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   Chapter 27 Looking For Allen

Reborn: Get Into Love Troubles By Hu Minxue Characters: 3997

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It was not the first time that Molly had been seen like this, but it was the first time that she felt Jonson's gaze.

Molly moved a little uneasily, and her heart was full of doubts.

Logically speaking, she hadn't seen and talked with Jonson for many times. Why did he look at her like that?


It seemed that when she saw Jonson for the first time, his eyes were like this. At that time, she seemed to be angry about the matter of Allen, so she didn't pay much attention to Jonson.

Molly raised her head and looked at Jonson in confusion. When their eyes met, she felt more uncomfortable. What did Jonson mean by looking at her?

'Is he targeting me? He has a grudge against me? Or does he have a crush on me?'

No matter what kind of guess it was, Molly felt very bad.

"Molly, Molly..."

Hearing a series of cries, Molly came back to her senses. She quickly answered, "Mom, did you call me?"

"What are you thinking about? I and your Aunt Celine have called you so many times, but you couldn't hear us!" There was a touch of blame in Peggy's tone.

Hearing that, Molly apologized in a hurry, "I'm sorry, Aunt Celine. I was so absorbed in my thought that I didn't

If there was nothing else, Molly could stand here for a long time to pursue the childhood time and uncover the sealed memory.

But she came here today to see Allen. The first thing she needed to do was to find him.

Since she couldn't find a servant by her side, Molly had no one to ask and she couldn't yell at other people's house, so she had to look for Allen by herself.

Molly searched every corner of the place where the two of them used to stay when they were children, including the greenhouse and flower rack, but didn't see Allen.

Molly was a little anxious. She took it for granted that Allen must be at home, so she didn't ask her mother to ask whether Allen was at home today before they came.

If Allen wasn't here today, then she's wasting her time today.


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