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   Chapter 61 Dare Not

Reborn: Get Into Love Troubles By Hu Minxue Characters: 3729

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After Sally went far away, Molly took a sip of her coffee, which was not yet cold. She looked out of the window at the people coming and going, and finally fixed her eyes on the invitation card on the table.

Sally, Molly's best friend. The relationship between the two was better than that between biological sisters.

This time, Sally went out for more than two months. When she came back, she suddenly handed an invitation card to Molly, telling Molly that she was going to get married, which surprised Molly.

'Who said that if she had a boyfriend, she would be the first one to tell me?'

Molly was dissatisfied with Sally's behavior!

So she was very unhappy with Sally!

But after losing her temper for a while, plus that, Molly really couldn't get angry with the guy who could act like a spoiled child.

As a result, Molly had to be Sally's bridesmaid and accompany her to buy a lot of things for the wedding.

In silence, Molly drank up the coffee alone and drove home.

After dinner, Molly told Peggy that Sally was going to get married.

Immediately, there was something wrong with Peggy'

nted when she thought of what had happened in her previous life.

Molly was in a hurry to get married in her previous life. She did get married, but what did she end up with?

The mistress intervened in her marriage, and she had a miserable ending.

This time, it was not that she didn't want to get married, nor that she didn't want to start a new family with each other. It was just that she didn't have the courage. She didn't know if this person would betray her, and whether she would become the same ending as the previous life.

Molly was not sure, so she didn't dare to try again.

Although she knew clearly that she had a different feeling for Allen, she didn't dare to ask.

Because Molly was not sure, so she dared not.

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