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   Chapter 49 Newspaper

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After thinking for a while, Molly felt that she was overthinking. She and Allen were not those idol stars, so no one would pay attention to them. Perhaps someone happened to be taking pictures there.

Besides, even if they were photographed, it was okay. The two of them didn't do anything shameful!

Thinking of this, Molly put her heart in her stomach again. She stepped on the accelerator and the car drove away quickly.

A few days later, Molly got up, washed her face and went downstairs. When she was still standing at the stairway, she saw James, Peggy and Farrell sitting at the table.

Molly greeted and took the breakfast from the servant.

The Su Family paid great attention to the table manners. In addition, they ate their own breakfast quietly according to the principle of "eating without saying anything and sleeping without speaking".

Molly didn't have the first class in the morning, so she didn't go out in a hurry.

As for James, he had handed over most of the company's affairs to Farrell, so he didn't have much work to do. He could go to the company or

ass, the impact is not good. "

"It's okay. I'll call your Dean later and ask him to help you." James waved his hand and made the decision.

"Well..." Molly still didn't think it was a good idea.

"Molly, listen to your father. Just stay at home today."

Peggy agreed with James. She also pushed Molly to go upstairs to have a rest.

What her parents did not only made her curious, but also worried. What could make her father, who was known for his calmness in the business world, do such a thing?

Taking advantage of the inattention of James and Peggy, Molly quickly picked up the newspaper at the corner of the table and quickly opened it.

On the torn page, there was a striking title that shocked Molly.

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