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   Chapter 31 Childhood Sweetheart

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"Then why not?" Molly didn't know why she asked such a question.

Hearing this question, Peggy's eyes widened. She covered her forehead with her hands and sighed, without saying anything for a long time.

Molly was also very sad. She regretted saying that, but she was stubborn and could not take it back or change it into other questions.

Her eyes were red, waiting for her mother's answer.

Peggy chuckled, which was supposed to be happy, but now it was very heavy. She said, "Later, we thought that you were on good terms when you were children, but you may not be good when you grow up. At that time, we thought that if you were not on good terms, or if you were really brother and sister, then you didn't have to be embarrassed by an engagement. "

Taking a look at Molly, Peggy continued, "If both of you want to get married when you grow up, and you grow up together, you're childhood sweethearts and know each other very well. Of course, we won't refuse the marriage."

Molly's lips mo

h? I did it because I wanted you to find a good man to marry, but I didn't let you get married so casually. "

Peggy sighed and said, "I just said that everyone has selfish motive. I also like Allen and feel sorry for him. But everyone's love is different. Compared with Allen, I still love my daughter the most. "

Looking out of the window at the fast flying scenery outside, Peggy said, "I can only say sorry to your Aunt Sarah. But as a mother, I believe that your Aunt Sarah can understand."

Molly felt more headache. She straightened up, leaned on the chair and said to Peggy in a low voice.

"Mom, let me think about it. Let me think about it myself."

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