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   Chapter 48 Pets And Handsome Man

Reborn: Get Into Love Troubles By Hu Minxue Characters: 4243

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Hearing that, Peggy curled her lips again and didn't say anything. However, her eyes were fixed on Molly and Allen.

They came to the garden together and saw two little things chasing and playing in the garden from a distance.

One was golden haired, and the other was black and white. They looked very cute.

When Molly saw them, she immediately took two steps forward and shouted at them, "Jim, Toby, come here quickly and introduce a new friend to you."

With a smile on Peggy's face, Allen looked at them with great interest.

Hearing the noise, the two Pets ran over.

Molly squatted down and touched the heads of the two little things.

Seeing this, Allen squatted down beside Molly and reached out to touch them, but he shrank back timidly.

Seeing that, Molly held his hand and helped him put it on the little thing with golden hair. She said, "Why do you take it back? You can touch them as you like. They are so small that they won't bite people at all. "

Following the force exerted by Molly, Allen's hand slid slowly on the little thing, he looked stiff and cautious, but his expression showed that he was very excited.

"The little things you mean are these two little dogs?" Allen looked at Molly, his eyes shining with excitement.


er quickly and looked at her with his bright eyes, as if asking for praise.

"Great!" Molly praised him in a hurry and couldn't help rubbing his head.

Satisfied, Allen turned around and took a sip of the tea.

Molly looked at the golden hair and the husky playing on the grass, and then looked at Allen. She inexplicably felt that these three creatures had many similarities.

In the afternoon, Molly sent Allen back to the Cheng Family.

When Allen got off the car, Molly followed him out of the car. The window was open in the car, which made Allen's hair a little messy. So she helped him tidy up his hair naturally.

After driving for several kilometers, Molly suddenly stepped on the brake!

It seemed that when she and Allen stood in front of the Cheng Family just now, there seemed to be the sound of shutter taking around!

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