

After lunch in the canteen, Molly and Allen sat in the office for a while. Molly was about to go to class, and Allen was about to go home.

At nightfall, Molly drove back home. As soon as she took out the key, the door was opened from inside.

"How did you know I'm back?" Molly put the key on the shoe cabinet, put on the slippers that Allen handed to her and asked with a smile.

Allen touched his head and said, "I saw your car enter the gate of the community from the balcony."

Molly nodded and felt warmer in her heart.

Thinking of the call from Peggy this afternoon, she said to Allen, "Allen, we need to try on the dress tomorrow afternoon."

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